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  1. Herofellas

    Barter Offer Accepted

    I did not engage barter with anyone ( i m the ruler clan) i think my clan members are doing barter with other nobles and i saw i just got a castle from it and it makes me think if they are going to make a bad deal and sell any of our towns/castles?
  2. Herofellas

    This is awesome

    I was cutting looters 2 by 2 with my 2H axe and they were screaming "you are too strong" and something like "God help us aghhh" this is ****ing awesome <3
  3. Herofellas


    BOLT u CİVATA diye çeviren botunuza teşekkürler iyiki ingilizce oynuyorum türk yayıncıları izlerken kahroluyorum neden eklediniz bu türkçe dil seçeneğini...