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  1. Scarf Ace

    Big Ol' Weapon Crafting, Aesthetics and Balance Thread

    I've noticed a lot of issues with the crafting system, and the stats that weapons have. In this thread, I'd like to address both of these, as the issues are intertwined. The goal of weapon balance in Bannerlord is a bit different I think from how it might work in other games, including Warband...
  2. Scarf Ace

    Sword gripping is all sorts of silly

    Derpfert the Daft has been complaining that his sword handles poorly, when it's clearly all his fault. Let me tell him what he should do: First of all, your right hand is in the lower middle of the grip. What the hell is it doing there? Move it up towards the guard! As for your left hand, I...
  3. Scarf Ace

    Crossbow price/availability

    I've been searching for a while now, and only crossbow I can find is the aptly named "Crossbow", which costs over 20k. For all I know it might be an incredibly powerful weapon, but the lack of "entry level" crossbows surely disincentivises the player to use them, at the moment there's no...
  4. Scarf Ace

    Why did Veluca become Sargot?

    That's just odd. Sargot should be renamed to Velucan or so, give the Sargot name to something up north, as it was in earlier demos. This is a strange way to screw with the continuity. They were two pretty significant cities in Warband, why would you mess with them like this?
  5. Scarf Ace

    Suggestion: Weapon crafting needs work

    I think the main flaw with the current system is its sheer randomness in the way you unlock weapon parts. Why is it that I make a mace in Vlandia, and my character's all like "oh yes now I know how to make a Flyssa blade"? It's a bit silly. It also seems like unlocking parts in general just...
  6. Scarf Ace

    Suggestion: Replace the class system with something that's actually fun.

    The new forums need a thread too. This joke is really getting old. I think that now that it's in EA, a proper gear system should be added. To prove that it's an ill-conceived joke, here are the absolutely paper-thin reasons TW provided: So, the very first point immediately shows a complete...
  7. Scarf Ace

    Please give casual multiplayer the love it needs too

    Reading the latest devlog, it's striking how similar it is to previous ones that were about multiplayer: Emphasis on strict balance, competitive viability, small player numbers, and so on. Basically, the entire blog post is about how this flagship gamemode for MP is an incredibly curated...
  8. Scarf Ace

    Deflecting Arrows (and other perks)

    This became a talking point in an other thread, to the point that I think it warrants its own thread. There's a 2 handed perk in the gamescom demo that gives you a chance to deflect incoming projectiles. I have no problem with this in principle, I don't think anyone does. Deflecting an arrow...
  9. Scarf Ace

    Captain Mode - Not big enough?

    I should start this thread by saying that I'm a big fan of Napoleonic's Commander mode, and much of this post is basically comparing Nappy to Bannerlord. The main difference I see when comparing the two is the scale - Napoleonic has no hard limit on player counts other than those specified by...
  10. Scarf Ace

    Faction Dynamics & Speculation

    It would be really cool to have the factions change over time, have quest lines and stuff that could affect the factions, stuff like that. The lore seems to support these sorts of possibilities. Hell, it already sort of did in Warband, sadly the gameplay didn't represent this. The Vlandians...
  11. Scarf Ace

    (Speculative) Mount & Blade II: VRlord Thread

    DISCLAIMER: NOTHING REGARDING VR IN BANNERLORD HAS BEEN CONFIRMED OR EVEN HINTED AT IN ANY WAY. THIS POST IS PURE WISHFUL THINKING. As pretty much everyone should know by now, Valve and Oculus have both announced consumer versions of their headsets as well as powerful motion controllers with...
  12. Scarf Ace

    Separate outfits for combat & civilian situations

    If there's one thing I've always found silly in M&B, it's walking into a tavern in full combat readiness, with my helmet and my full armor and all my weapons strapped to my back. It then gets even weirder as Mr. Belligerent Drunk decides to have a go at the guy with the Great Winged Helmet and a...
  13. Scarf Ace

    Shields should be revamped for bannerlord!

    With Bannerlord's darkage-esque theme, shields will probably be even more common, and so it would be a great opportunity to revamp them. Most games including all M&B's so far have shields be toggleable. What I mean with this is that when you're not pressing some sort of block button, they do...
  14. Scarf Ace

    How would you improve the combat system?

    Personally, I think the area in need of the most reworking is the shield department. Currently they're strange metaphysical forcefields, at least in relation to melee weapons. Hold RMB to make it appear, let go and the forcefield is gone. In some situations this can be really damn weird, such...
  15. Scarf Ace

    Ground Branch (Kickstarter)

    Ground Branch is a tactical shooter made by veterans of some really classical TS games, such as the original Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon games. They've got a kickstarter up, they seem really damn serious about the whole realism thing. They're not doing too well, however. I thought I'd spread the...
  16. Scarf Ace

    Pistols are bad for gameplay.

    Why would you go even bother with trying to actually be sneaky, why would you try to kill with a melee weapon? Why bother actually playing like an assassin when you can just use a weapon that does loads of damage, reloads on the move and goes through shields? Seriously, pistols are just moronic.
  17. Scarf Ace

    Help: Assigning troops to a non-default class?

    Hi, I essentially want to make specific troops be assigned to a the number 4 key by default. Is this possible? Can I rename that class somehow?
  18. Scarf Ace

    Bot battles: They're pretty fun, and stuff.

    ...and with bot battles I mean commanding bots in multiplayer battle mode. As some guy called it, "Warband: Total War". I think it's amazing that it never really caught on. It's pretty unique in gameplay terms. I just really love that combination of having to both outsmart your enemy by...
  19. Scarf Ace

    Help please: Adding more bot types to multiplayer

    I'm trying to make a little mod for giggles and ****s that requires many bot types per faction. However, if I add more than 4 types, the ones past the 4th never spawn when ticked. I found out the game clearly has variables for this: g_multiplayer_bot_type_1_wanted g_multiplayer_bot_type_2_wanted...
  20. Scarf Ace

    Empty Alps

    Shouldn't there be some sort of town in the Switzerland area? It's obviously too early for the confederacy, but an HRE controlled castle or town would make that place less barren.