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  1. Tovias

    Why would I use a crossbow?

    What's the point of using a crossbow if it requires as much investment as a bow? In Warband I could choose a crossbow over a bow since it did not require skill investment. What's the point now?
  2. Tovias

    Your combat system is retarded

    Don't do it friend, they added autoblock recently. You can play now!
  3. Tovias

    The one thing modders cant fix: Voice acting: While the world it self feels extremely alive due to how the A.I will interact with everything like the

    Voice acting is an unnecessary money sink. It actually takes life from the world since you will inevitably end up with a single actor doing multiple people. You get results like Bethesda games where some old man is the priest, the king, the bandit and the dog.
  4. Tovias

    Give us a new Roadmap, or re-affirm the already existing Roadmap.

    But I differentiate kingdoms through color not banner design. 🤔
  5. Tovias

    Give us a new Roadmap, or re-affirm the already existing Roadmap.

    I see so that's why it is losing features instead.
  6. Tovias

    Give us a new Roadmap, or re-affirm the already existing Roadmap.

    That's like the opposite of what a sequel is supposed to do.
  7. Tovias

    Statement Regarding Plans For MP

    Clans are gross tho
  8. Tovias

    How the Hell do I defeat Horse archers

    I was using a lot of archers and a square formation. It helps if you have a hill, not so much for the high ground but because the horse archers will be forced to attack you from specific directions instead of having a full circle around you.
  9. Tovias

    Block Alt+F4?

    Wow, your situation was really difficult. Personally, I would suggest taking a moment to review your actions and think what to do in the future to avoid such unfortunate event.
  10. Tovias

    Mount and now seperate.

    Acquire proficiency through effort.
  11. Tovias

    Should we be able to marry non-nobles like Companions, Merchants & Gang Leaders?

    I'd like that even if just to have a mercenary family. Don't even need the dowry money, just give me a source for children without political commitment.
  12. Tovias

    More variety in troop trees?

    If anything the current units should reorganized. Thinks like the Palatine guard have no place on the basic troop tree and the Sturgian troop tree is terrible. Before adding some wacky tabaccy two handed wielding horse archer, I'd rather they fix the current things. Rather they keep it simple...
  13. Tovias

    should there be a cultural variety of armor and weapons in the game?

    They haven't added a plague mechanic yet.
  14. Tovias

    The Slurp Society Bannerlord Guild

    This sounds like some ERP ****
  15. Tovias

    character models and animations critiques

    Top: Chad Bottom: Virgin
  16. Tovias


    CRPG stands for: Cringy Role Playing Gaymers And it sucks.
  17. Tovias

    Racism in Multiplayer

    nooo not the racirinooo