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  1. Slithirius

    Hog - meat price balance

    One hog usually costs as much as one meat, except slaughtering the hog produces two pieces of meat, so buying hogs, slaughtering them and selling their meat right away is a quick way to double one's money (at least until the meat price drops and hog price rises far enough). Even if it doesn't...
  2. Slithirius

    Every time the player ends and renews raiding a village the relations are decreased anew

    Summary: When you're raiding a village, you can "End Raiding". Then, you can resume it right away, without having to fight any more militia and with progress from previous, interrupted attempt. Pretty nice. Except every time you resume the raiding / re-start it, the relation modifiers are used...
  3. Slithirius

    Resolved Whole Seller / Appraiser skills both disable colored item statistics comparison

    Summary: When hovering the cursor over not equipped items, like armor, weapons or horses, the player can easily see which item is better at what thanks to the statistics' colors (green = better, red = worse, no color change = identical). Picking Whole Seller / Appraiser skills from Trade skill...