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  1. Rosslington


    WNL8 Grand Finals: Frontline Tactics vs. Unity
  2. Rosslington

    Need More Info (PC Crash/Shutdown) Bannerlord is causing my new gaming PC to reboot mid-game! Very alarming! (2080ti, 9700k)

    Interesting to see that your super powerful PC is struggling. My old GTX 970 is running it fine with barely any software crashes and no hardware crashes. Try testing your RAM sticks individually, take one out, play the game for a few hours on just one stick. Then swap it with the other one. If it crashes with one stick and not the other, then its gotta be a RAM issue.
  3. Rosslington

    Need More Info Bannerlord has destroyed my GPU and now none of my operating systems will boot

    If it was Bannerlord that messed up your boot drive, it would only affect the drive it was installed on, not all the others. This seems to be an issue with your very unique setup. Chances are that your GPU overheated and caused a short somewhere.

    Off-topic: Why is linux on the ssd and not Window 7? And why haven't you upgraded to Windows 10? And why do you even have XP still? :razz:
  4. Rosslington

    MP Native Kingdoms [Persistent Kingdoms Successor]

    +1 for name change. It needs a handy, easy to say acronym like PW/PK
  5. Rosslington

    SP Native Discord Rich Presence [Look cool on Discord]

    Beat me to it :xf-grin: Well played tho, I might be adding some pull requests as time goes on
  6. Rosslington

    A message of thanks for the devs

    spoiler it's full of loading screens and they made the combat too easy
    Play on an SSD and turn up the difficulty
  7. Rosslington

    One last go on IG_Battlegrounds

  8. Rosslington

    Forum Feedback and Suggestions (NOT Game Feedback)

    Haven't had too much time to check out everything yet but the main thing I've noticed is that the game icons and forum ranks on a user's profile aren't designed for such a dark colour scheme. Might be worth a rethink/edit of the icons at some point.

    Apart from that, really liking the new update. Hopefully we can add more features and tools as time progresses.

    EDIT: Would be nice to also add support for animated GIFs in the avatar as well :smile: It lets you upload them, and even plays its animation in the preview, but when saved its static :sad:
  9. Rosslington

    [NC2019] Livestreams & VODs

    Unfortunately due to busy timetables and caster availability, BladeCast will have to cancel the broadcast of Turkey and United Kingdom tonight. PoV recordings will potentially be uploaded to the BladeCast YouTube channel over the weekend.
  10. Rosslington

    [NC2019] Livestreams & VODs

    BladeCast will be looking to stream Turkey vs UK on Saturday 12th, depending on caster availability.
  11. Rosslington

    [WNL7] Livestreams

    Here are the VoDs for the Division A Grand Finals.
    Stage: Division A Grand Finals Casters: BladeCast_TV Commentators: Viktor & TheCardboardBox & Pixelated Apollo  Date: 05.05.19

  12. Rosslington

    [WNL7] Livestreams

    Division A Grand Finals on Sunday 5th - 19:30 BST.
    Guest casting with Pixelated Apollo and The_Cardboard_Box

    House Tully vs. Unity at 19:30 BST over on
    Casted by Viktor, The_Cardboard_Box, and Pixelated Apollo.



  13. Rosslington

    [WNL7] Livestreams

    Here are the VoDs for Dof vs BoH & Tully vs Malta

    Stage: Division B Semi-Finals Casters: BladeCast_TV Commentators: Viktor & Tardet Date: 21.04.19

    Stage: Division A Semi-Finals Casters: BladeCast_TV Commentators: Viktor & PPK157 Date: 22.04.19

    Highlight of the match :grin:

  14. Rosslington

    [WNL7] Livestreams

    Division A Semi Finals - Stream Tomorrow!
    House Tully vs. Knights of Malta at 20:00 BST over on
    Casted by Viktor & PPK157.



  15. Rosslington

    [WNL7] Livestreams

    Division B Semi Finals - Stream Tonight!
    Defenders of Faith vs. Birds of Hermes at 19:30 BST over on
    Casted by Viktor & PPK157.



  16. Rosslington

    [WNL7] Livestreams

    Here are the VoDs for the Defenders of Faith vs Ascended Senate match:
    Stage: Division B Week 5 Casters: Viktor & PPK Date: 07.04.19

  17. Rosslington

    [WNL7] Livestreams

    Here are the VoDs for the House Tully vs Unity match:

  18. Rosslington

    Warband Winter Cup 2018 - The End

    VODs for the final can be found here:

    Hope ya'll enjoyed! :smile:
  19. Rosslington

    Warband Matchmaking Client 2.0.2 (WBMM)

    Is the project going to be open source?
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