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  1. Tovias

    Why would I use a crossbow?

    What's the point of using a crossbow if it requires as much investment as a bow? In Warband I could choose a crossbow over a bow since it did not require skill investment. What's the point now?
  2. Tovias

    Rescuing lords

    What are the options to rescue lords from prisons besides laying siege to a castle?
  3. Tovias

    Saving Character Customization Sliders

    Is there any way to save the appearance you create for your character? I remember Warband having an export and import feature but I don't see it here so I am wondering if there is a file or something that I can copy and paste whenever I am starting a new campaign. Edit: I am editing the OP so...
  4. Tovias

    Archer bug on sieges

    So I am freelancing with the golden horde and this archer bug is too painful to deal with, a solution I came up with was to take control over all the units following these instructions,46821.msg1217848.html#msg1217848 but it didn't seem to work, maybe...
  5. Tovias

    Viking Conquest Features somewhere else

    One of the things I've been the excited the most is to see features from Viking Conquest in mods and such, mainly the naval combat and refugee features. Will there be any chance for this to happen?
  6. Tovias

    Lady's Quest

    Got this quest from the Danish lady, and even after I got the two wine bottles and cheese, it didn't gave me an option to finish the quest, not even when I used the other kind of wine bottle you find in the cheat menu. Any solution for this? It carries quite the lose of relationship. Another...
  7. Tovias

    Weapon Damage

    Okay, so I was killing people as usual and noticed something, it really doesn't matter what kind of damage my weapon does, they sometimes die or get knocked out regardless of what kind of damage my weapon does, am I right?
  8. Tovias

    Overworld map movement

    It seems to be impossible to move around the overworld map, for some reasn the game won't take some orders of movement or it will stop halfway or something, sometimes I have to get close to a city with my camera to finally select it. Anyone else with this problem?
  9. Tovias

    Ships and Naval combat question

    In my opinion one of the best, if not the best, feature of the DLC is the naval combat and ships. I was wondering what are the future plans for this. Are they going to expand their customization letting you select the dragon head or the shields on the sides? And just how big can the ships get...