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  1. LeRoux


    The customization of the Fianns currently doesn't work. When selecting anything but the "Improved Armor" perk, you have many 3 options for helmets andd 2 options for the chest armor. When picking the "Improved Armor" perk, you are forced to wear one helmet and one chest piece.

    I can only assume this is a mistake, since the same does not apply for other classes that have an "Improved Armor" perk. The only change they experience is that they get shoulderpads/cape/... but they are still capable of using cosmetic items for the head and chest.


    Although I don't have screenshots of the gloves, this bug also applies to the Fiann's gloves.
  2. LeRoux

    MP Accuracy decrease when turning

    I feel the accuracy decrease that happens when you quickly move the camera is a little too high. The purpose and need of this feature is clear to me but I feel currently it's preventing players from quickly changing targets even when said targets aren't that far apart. I thought the idea of...
  3. LeRoux

    Need More Info Strangely high ping in EU servers today

    I'm having the same issue since today. Usually I also have about 30-40 ping but today on every EU server I joined I have 260 ping.
  4. LeRoux

    EU INT Duel European Duel Tournament III [32/32] [WINNER - Arni]

    I beat Livso 7-3. GG WP
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    MP Stances, proper stance attack animations, options for inverse + hotkey

    I am of the opinion it is better for the gameplay to take out stances alltogether with LeftStance foot fwd animations and different attack animations, and all of the block penalties.

    1) The player has no combat-useful control over how the feature works.
    2) Playerbase does not understand what the feature does and how those calculations affect combat.
    Once again, I agree. But the devs seem set on keeping the stances in the game, so I think a toggle like you (and others) suggested would be a good middle ground.
  6. LeRoux

    MP Stances, proper stance attack animations, options for inverse + hotkey

    - Stances should be a tool in a players tookit to gain a directional advantage by attacking from a slightly diffrent angle (see animations below)
    - Stances should be a tool in players toolkit to confuse the opponent (read below)
    - Stances should have an option to be toggled by a hotkey (lets say Q). Pressing the key should swap stance even if the player is in the "Attack Ready" positon, example of confusing the enemy would be to switch stance while "attack ready" than attack or faint, having the animation swap than attack come from the opposite shoulder.
    - Menu options would be, by movement (A&D keys), default, by inverse movement, by Hotkey (Q)
    I very much agree with this. The stances right now feel random, they don't add alot to the combat except for confusing yourself (as opposed to confusing your opponent).
    I think make stances toggleable would be a major improvement. It would allow players to actually investigate the usefullness of the different stances in combination with footwork/feints/... That would, in my opinion, be a worthwhile contribution to the BL combat system.
    Ofcourse, probably best to immediately add a slight punishment to toggling stances. If it's instant without delay, I imagine it can lead to alot of bull****.
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    You do realize that the archers from most factions are currently overpowered, right? TaleWorlds also doesn't seem interested in buffing other troop types in such a way to encourage a more balanced team composition, either.

    Sure, they have almost no armor at all, but the damage output of their crossbow and spammability of this particular troop type is high enough to make this game unplayable for me.
    I agree archers are strong, but I disagree with the idea that the cheap archers are strong. I think the problem lies mostly with the heavy ranged classes. That's why I suggest spreading the gear around so the light archers have better ranged options while the heavy archers have better armour but less powerful ranged options, I think that'd help alot. And yes, I also feel TW isn't particularly interested in buffing troops atm, but that shouldn't stop me from giving this feedback I guess.

    I don't think the light archers are a problem at all really, or atleast they don't make the game unplayable for me. To clarify, I'm talking purely from a skirmish point of view and have little experience in Captain mode. 3 lives for 360 gold with this gear is for me a bad trade compared to the superior gear (better armour, better shield, better crossbow) of 2 sharpshooter lives for 320 gold. I just don't think it weighs up.
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    I think this is the most underwhelming class in the game right now.

    Its base armour value is 3, the lowest of all Vlandia classes. Even the peasant starts at 5 armors and has access to an improved armor perk which can bring its armor to 14. The arbelist has no survivabilty, it's forced to be a bad hit & run class because of its low armour value. I have two problems with this:
    1. Visually. The arbelist wears a kettle helmet and padded armour, but only has 3 armour value. Compared to a peasant with improved armour (14 armour total) that's a joke since the peasant is literally wearing a leather cap and that's it. To me it doesn't make sense at all.
    2. The low survivability of this class wouldn't be an issue if the class had decent ranged options. I've made this suggestion/criticism during beta already: I don't understand (from a balance point of view) why you put both the good weapons and armour on the heavy ranger classes. Yes you can take the heavy crossbow and the heavy bolts to bump up your damage, but then you have no shield. The shield perk is pretty much a must have because of the already abysmal survivabilty of the class. So you end up with a slow moving, relatively low ranged damage, low armour, low melee damage class. It's just not really an option except in competitive play where you, as an arbelist, can count on your teammates' help to stay alive. In regular skirmish I really don't see a point in taking this class.

