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  1. Insanity

    In Progress Graphic issue Quyaz Arena

    No problem, I'm happy that there is a reaction.

    It did not occur again until the 1.4.0 update.

    I can't give any more information about the following versions, because the hard drive with the savegame broke.

    PS: RIP my dear Steam HDD:wink:
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    SP - General Grouping and Formations

    My tactic has always been:
    1. Hold the line in the middle.
    2. inflict ranged combat loss on enemy.
    3. Break the enemy by breaking one of his flanks.
    4. Roll up the enemy center from the flank.
    5. When he starts to flee ... make it a glorious victory

    I also use this tactic in Total War, but there is more tactical depth.

    You can also defeat a superior enemy in MB by following the basic rules of tactical warfare.

    One of them is for example:

    If you want to conquer an enemy position, fight with a 2/3 majority of soldiers. Since the AI rarely doesn't just attack, you can take advantage of that.

    My proposed system definitely needs to be improved, and when I read your suggestions, it should be a mixture of the two. But what strikes me about you, your suggestions are usually geared towards tactics during a battle.

    My suggestion mostly relates to formations that can be used in a battle and pre-orders for battles.

    A tactic against cavalry that I like to use is several units in square formation, arranged according to the Roman Manipel Battle Order.
    Unfortunately, I can currently hardly take such a complex formation because I would have to reorder my groups after each battle. Therefore, this should work automatically with presets.

    And that leads me to part of your proposal. I understand that I have to manually divide the groups all the time. In my eyes, that would overwhelm me somewhat as a general. I have my platoon leaders for that. They make that out among themselves. I lead them in battle and they set up my units as I need them.


    It is not polite to delete a post that someone replied to in a forum @ZavodilaSauklus siehe -> Army Cap
  3. Insanity

    SP - General Army Cap

    I can not fully understand your reasoning. If you could describe this a little more, I would be grateful.

    But I try to answer your objection as best I can. I understand you're concerned with the overall size of the army at war. Due to the limitation, this would be limited to a maximum of 10 parties, i.e. 1000-1500 men if you assume an average of 120 soldiers. In defense there can be up to 12 parties at the same time, which would correspond to approximately 1200-1800 soldiers.

    A war would therefore always be in favor of the defenders in the event that 1 vs 1 was fought, which is also the rule in the military sense. Because the defender can usually determine the battlefield except for a surprise attack.

    Now war is rarely fair, and diplomacy between states is rarely completely honest. Therefore an attack on a nation at war would be tempting depending on its strength. Because of this, the defender will always be on the brink of a two-front war.

    Aserai and Khuzait would then of course have the same restrictions and could not set up larger armies.

    I hope that I understood everything correctly and that my answer was adequate.

    If this is not the case, I would be happy to continue philosophizing about this area of the game, because this could also provide opportunities for other approaches / food for thought for the developers, should they ever read it.
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    Frage zu den Banditen

    Meine Beobachtung ist, das alle Banditen einer Region an ein Lager gebunden sind. Die Lager verschwinden nämlich nach dem Kampf nicht. Da sind dann zum Teil direkt danach wieder 5 Banditengruppen rein gelaufen und haben es gehalten.
  5. Insanity

    Frage zu den Banditen

    Die Funktion gibt es schon. Man kann Clanmitglieder eine Party bilden lassen. Die Streifen dann durch die Gegend un kloppen allerhand Leute nieder. Leider unterliegen sie irgendwann der Masse.

    Das zerstören von hiedouts bringt bis jetzt leider gar nichts.
  6. Insanity

    Schwert / Item Namen ändern

    Einfach in die Suggestions schreiben. :wink:
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    SP - General The Ultimate Suggestion Thread

    I wanted to wait until I had about 200 hours in the game before posting this, but I have been taking notes and consider myself an avid gamer. Between Warband and Skyrim I clocked in over 5800 hours and have experienced about every major Warband mod. I am also an experienced modder with projects that spans almost 20 years and have been invited to studios like the Creative Assemble that does the Total War Series. I have a lot experience and believe Bannerlord is THE game, but I feel it is missing the mark even for EA. I have BETA tested 7-10 major projects and I feel I may have something to contribute. While I recognize and appreciate the love and passion the devs have it is easy to get overwhelmed in an extensive and complex project like Bannerlord. That said with the greatest respect to the devs here are some suggestions and feedback for Bannerlord.

    The Faction dilemma

    Where to start with all the possibilities in Bannerlord? This is truly an epic game so I will start with the factions. The factions are nice but I believe you should break up the factions first and foremost. What I mean by that is not every culture should be a single faction. The way the Empire currently is fine, but factions like the Battanians should mostly be smaller separate clans with the main Battanian faction having a few clans sworn to them because that is the High Kings faction. Now this would be a little different for each faction for example the Vladians could have a couple of independent Duchies (duke as a leader) that are not part of their Kingdom and so on and so forth.

