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  1. A_cRaZeD_hObO

    [Council Tournament II]

    him 2 - 7 neena impossible to play against, a full second behind
  2. A_cRaZeD_hObO

    [Council Tournament II]

    Him 7 - 6 Lelaster Why did I have to play Yuzarsif, then Lelaster? (in the same day by the way)
  3. A_cRaZeD_hObO

    [Council Tournament II]

    Him 7 - 4 Yuzarsif
  4. A_cRaZeD_hObO

    [Council Tournament II]

    doesn't matter either way to be honest, i'll **** any of them raw
  5. A_cRaZeD_hObO

    [Council Tournament II]

    Him 7 - 6 Zerox good fights
  6. A_cRaZeD_hObO

    [Council Tournament II]

    Him 7 - 1 snow Snow was pretty blatantly using autoblock as well. I tried to record the game partway through, but it didn't really work so I've no direct proof. It was really obvious though, luckily he was absolutely ****
  7. A_cRaZeD_hObO

    The_Ludus | | Updated to 1.170

    Can I get a title for The_Ludus? I will pay 10 euro for it
  8. A_cRaZeD_hObO

    [Council Tournament II]

    can we play our matches on the 21st
  9. A_cRaZeD_hObO

    [Council Tournament II]

    Ingame name: Him Steam Profile or other ways to reach you: [email protected] EU or NA: eu
  10. A_cRaZeD_hObO

    Two-Handed Duellist Power Charts

    wow surprised I made this i'm pretty **** but thanks bro
  11. A_cRaZeD_hObO

    [ESSC - 2x2] Started!

    let the record show a 9-11 defeat of crazed clan
  12. A_cRaZeD_hObO

    [ESSC - 2x2] Started!

    final score between gibby and arni V hobo and sabo was 11-9 to Garni, as arni said
  13. A_cRaZeD_hObO

    [ESSC - 2x2] Started!

    Team Name: crazed Shabo0obo Members: crazed_hobo and sabo Steam Contact (Team leader): TaleWorlds Contact (Team leader): <----- my profile Faction Desired: Vaegir
  14. A_cRaZeD_hObO

    tournament cancelled

    ireland should have it's own kingdom title there was the ard-ri (high king) in real life
  15. A_cRaZeD_hObO

    European 1h Dueling Contest Season 2 - [EDC2]

    sabo please don't insult our clan name by dueling these randoms, thanks. also some1 move/lock this?????????????
  16. A_cRaZeD_hObO

    Grand Duel Tournament - thoughts and ideas

    If you could actually manage to get 256 people signed up it'd be something to see.  Keep it simple with only 2h, 1h, and spear imo. Before the recent tourneys, I would have said spreading the tourney over a few weeks would be better but after seeing how they went I'm not so sure, and tbh a 1 day...
  17. A_cRaZeD_hObO

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    my only fear in life is that when bannerlord comes out, the NA scene will be larger than EU and we will all once more be cast back into the hegemonic shadows of the United States. of course, the only sobering thought about that is this will compel the Chinese scene to blow up and compete with...
  18. A_cRaZeD_hObO

    [ECS3] Team Rosters & Substitutions

    i resign from my co captaincy spot with robin in FTW, remove me please
  19. A_cRaZeD_hObO

    How skilled is the player above you?

    7.5+/10      dueler      uses inverse