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  1. bezment78

    What pissed you off today v. V

    Gestricius said:
    My sister wasting food. Today she ate circa 25% of her noodles and threw the rest away and the last time we had pizza she just ate 30-40% of the pizza bread and scraped the toppings off.  :???:
    That's so damn wasteful
  2. bezment78

    What pissed you off today v. V

    What pissed me off today ? my cousin broke the my AC remote after setting it to 18 I'm ****in freezing
  3. bezment78

    What are you playing right now?

    I'm Playing Napoleon Total War right now
  4. bezment78

    SP Fantasy [WB] Grim Age: Ostland Campaign - Alpha released.

    Only found this mod, and i have to say so far it looks nice..., great job
  5. bezment78

    L'Aigle Development Log Thing.

    GERRY said:
    That mod is in Docms bad books.
    Why ? Seems to be a good mod to me don't see any reason why docm would put it in his bad books ?
  6. bezment78


    Oh alright i didn't know that
  7. bezment78


    Since i don't see any thread for question i thought i'd make one So.. will it work on version 1.160 ?
  8. bezment78

    Gekokujo: FAQ, Wiki, and Quick Help

    Will it work in 1.160
  9. bezment78

    TLD (The Last Days, LOTR mod) for M&B 1.011 Info

    DiscoGrizzly said:
    When i enter large battles w/ my king (Mirkwood) the game stops working and just shuts down? anyone know the fix?
    Perhaps your graphics or battlesizer setting is too high
  10. bezment78

    Smurf Tech Support

    Is it compatible with 1.158
  11. bezment78

    [Game] - This or That?

    After Elba

    Hapsburg or Hohenzollern
  12. bezment78

    TLD (The Last Days, LOTR mod) for M&B 1.011 Info

    What is the reward for the Book Of Mazarbul quest is it only just the book or are there anything else
  13. bezment78

    [Police Station] - Bug Reports & Changelog

    When i press backspace in battle it crashes
  14. bezment78

    Q&A Topic

    Does this mod works on 1.143 or do i need to update
  15. bezment78

    Main Topic

    Could the cave be a new Hagia Sophia type of quest
  16. bezment78

    Main Topic

    Very Special Surprisesss

    Make a scene of it  :twisted: :twisted:
  17. bezment78

    Main Topic

    Oh Quintillius it's too awesome please make a easter egg a temple of you
    Cause IT's too AWESOMEEEEE
    P.S. maybe in old Praven
  18. bezment78

    Main Topic

    All hail Quintillus from just what screenshot there is i think it's gonna be awesome
  19. bezment78

    New modification

    How about World War 1 ?

    If it's all possible  :grin:
  20. bezment78

    SVN/When should you update? Important! Please Read!

    Stulejarz said:
    Auldman said:

    How do I know if my version of the mod is up to date? There should be a green circle over the folder with a white check mark in that. If you see that then you, my friend, are playing the most recent version! If it's a red mark then you are not and if you want the latest stuff plus bug fixes then you'd better right click on that folder and hit "update."

    uhh, and what if i do not have  green circle nor red mark ?  :neutral:
    do you download the svn version the symbol only appears on the svn version
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