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    actually too much maps, we need 1.5 of them just like in Beta times
  2. Racism as soon as I enter the game

    ahaaha what a looser got mad about a banter, grow some balls
  3. Nerf cavalry in Multiplayer

    Hard disagree.What about spears, poacher perks for ranged, javelins, counter cav? I find them more than enough to massacre cav in any game mode. And in siege cav is useless
  4. Classes

    Hard disagree.

    Also, you are missing that better shield is the only way to get Sword+Shield combo on Varyag. What he doesn't need is Feller and the movement damage buff - they are doing the same job.
    Agreed on Brawny/Melee expert/Feller perks for heavy inf, same thing in short

    What about is your disagree tho? about Khuzaits and Aserais not being bad at siege?
  5. Visual Mismtach - Amory & Actual battles

    A tip - if you dont want to waste gold dont buy gloves - 50% of them are glitched and are not working.
  6. Patch Notes v1.2.8

    Uh... i mean... this patch is 8+gb... for about 8 fixes? huh...
  7. v1.2.4-v1.2.5 Balance Changes

    I dont think unhorsing works at all in game right now, never seen it
    Also new throwing axe feels kinda lame, at least for me... i loved it more when it was short-ranged one-shot grenade instead of plastic NERF version of javelin it is now.
  8. Please Re-enable Team Damage on Siege and TDM 🙏🏼

    seeing Vlandians killing each other instead of storming castle in siege was like beholding a most beatyfull image ever seen by human being...
  9. Please Re-enable Team Damage on Siege and TDM 🙏🏼

  10. Patch Notes v1.2.7

    It's the regular cheering taunts that had sound before that doesn't seem to scream now "Hah! We won!" "We've been blessed" and such.
    Same goes for multiplayer, cheering taunts are now uncancelable by simple movements and have no sounds which is disapointing
  11. Minor color inconvinience in new update

    New update changed color of most equipment to its factions color, but for some reason Battanain scarfs became pale white instead of old green color Please change em back to green :D
  12. cheer1-4 don't have voice like before , please add them back

    also you cant cancel them now with any move except unequiping shield, sheathing weapon and changing stance for throwings and pikes, which shouldnt be that way
  13. Classes

    Also some notes about Sturgia and Battania:

    Berserker - class should cost same as Battanian Savage (110-120g), its no practically better than Savage in any field (Armor, damage, speed, same perks), also some Berserkerish customisations like Wolfheads🐺 and Bearheads🐻 would be nice

    Druzhinnik - class has visualy same armor as Varyag but has about 30(!) armor (Why), a default wooden shield looks too cheap, like made by peasants for peasants 🤪, and replace not fitting at all fur pauldrons for better lammelar and chain ones -

    Varyag - a choice between Better shield and Better armor looks not practical (both are defensive options), a removal one of those perks to right side sounds wise choise. (maybe add kind of Blood rage perk for more berserkerish northern vibe instead of Better armor, and replace Feller with Better armor). Also - fur pauldrons - replace with lammelar and chain ones

    Brigand - a choice between Better armor and Better shield again is kinda pointless, one of them perks should move right side.

    Fiann - feels like most waste of gold in game right now.
    He is not universally bad but too hard to use effectively, lacks almost everything (armor, speed, atack speed, shield, damage), jack of all trades master of none.
    He needs a buff at least in one directory, i would prefer increasing of atack damage of his longbows to catch up with xbowmen, maybe in trade - some decreasing of rate of fire. A raise of armor also sounds wise, at least aganist piercing damage.
    This class is supposed to be an trademark of Battania, and best archer in game, while in reality its one of worst :xf-tongue:
  14. Lamellar pauldrons for varyag

    Ayo, also how about adding a scarfs to Sturgians? It kinda feels like a crime aganist northern factions for not having them :xf-grin:
    And yeah, wolfheads and bearheads for Bersekers, of course
  15. Classes

    Khuzaits and Aserais are awful at Siege, no doubt.
    Why is that - because they lack main chokepoint class most needed for this type of games - Heavy infantry
    My suggestion
    is to bump those factions Only for siege gamemode.

    Khuzaits - Spear Infantry - cost reduced to 120 gold
    Khan's Guard - cost reduced to 150 gold
    Nomad - cost reduced to 160 gold
    Mounted Archer - cost reduced to 190 gold
    Lancer - cost reduced to 270 gold

    How it will help? Well, a horse-archer-cavalry spam faction without heavy infantry at least would be capable of insta-spamming horses and heavy archers in early game and in retreating situations, which will help to deal with infantry in open spaces. More Spear infantry will at least add some shieldwall of low-skilled players.

    Aserai - Beduin - cost reduced to 160 gold
    Mameluke - cost reduced to 270 gold

    Why? Aserai gimmick is also based on cavalry spam, and beduins are completely useless on Siege mod due no armor and manevour capabilites - so making them and Mamelukes cheap would help at least on initial parts of Siege and some open plains as strike force

    All factions - All cavalry classes - cost reduced about at least by 10 gold

    Why? Cavalry is way too expensive (specially for defenders due them not having free point-cap gold) and kinda not usefull in chokepoints obviously (again - only Siege)

    All factions - Two-handers classes - cost reduced by 10 gold, damage to shields is increased by 25-50%

    Why? Two handers are useless in Siege due having no armor and shield - thus being free food for camper archers/xbowmen. Their cost should be decreased to Skirmish - Captain mode tier

    Why bonus shield damage? Heavy infantry is way too powerfull in Siege, and it needs antithesis - a light armored, shieldless and not usefull in close spaces two-handers can finally have some reason to exist there - to break shields in 1-2-3-4 strikes, and making Heavy infantry more easy to be hit by ranged units and others (Only Siege of course)
  16. Untie Pauldrons from Armor perk

    Is it possible to untie pauldrons from armor perks from classes? I mean it kinda restricts customisation options for classes, most of "pauldrons" doesnt looks like giving bonus armor at all (like some leather coats for Brigands, Warriors etc.) And i doubt it adds any gameplay weight because...
  17. Maps

    Ok here goes 1000+ hours in siege man

    Ayzar Stronghold - Battering ram, main gates and catapults are completely useless on this map, backcapping is way too easy for atackers

    Baravenos Encirclement - Trebuchets are useless on this map, not enough mangonels for both sides

    Domogtul Castle - Battering ram and main gates are useless, initial start of siege is way too hard for atackers
    A point is a meatgrinder for atacking forces due being easy to shoot at and flank from all angles
    D point is way too far from atackers spawns, hard to approach in open field and almost untakable due having only one ladder to get up there from ground

    Fen Altai and Skala landing feels alright right now

    P.S. Useless main gates and battering rams - means that they do not bear any usefullness for atackers because main gates are placed loosely and impractically, there are other ways of entering castle much easier and safer, therefore they bear no gameplay weight at all and just slow down some of atackers meatforce by them wasting time on pushing ram
  18. Lamellar pauldrons for varyag

  19. v1.2.4-v1.2.5 Balance Changes

    Please buff cavalry factions (khuzaits and aserais) and 2handed factions (Sturgia, Battania, aserais) in Siege mod, khuzaits there have almost zero chances to win) price drop for 2h-ers for Sturgia, Battania and Aserai, and price drop for spearmen, cavalry and heavy archers for Khuzaits can solve the problem (Siege mod only problemo)
  20. Nerf Vlandia TDM

    Developers will not see this thread but + anyway
    Vlandia should be Cavalry-crossbows based faction, infantry should be nerfed (peasants and sergants) while knights should be boosted (one of worst heavy cav in game right now imo)
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