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  1. KidKiedis

    Resolved Large bag of barbed arrows has same amount of arrows as simple one.

    Large bag of barbed arrows has same amount of arrows as simple one. Large one weights 2.5 and common 2.0 UPD And it seems like Heavy Ranger Bow has same parameters as Ranger Bow. Weights + 0.5 Version: 1.2.1
  2. KidKiedis

    Need More Info Switching through companion roles disables roles of other companions (Clan tab)

    Once you select a companion and cycle through his roles from None to None it resets all companions roles you've set before. Guess it's made to prevent player from having 2 surgeons but now to set a role in a middle of a list is quite a task since half of your roles will be reset. Guess that's...
  3. KidKiedis

    Lords and bandits should not carry all their money with them

    Noticed a few times that player plunders 10.000 dinars from defeated lords after victory. So lords keep incredible amounts of money with them. Same for looters and bandits. Seems like everyone has more trust in roads than in chests behind castle walls or in some hideout. =) There's no logic in...
  4. KidKiedis

    [Diplomacy issue] Kings are suicidal

    Playing for Sturgians this session, but I've noticed that behavior quite a number of times. Sturgia (~2000 Strength) has only 3 cities left and at war with NE (4000S), then it declares war at Khuzaits(4000S) and then on Southern Empire (4000S). Khizaits have peace with all other faction, i.e...
  5. KidKiedis

    Ways to increase spending (ideas)

    Hey! Just summing-up some suggestions from the main thread. I'm sinking in gold same as many other players. No need for quests, no tournaments, don't care about shop prices, just fully upgraded my single castle and doesn't matter if it's profitable. I have no workshops, no caravans, one castle...
  6. KidKiedis

    Economy - durability as way to increase spending

    Well, I was whining on how much gold do I have when I had only 1 casle. Now I have 2 castles, 2000 - 3000 income and 300k coins. I almost don't take no loot excerpt something useful. All my parties, companions and I can't spend them no matter what. So maybe equipment durability might add a lot...
  7. KidKiedis

    Economy - everything's so cheap..

    I understand that it's beta and most likely current economy model is fit for testing meanings. But anyway thought that someone should mention all that. Well. I'am on my first playthrough, so it's just what I've noticed so far: Income is too high even if you run a gang of recruits. In a while...