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  1. Crossbow Pig

    Shield for Vlandian Footman

    Simple suggestion, give those guys a shield, even if it is a worn or battered one.
  2. Crossbow Pig

    how to get world map coordinates?

    Dumb question, but I can't figure  :facepalm:
  3. Crossbow Pig

    Floris Dev Suit archive is corrupt

    Can someone that have the floris dev suit upload it somewhere because the one in nexus is corrupted and i need those .py files.
  4. Crossbow Pig

    OSP 2D Art Eastern Armor Pack

    Just have made some "retexture" work using some of  Fredelios stuff ,the pack contain 5 variants of some byzantine like armor. Download here: See screenshots here Credits-Taleworlds,Fredelios. Notes- I am not an...
  5. Crossbow Pig

    SP Tutorial Module System Making more mercenaries leaders appear in the tavern

    I have asked for this in this thread,340058.0.html and thanks to Somebody an gdwitt I have manage to make it work,so i decided to make a tutorial about this,so lets get started.First off all is module_constants Add this Bellow this...
  6. Crossbow Pig

    (Solved)Making more mercenaries appear in the tavern

    It is possible to make more than one mercenary appear in the taverns?
  7. Crossbow Pig

    How to remove the dust particle?

    So,how do i remove the dust particles because it is causing some lag against parties that have too much cavalry.