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  1. Particle effect changed by lighting?

    I noticed that the particles of dust from horse hooves shows different depending on the lighting, (day/night etc). Does anyone know what part of the particle entry does this? Thanks.
  2. not showing up right

    For some reason when I try to edit a certain few of the texture files. They turn up mostly transparent like this: Has anyone had this happen before? In-game it shows up with all the colors fine but I can't edit it like this. Thanks,
  3. SP Musket Era Gaunt's gameplay mod

    Hello folks, this is a gameplay mod for With Fire and Sword 1.143 that I am currently working on. The version is released: Changes: As of 1/3/2012 (These changes should be save-game compatible) Fixed a bug where Hussars got dehorsed when they...
  4. Particle effects shaded at night

    I am playing WFaS but I think it is the same in Warband. The dust from horses hooves is shaded at night and that is good. Unfortunately smoke is still bright white at night which is really dumb. Does anyone know what to change to make a particle effect dimmed at night like dust is? Thanks,
  5. Memoirs of German officers in WW2

    I just read Panzer Commander (Hans Von Luck) and Soldat (Siegfried Knappe). They are both the memoirs of the writers. Both had similar stories, they joined the Wehrmacht before the war and became officers, fought all over Europe and then ended up spending almost five years as prisoners in the...
  6. Respawn as bot possible in SP?

    Has anyone got this to work? The only operation that seems like it could work is: (player_control_agent, <player_id>, <agent_id>), As far as I know there is no player_id in singleplayer. I looked around but I don't know of any mods that do this so I wonder if it's even possible?
  7. Please switch one of the US servers to Battle mode

    There are six (at least) Taleworlds servers running WFaS in the US. They are: 2 Captain TDM TDM CTF Siege DM Why no battle server? Battle is very popular and very different from the other modes (all of which have respawn after death) Thanks,
  8. Sweet it got its own section!

    This looks good!
  9. With Fire and Sword. (Book)

    I just got this book out of the library, it is 1100 pages. I think it's really good, I really like the 16 hundreds Eastern Europe setting and It is getting me kinda excited for the game of the same name. Also there are two sequels if the first isn't enough. It is from a Polish perspective so...
  10. Changing town menu's mess up scene passages?

    So I added some new menu options while at a city. Now when I take a walk around the streets, the doors to shops, prison and hall are messed up to be a different one or a "." I have seen this in other mods too, does anyone know how to fix this?
  11. Add the reticle back in.

    I agree that it is a lot of fun to shoot arrows without a reticle but it has a massive problem. The fact that anyone can easily add it back in and nobody will know should make my point obvious. Removing the reticle just punishes two groups of people. 1. People who are clueless how to change...
  12. Adding a 3rd team to multiplayer?

    Is this possible? They don't need to show up in score board or anything I just want to be able to spawn bots to a team that fights both other teams.
  13. I don't even..

  14. Mod for singleplayer campaign with multiplayer battles.

    I am pleased to announce that a multiplayer campaign mod is in the finishing stages and will hopefully be ready before Christmas. I didn't make it but I tested it so I can assure you, it works. How it works: One person plays singleplayer, when they get into a battle, the battles are fought...
  15. Is it possible to get a name change?

    I would like to change my name to "Gaunt" that's what everyone knows me by in game and there are already a lot of other Baron x's to make things more confusing.
  16. Close Combat series

    You know you want to dig it back out of your closet! Apart from the newer expensive remakes, Close Combat 5 has a lot of good mods and people still play multiplayer campaign on gameranger. Speak up!
  17. Can you be king of one of the six factions?

    I haven't play warband deep enough yet so I ask. When you make a successful revolt can you be king of a standard faction like swadia rhodoks ect? I know you can do claimants and start your own faction but can you be king of the standard factions? Please someone who has done it answer.
  18. Western European shields during the 12th century.

    Which shields in native warband are best used for western european soldiers in the 12th century? I assume the closest thing to what mounted knights would use is the vaegir tear drop shield, (Ideal for covering the whole side of the rider) is this best for poor foot soldiers too? I wouldn't...
  19. Jean de Joinville's Chronicle of the seventh crusade.

    It's a first hand account of the seventh crusade written by a guy who participated in it, also, it's in the mid twelve hundreds so it is mount and blade's time. Read it.
  20. Any way to change how close you bump into people?

    I tried scaling humans to be small, but then you bump into people farther away so you cant hit them with small weapons.