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  1. MarotzKi

    Lack of Official Servers in South America

    we need a SA server

  2. MarotzKi

    Argentinian Cup Finals Stream (30/08)

    it seems to me that some EU players have the very high ego for a dead game
  3. MarotzKi

    Argentinian Cup Finals Stream (30/08)

    as the other WISE AND HONOURABLE south americans have pointed out, you are assuming many things in your post. i do not care much about my ping and enjoy playing up to ~250, which is when i feel it becomes impossible to block or complete basic actions consistently. 200 is very playable as cavalry and i can block on foot, and can even duel somewhat competently as you can see in my video duelling against Madara on my channel.

    you know i've always liked playing in other regions and that i played a lot in NA for many years. i don't see why it should surprise you that i also enjoy playing in South America, particularly when i've been playing with the same team for 10 months and have enjoyed helping and watching them grow to one of the best teams in their region.
    love u
  4. MarotzKi

    Cinere Inexplicitus

  5. MarotzKi

    SODT #2 June 13, 2020

    Name: Marotzki
    Main Class: Archer
    Region: SA
  6. MarotzKi

    SODT #1 June 6, 2020 - Completed

    Congratulations to Team D for winning the first Scramble One Day Tournament
    thx bro
  7. MarotzKi

    MP Matchmaking servers for SA region

  8. MarotzKi

    Talewords Exposed

  9. MarotzKi

    [WLC] Grand Final & Bronze Match

    anyway, what will be the final decision?
  10. MarotzKi

    We want South American servers

    yeh yeh SA always being excluded
  11. MarotzKi

    [WLC] Grand Final & Bronze Match

    We only speak American here sorry.

    You are here talking **** about a SA tournament topic, we will speak Spanish, Portuguese and whatever we want
  12. MarotzKi

    [WLC] Grand Final & Bronze Match

    brazil number one
  13. MarotzKi

    [WLC] Grand Final & Bronze Match

    I'll be simple and direct, Fietta is the best player in the world
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