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  1. Dirty_Monk

    [WNL5] Cards - discussion & applications

    1) Nickname : Dirty Monk 2) Nationality: Russia 3) Primary class: Cavalry 4) Screenshoot with your warband character: 5) Tournaments in which you've played (include your teams): ENL Summer(VRNG as OVECHKIN) Group B ENL Winter Season(Syndicate_BT_Invisible as Ovechkin) Group B 2nd place ENL...
  2. Dirty_Monk

    Who is at the Top?

    Top idea ++++
  3. Dirty_Monk

    Team Turkey

    Good luck.
  4. Dirty_Monk

    WNL Season 2 - Betting Corner

    Paladins and Defenders vs Tercios Espangoles Galloglass vs Defenders of Wonwokie Wolfpack vs Iron Knights Bohemian Guard vs Fearless Immortal Noobs Legio IX Hispania vs WARBAND Calaquendi vs Court of Reveran Vikings of Nilfelheim vs Samurai Schwertbrüderorden vs Order of the Rising People...
  5. Dirty_Monk

    WNL Season 2 - Betting Corner

    Tercios Espangoles vs Red Eagle Legio IX Hispania vs Berserker Centurio Paladins and Defenders vs Armata Brancaleone Galloglass vs Wolfpack Defenders of Wonwokie vs Dukelezh Breizh Polish Eagles vs Schwertbrüderorden Bohemian Guard vs The Kingdom of Swadia Iron Knights vs Saracens WARBAND vs...
  6. Dirty_Monk

    WNL Season 2 - Betting Corner

    1) SoE 2) AE 3) RNGD 4) IG 5) WarHammer.
  7. Dirty_Monk

    [WNL2] Week 3 Fixtures - Deadline 19/05

    SoE vs IG should be interesting.
  8. Dirty_Monk

    [SNL1] Playoff 1/2

    Best of luck to all teams.
  9. Dirty_Monk

    [KD] Knights of the Dragon

    Good luck, guys.
  10. Dirty_Monk

    Team Georgia

    Hi, Miha. I was suprised to see you here. Goog luck and have fun.
  11. Dirty_Monk

    Team Kazakhstan and E.Russia

    Good luck. Удачи, парни! Буду болеть за вас)