    So here's my suggestion, trying to be constructive after all:
    1. Bump up their armor or give them an improved armor perk
    2. Give them the heavy crossbow by default or increase the fire rate of the light crossbow so the class can actually be somewhat hit & run
  9. LeRoux

    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    If you want to report everyone who says a mean word in MM, this thread is going to be the most active one on the entire forums soon.
  10. LeRoux

    [WRL] General Discussion

    Not up to us sadly. But Callum won't even answer my DMs; we'd prefer having a subboard, but Taleworlds was very clear for the last 6v6 tournament that they are not doing that anymore. They are not providing us with any other kind of assistance either.
    That's a real shame...
  11. LeRoux

    [WRL] General Discussion

    Just a general remark, I suspect this isn't the doing of the tournament admins but I find it very weird that this subboard is in groups, and can't be found when just going through the multiplayer forums. Or atleast I didn't. Makes the tournament as a whole alot less visible, which is a shame.
  12. LeRoux

    Crucial Mechanic to deal with block delay!

    That was a feature I hated in Warband whenever it happened.

    If Bannerlord is based all around that kind of thing, no wonder so few people are enjoying its combat.
    I think this is a seperate mechanic. In Warband, heavy weapons could stun lighter weapons (obviously based on the "weight" stat) if you held your attack. If you timed it correctly you could do a hold then follow up with a normal attack and all your opponent could do was block.

    That mechanic is also in Bannerlord, but it's not responsible for the stuff that's being discussed in this thread.
  13. LeRoux

    MP Chamber blocking is non-functional

    Obviously I agree with you Noudelle, just posting to say what I quoted from your OP below made me chuckle as it's applicable to so many of the combat elements. :lol:
    This overcooked system needs to be entirely dumped if Taleworlds ever want chambering to be a mechanic that can be relied upon. It's at the moment an inherently inconsistent system due to the insane number of variables that go into the equation. Variables that no one here as regular human being can account for.
  14. LeRoux

    Why Deacon Barry is The Greatest Infantry Ever

    The content the people crave.
  15. LeRoux

    Undocumented Patchnotes e1.1.2

    Can't really call it nitpicking when the lack of communication has been brought up during beta countless times, it's not like TW's communication has been top notch overall.

    But I agree with you, any chance that benefits the game and its combat is a good change.
  16. LeRoux

    Bannerlord Beta Stream/Clips

    I added the next parts of the let's play, we're up to 5 now! I'm going to take another small break from Bannerlord, maybe a week or two since I'm not enjoying the game enough. And I don't want to make videos just to put out videos if I'm not enjoying it.

    Since some of you might like to know, I think the MP game modes are a bit stale, the lack of matchmaking doesn't help either. For the SP... I'm just not feeling it, although the big fights are cool, I think that's the kind of hype that'll die down quite quickly for me. The rest of the world map seems rather empty and repetitive. Obviously it's early access so all of those things can change, but that's all the more reason for me to take it easy and not force myself to play the game or I'll burn out on it completely.
  17. LeRoux

    MP Stances and their utility

    I agree. I think it's going to take time to adjust to stances, but there's some real potential to work them into a deep and engaging layer of the combat system. I like the variety they provide, even if currently their implementation mechanically is somewhat inconsistent.
    Given how often you press left and right movement keys, which if you press either long enough changes the stance, in a long fight, I don't think the stances work at all or really deepen the combat given how much they impact. Sure, theoretically they only impact animation and thus attack and block speed, but afaik the attack speed also impacts the damage calculation + the animation affects the optimum hit range of your weapon swing arc and then in turn both of those impact glances and fluffs. A single mechanism affecting all those parameters doesn't really deepen the combat for me, in practice it makes the combat feel very random precisely because movement is such a subconcious thing. Saying it adds another layer of depth is true to some extent, but it doesn't do the combat any good if it's hardly controllable and affects basically everything that goes into a good fight. I think the stances being toggled by a hotkey would immensly decrease the random feel the combat currently has.
  18. LeRoux


    Easily the best class the Aserai have I think. It was already a strong class but with the improved armour changes this class has become the go to class for any player who doesn't want a horse. Please balance the armour a little; other than that I think this class serves its purpose.
  19. LeRoux

    Khan's Guard

    I'll say the same thing that I've been saying throughout beta, the khan's guard does not need this level of armour. It's insane in combination with how fast it is and how good its bow is.
  20. LeRoux

    MP Stances and their utility

    • Remove any effect they have on combat and keep them exclusively as animation differences, it could come in handy to control feints while dueling, but that's about it. This would retain the animation differences but eliminate all of the unnecessary inconsistency that originates from stances and plagues combat. This would obviously be the most simple solution.
    For me, this is the way to go. I think there's something to say for stances that are adjustable with a hotkey but I feel that strays quite far from the core of Mount & Blade combat which for me still is that you don't need much to be good except your movement keys and your mouse. Still, stances adjustable with a hotkey atleast give the player some control over the entire system.
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