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  1. Ichon

    Unresolved Companion never returns after Escort caravan mission

    From Amalysitos in the southern Empire sent Sigurd Coalbiter on an escort mission for 9 days with 10 men. After 10 days I checked and the mission was completed but Coalbiter and the men were still missing- last seen around Aigh Bight or some town that sells desert horses in the south. I thought...
  2. Ichon

    Best Mercenary Companies

    Just wanted to get people's opinions on the best Mercenary companies to hire and for what purposes. So far I've been able to hire, Kodak Ironsword, Mettenheim Mercenaries... I know there are more out there though. So far I've found the Mettenheim Mercenaries are wonderful for sieges vs lots of...
  3. Ichon

    Stats pf tournament fighters

    Is it listed anywhere? Just had a fight in the 5th round where I hit the guy 4 times and wasn't hit once... then jumped backwards and the guy advanced and hit me 3 times in the air before I even hit the ground and killed me. The tournaments in Windholm and Valonbray are driving me crazy. I...
  4. Ichon

    Great job on balancing the weaker factions!

    Wow...  still on first character with 3.0 and started as Fierdsvain and went north but now coming down into Empire and D'Shar... finally- they aren't walkovers anymore. Especially Empire is now much more balanced. Still mostly a heavy infantry faction but enough Knights and Horsemen along with...
  5. Ichon

    Defined battle map border?

    Anyone know if there is a way to make the battle map edges more defined? Getting annoying lately when I am trying to solo up to level 30 or so and doing well taking on groups of 30 D'Shar Raiders except when I run headfirst into the map border I couldn't see and 20 Raiders run me thru. Last...
  6. Ichon

    separate M&B folder required?

    Whats up with exe in the download? Is it still being run under modules or do I need separate install of M&B to keep other mods?
  7. Ichon

    exporting pre patch character from old save game

    Just wondered if it is feasible to load an old save from 2.04 into 2.5 patch just to export the character. Not to play with it since I know its not save game compatible but just to export character, is there anything in the export which would not work with the new patch correctly? Also- "Troops...
  8. Ichon


    Does anyone know what influences how many men lords typically carry in their armies? I've recruited half a dozen lords to my side now and I've noticed some of them almost immediately were patrolling with 100+ troops while a couple never seemed to get more than 40. Is it influenced by the fiefs...
  9. Ichon

    recruiting unique heroes

    I am not sure if its supposed to work this way or you can give up on trading freedom for a qualis gem and get the services of a strong hero instead. Boris the Raven offered to join me and I was thinking he meant as a lord but he joined as NPC. He is ok but at level 60 limited in hp and useful...