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  1. HarbingerOfDoom

    Walk as default troop movement?

    Is it possible to make your troops walk by default instead of running?
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    Moving an armour from one mod to another

    Greetings, I've been trying to move an armour from one mod to another, but I'm having difficulties. I have done the following steps: 1) Moved the .brf file containing the mesh of the armour to the mod folder 2) Moved the .dds file of the armour to the mod folder 3) Used Morgh's editor to make...
  3. HarbingerOfDoom

    Change NPC party composition

    Not sure if this belongs in mod development, but here goes: Basically I'm playing a mod but I don't like the composition most NPC armies have. What tools do I need/how do I change NPC army composition and numbers?
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    Playing as a lord already in-game?

    Is it possible, instead of playing with a new character, to play as a lord that is already in game? If no, is it possible to somehow take the banner a lord in-game is using, instead of having to pick one from the list of banners?
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    FSE corruption exposed! Undeniable proof! [Evidence inside]

    I might get banned for posting this evidence, but it is my duty as a citizen of the world to expose the FSE for what they truly are.
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    ☆ Historical Battles: The Road to Manassas (30.09) ☆ (Cancelled -> Postponed)

    Secession is a fact! The Confederate Army of the Potomac under Beauregard and the Union army under the command of Irvin McDowell are set to clash around the fields of Manassas. The first large conflict is however preceded by small skirmishes, this one around a small unknown town near Manassas...
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    ★ Historical Battles: The Battle of Minden ★ (28.07)

    The Battle of Minden was fought on the 1st of August, during the Seven Years' War. An army fielded by the Anglo-German alliance commanded by Field Marshal Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick, defeated a French army commanded by Marshal of France Louis, Marquis de Contades. Will you be able to turn...
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    │Historical Battles│ - The Battle of Quatre Bras - (27.05)

    It is two days before the famed battle of Waterloo. Napoleon Bonaparte expects maréchal Ney to occupy the crossroads of Quatre Bras. Through circumstances however, Ney fails to initially take a hold of the crossroads. Soon after, one of Wellington's officers, the Prince of Saxe-Weimar, arrives...
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    Mount&Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars release trailer out!

    Enjoy  8-)
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    Mount&Musket briefly mentioned at Gamescom Just a brief mention of MM in an interview about the upcoming "War of the Roses". It's mentioned at 3:36. Just a little thing, I liked it being brought up ^^
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    From map to server?

    Recently I've become interested in mapping. What I did was take a map that was already in the game (Waterloo map for Mount&Musket) and edited it to my likings. (Don't know if it matters, but it's supposed to be a battle map) I have deux questions: 1) How can I change the name of the map so it...
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    Conquest mode mapping

    Hello, I've recently been attempting to map, which I like to do. Only I'm a little at lost with conquest mode. My idea is to have a map where one faction spawns at one side, the other faction at the other side. Then there's one gray flag in the middle for which they all have to fight. Is this...
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    *Linebattle Rules*

    Hello, Since I enjoy linebattling, along with a lot of other people, I decided to write down a good balanced guideline for linebattling that will make linebattles more interesting and fun. I think these rules are good and should be followed, though you can give your opinion about them. Line...
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    Training Saturday 18th of September

    The 33rd regiment of foot will be having training tonight at 21 CET. We invite all British soldiers who don't have training at that time to join us as we'll be practising house to house fighting. So all are welcome. Make sure you join the 22nd teamspeak tonight around 21 CET and we'll go on from...