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  1. Apolllo

    What's happened since 2011

    Mount and Blade: Bannerlord project apparently began in 2011, and since then, a lot has happened. So I thought I would list some interesting things that have happened since the beginning of development. To scratch the surface: The M&B series has sold over 7 millions copies. Warband has been...
  2. Apolllo


    rmb 2 block
  3. Apolllo

    Favourite Playable Faction

    Right, who's your favourite? France? Russia? Prussia? UK? Austria? Poll is up, get voting!  :mrgreen:
  4. Apolllo

    Swords or Bayonets?

    Hey, what do you prefer to use? Bayonets or swords I personally am better with a sword than with a bayonet, by quite a lot. But I probably use bayonets more.. My main reason for liking swords over bayonets is that most players on the servers I join can block up & down, but aren't as good at...
  5. Apolllo

    1st Celtic Brigade-Australian regiment (recruiting)

    1st Celtic Brigade- Second Oldest Australian Regiment Who we are: The 1stCB are involved in MOV and CG weekly Napoleonic Wars line battles that include Cavalry ,Artillery and Skirmishers. Although of late we mainly participate as Line Infantry only, we do try our hand at other aspects of the...