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  1. Historical Nicknames

    First two Norwegians I'm partial to: King Magnus the Barefoot - Allegedly got his name because he was forced to flee from a battlefield without his boots :D, and his son King Sigurd Jorsalfar - meaning Jerusalem-goer (as in Crusader). Not a very special name, I just love how it sounds. And some...
  2. Was the use of atomic bombs on Japan by the US a war crime?

    Yeah, you wish. You're just a bratty little ******* to stupid to tell the difference.
  3. pantaloons, pantaloons, why to us do they look like bafoons??

    Well, actually, they were trying to collect both golden and silver pantaloons as well as bronze pantalettes so they could craft the Big Metal Unit, so they would never have to fear any weapon ever again.
  4. What is the best empire during middle ages?

    Subjects wanting or not wanting to live in an empire has nothing to do with whether it was an empire or not. It's also a dumb comparison. The Mongols didn't need to build buildings like that, so they didn't. Compare instead their extensive messenger network, which was needed to hold their vast...
  5. What is the best empire during middle ages?

    That Arab/Muslim empire, whatever they called it. Religious tolerance (well, more than most other places anyway ;)), scientific mindset, damned cool geometric art. What if not civilization can make an Empire great?
  6. Spartans Alexander the Great

    I used "country" because that's about as deep as the least common knowledge goes. That's what the quotation marks was about ;)
  7. Spartans Alexander the Great

    At the very least, knowing that Sparta was an old Greek "country", and that they were very militaristic, is common knowledge, even if any further specifics is not. Hence why people's conceptions of them is mislead by the movie; it fills out that blank-of-details, but it does it with false...
  8. Is Mythology the turth disguised as a Tale? or a Tale to disguise a Turth?

    Not to mention that if you look at his stats, he appears to have no other reason for being on these forums except to further his bull**** agenda here in the "historical discussion" part.
  9. Is Mythology the turth disguised as a Tale? or a Tale to disguise a Turth?

    Yes, my children would belong to my "ätt". And as I said, it's derived from the Germanic/proto-Norse words for "property". And "re-entered" my ass. This just means it comes from Arabic, and you believe it "re-entered" because "All languages ARE TURKISH!!!" in your mind. No, not that kind of...
  10. Is Mythology the turth disguised as a Tale? or a Tale to disguise a Turth?

    Your humble neighbourhood bulbous root to the rescue! Except for "ätt", that you've already halfway cleared up; It is slightly related to "ancestors", but it's meaning is better translated to "lineage". It is, however, derived from Germanic/really Old Norse words for "property" and "belonging"...
  11. Speech of Captain Luka Đurasković

    Obviously their answer to being invaded was to dress really sexy. Those Italians will never forget it!
  12. Spartacus and the revolt of Roman Slaves.

    Why not look to those Sicilian slave revolts that actually - if temporarily - succeeded? If my, admittedly thin, knowledge of history is to be trusted, they ended up as petty kingdoms, which Rome swallowed up again as soon as she rearranged her forces. I mean, even if we hypotize that S could...
  13. Istanbul? - Konstantinopolis? - Byzantium?

    So, no actual proof, then. Just that they sound slightly alike.
  14. Istanbul? - Konstantinopolis? - Byzantium?

    And all you have to support this theory is, once again, that they sound slightly alike? That's truly great science. Totally convinced me.
  15. Istanbul? - Konstantinopolis? - Byzantium?

    Modern words that sound slightly like Turkish. Completely disregarding that just a few hundred years ago they would be completely different, and even less alike. Aa opposed to, you know, how they would be if they were actually related.
  16. Is Mythology the turth disguised as a Tale? or a Tale to disguise a Turth?

    I know it's hopeless trying to explain things to you, Ancalimon, but I have to say this anyway: The peace signs isn't Turk or Turkish in any way, it's spells N and D in semaphore. And that stands for Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. You see, the peace sign isn't an actual peace sign to begin...
  17. Is Mythology the turth disguised as a Tale? or a Tale to disguise a Turth?

    Never in my whole, utterly Swedish life have I heard anyone say something, or refer to a Swedish expression, even resembling that. Yet again you prove that you have absolutely no knowledge at all of what you're talking about, and are just pulling these "facts" out of your arse.
  18. Question About Brittania, mainly the Briton

    Well, that would explain it. The phrasing above made me think you were comparing two modern words, but if you weren't, I guess it's moot.
  19. Question About Brittania, mainly the Briton

    I'm not sure you've got the right language there. I'm Swedish, and I've never heard of the word "hjem", so unlike it's dialectal, or oldish-Swedish, I'm pretty sure it's one of the other tongues. The spelling (contra the "sound picture) seems to suggest so as well, but it could be an exception...