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  1. Gladiator | FR/EU

    Gladiator | FR/EU

  2. Ragnar af Munsö

    [NC2019] Final Nation's Cup Announcement & Signups

    BANNER: NATION: AlorsTaPetiteMaman (France 2) [b]CAPTAIN: Drake - [b]CO-CAPTAIN: Zeyden - ROSTER: still recruiting
  3. Ragnar af Munsö

    Fun Vibes 学院

    Fun Vibes Introduction Fun Vibes is a new french native team founded the 13th October 2018. We're aiming to pratice clan wars at least 3 times per week in order to wait for Bannerlord together. Currently looking for 5v5 until we get a bigger roster, contacts below, thanks. Roster (7/14)...
  4. Ragnar af Munsö

    [Minor League] Stage 7 — Semi-Finals | Fixtures | Deadline is 15.04

    Interesting read, wish you the truth and fairness, leeds, and the head of the tournament probably cheating also, nice read.
  5. Ragnar af Munsö

    [Minor League] Teams

    since i have been asked to do it here. add to FrenchTouch troister 1322864
  6. Ragnar af Munsö

    [Minor League] Questions & Suggestions

    This tournament as well as Competiton in general is something that goes deeper than just a story of mentor, don't focus too much on that. By its very nature, the native comp can get you disqualify by many things outside of the core skill (blocking, speed, chamber, stab,etc...) when playing...
  7. Ragnar af Munsö

    Petition to implement the classic Battle game mode into Bannerlord

    If talewords want to have everyone involved in bannerlord they have to get the battle mode, i mean this is not about competition, let's not forget that most of people play under this mode, on the various multiplayer mod existing on warband aswell as nw, people play mostly under the battle mode...
  8. Ragnar af Munsö

    Team Native | Recherche de membres pour Clan War.

    UP, recrutement toujours ouvert.
  9. Ragnar af Munsö

    Team Native | Recherche de membres pour Clan War.

    Salut mec, je t'ai accepté sur steam, je suis là vers 19h-20h en général.
  10. Ragnar af Munsö

    Team Native | Recherche de membres pour Clan War.

    Up Salut à vous Viince et xSnow, nous sommes toujours en recherche de joueurs français intéressé par des clan war. Si vous voulez prendre contact, ce serait avec plaisir, mon steam :
  11. Ragnar af Munsö

    [Minor League] Minor League Warband

    Team name: FrenchTouch Banner: Contact: Drake, TW Region: France;
  12. Ragnar af Munsö

    ESSC 2x2 - Mans not hot

    Give OneGoal the default, thanks.
  13. Ragnar af Munsö

    Nations' 5-a-side IV - Sign Ups!

    Team Name: FrenchTouch Team Tag: FrenchTouch_ Nationality: France Contact 1 (Steam & Taleworlds): Drake Contact 2 (Steam & Taleworlds): Pluton List of Players (Name - ID):
  14. Ragnar af Munsö

    FrenchTouch (FT)

    You play better when representing your homeland. We never planned to have FT_ as our ingame tag, dw.