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  1. margareth

    Unresolved Horses + civilian mode on take over battle inside the city.

    every take over battle , to kill thugs, inside in any city, is crash when my companions have mounts equiped on civilian mode. that's my only crash in and
  2. margareth

    Do i need make a new save?

    Do i need make a new save every hotfix? i just ask because i see lots of people saying "i need make a new save" but for what?
  3. margareth

    it's possible run with this?

    Radeon RX 570 4gb i3 4thGen 3.1ghz ram: 12gb
  4. margareth

    Diplomacy is too much

    diplomacy change : medium diplomacy economy: low and no wars for a long time. now i'm pass the days, in game, it's the 8 week, with diplomacy:disable and economy:low, and no wars.  it's a... bug?
  5. margareth

    canceled translation - read the post.

    Edit.: the brazillian community kick me out from their group, after me express my opinion about a TV channel called Globo. it's fine, they are just brazillians, but i can't continue the translation, sorry.