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  1. Treble

    Ban Request EU1

    Name of the server you were on : EU1 Name of the person causing trouble : iverson (used other names) Nature of their offense : He kept team killing me and leaving before i could do anything about it. he came back with other names and done the same about 5 times. Time and date of their offense...
  2. Treble


    Server: EU1 Name: DDA_3jll_Ob_Kaastrup (Some letters may be wrong, ex. (3jll), don't know if it actually says that.) Offence: Teamkilling and wounding. - Also a bit of trolling. Date/Time : 22nd May 2012, 3:30 GMT My Story : I decided to pick cannon on a map, i came across this fellow using...
  3. Treble

    So many Rumors

    So many Rumors going around about this DLC and well my guess is that they're just Rumors and 98% of them will be wrong. Maybe everyone should stop spreading them and wait with patience, so have you guys heard any?; Maybe they're funny ones, or stupid ones. :D
  4. Treble

    What Graphics do you play Mount and Musket on?

    I will start you off, i play on low graphics with EVERYTHING low, i only have a 108% chance to play without crashing on low graphics so that explains why i do it. I also have smoke turned off because im cool.  8-)
  5. Treble

    91st (Argyllshire Highlanders) Regiment of Foot [Recruiting]

    The 91st Argyllshire Highlanders are now recruiting!. Here is a small ammount of information about the regiment!If you would like to join, add dartforce on steam! [size=14pt][color=red]91st (Argyllshire Highlanders) Regiment of Foot The 91st Highlanders were in the retreat that ended at the...