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  1. Count Delinard

    Bannerlord Argentina

    Yaga es Ruso, no turco :P
  2. Count Delinard

    Bannerlord Argentina

    @Aslaug pueden armar su foro acá: con threads, pins, etc!
  3. Count Delinard

    Bannerlord Argentina

    Con yagaya no se jode :P
  4. Count Delinard

    Upcoming games you nitpicky ****bags look forward to ***** about in the future.

    Yes, I spent a **** ton of money to go to Japan with my girlfriend so that I could go into tiny jizzed rooms to masturbate. 10/10 In all seriousness, I believe they do that because they don’t even have privacy in their own tiny homes? That was my guess back then.
  5. Count Delinard

    Upcoming games you nitpicky ****bags look forward to ***** about in the future.

    :lol: I did notice so many cultural differences during my 1 month in Japan that this does not surprise me at all. I remember one day all giant TVs everywhere were broadcasting for the entirety of the day (and I'm not exaggerating, I saw this same thing in the hostel during the morning, every...
  6. Count Delinard

    Upcoming games you nitpicky ****bags look forward to ***** about in the future.

    I've actually often wondered about this.. Why is it that every Asian game (made in Asia, not about Asia made in the west) I ever see is so full of fantasy and flashy effects? What examples exist of grounded, relatively realistic games made in Asia that I may not know of?
  7. Count Delinard

    Random Media v.4 (Comedy Optional, Interesting Optional)

    That dance was quite impressive, I actually saw the video and came to post it but I was late :)
  8. Count Delinard

    What pissed you off today? v. VI

    I went through it, you’ll get over hunching in about 2 months, maybe sooner if you walk a bit every day.
  9. Count Delinard

    SP Fantasy Kingdoms of Arda (Lord of the Rings for Bannerlord)

    :party: Good! But.. Bad. More exposure means more chances someone over at WB sees it :sad:
  10. Count Delinard

    Moderation Team Roster, Roles and Structure

    Congrats @Fietta for being promoted to On-topic Section Mod! :party:
  11. Count Delinard

    Say Cheese v2

    I can't unsee this now :(
  12. Count Delinard

    Forum Feedback and Suggestions (NOT Game Feedback)

    You can also sort of access this via another inconvenient set of clicks and filters: What's new --> New Posts --> Filter " Threads in which you've participated"
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    Lol wtf :lol: this can’t be real. I mean I still wanna get it some day, but I’m waiting until at least May/June 2021 to give it more time. That issue you just mentioned doesn’t sound like a bug that can be fixed though, hilarious.
  14. Count Delinard

    📢 Bannerlord Competitive Scene

    Excellent initiative, pinned!
  15. Count Delinard

    Screenshottery Thread Mk.2

    Precisely, which is why I added this I do try to "roleplay" my characters too, but I have found that if I connect with them in whatever tiny way then it gets me a bit more involved in the story. Them having balls isn't really much to go by, but sometimes it's the only thing you've got when...
  16. Count Delinard

    Screenshottery Thread Mk.2

    Maybe it's just me, but being a guy I never understood why guys would choose female characters in games (when given a choice). It feels more immersive to me if I play with a dude because I know I'll never fully understand what it's like to be a woman, but I can "pretend to be" the guy I'm...