    Why this would make superior game play?

    This could provide a much more diverse experience within a faction that would allow the player to experience low level conflicts while the King’s faction struggles to unite the clans or even form alliances with them. The current system while it was cool in Warband has ran its course and needs to evolve to where every culture is not a united faction. The good news is with the clans you already have a system in place which make this a viable option and would transform the continental massive wars to low level conflicts in the early stages of the game. This would be the single biggest improvement to Banner lord and buy the player some time to develop before the major culture vs culture wars kick off.


    Diplomacy is pretty important to portraying and presenting a believable experience. War should not be taken lightly and major wars should have some escalating events that take place that maybe could give the player the option to push for war or deescalate the situation. These events would grant possible Casus belli which would give your faction the right to wage war without consequence. To go to war for no reason would cause a major hit to diplomacy with the possibility of factions forming a coalition against your faction. The current all war system that appears to have to rhyme or reason and feels pretty gamey. It needs some dress to make things a little more interesting.

    Faction Structure and Titles/Peerage

    Faction structure needs serious work and titles should be a HUGE part of Bannerlord. Titles could even be tied to your clan rank. For example for the Vlandians you could have something like this:

    Clan Tier 0 – Gentry
    Clan Tier 1 – Esquire
    Clan Tier 2 – Knight (Knighted when you join the faction with maybe a small ceremony of being knighted)
    Clan Tier 3 - Barron
    Clan Tier 4 - Count
    Clan Tier 5 - Duke
    Clan Tier 6 - Archduke

    *Robber Knight and Robber Barron could be used for independent land grabs if your tier does not allow you to be a Kingdom. The faction leader would get the title of King regardless of clan rank. Also titles would vary for each culture for example the Battanian king would have the title of “High King”.

    Secret societies and mercenaries

    Mercenaries should function more like the companions in Skyrim where they have a base in a town and you can join them and be part of their faction and recruit troops from their troop tree. Maybe even becoming a free lancer in one of their armies. It would be cool to have more options with Secret societies like being an assassin and doing contract kills for them and eventually lead up to bigger jobs.

    Scrap defecting Lords to other cultures

    This is one of the worst features in the series and should be scrapped for the most part as it ruins late game immersion when your see factions full of defeated lords from other cultures. If a faction needs a new lord for conquered lands then they should simple recruit from within the faction and have some randomly generated noble of the same culture raise a banner. Defecting lords should be very rare from other cultures and only if they have a certain trait. The current system ruins late game and destroys faction hegemony.


    While there is some really cool progress that has been made, there is not a kitchen sink to throw all that wealth at once you buy up the best weapons, armor, and enterprises. There needs to be a way to buy influence with money to be able to leverage wealth. Some other options could include a banking system that allows you to place money in a guild and earn interest kind of like the Iron Bank in game of thrones.

    Trading is way too easy and you should have to join a guild to obtain a trading charter or you will be subject to tolls. However there could be a black market if you are in with the right people and there is already a pretty cool quest that is in the game that could tie into the rogue aspect. Maybe some of the Looter hideouts could act as a black market.

    Player Homes (Not castles or Towns)

    Player should have the option to buy a house in a settlement where they can store things, as a merchant character you probably won’t be taking a castle any time soon so player homes should be an option. With maybe a average house and a mansion option for rich merchant type characters. What these homes could use to make them interesting and to add to immersion.

    Chest – make an interactive chest that the player can interact with from in the house
    Bed – Be able to lay down on bed to pass time and heal
    Servants – These could be part of the mansion
    Book case – These are where the books would be stored
    Weapon rack – A place to display a few weapons

    Not everybody wants to own land and these would fill that role for traders and rogue type characters.

    Castle Storage

    A place to store things is a must, I can’t tell you how many horses I have lost from being caught after a battle but it is probably 500-700 so far. You should be able to store horses in your stables because you don’t want to go to war with 80 horses as a baggage train. Also castles have no stash either which sucks because once again stuff in your inventory gets lost if you lose a battle, it would be nice to be able to store them somewhere safe. Maybe it is just a missing feature but it would be nice to be able interact with the chest that is in your bedroom.

    Ai Battle Tactics

    Currently they pretty much suicide charge, I would take a page out of the historical writing of De re military for inspiration on how armies fight. The attacks should always start off with the skirmishers/archers engaging, and then followed with infantry with the cavalry held in reserve to be use as flankers or to take out the other factions’ cavalry.

    Infantry Formations Marching

    First thing I would like to see is when infantry is in formations like shieldwall they march like they do in siege battles which looks amazing. Infantry formations need some work and need to stop cavalry a little better.

    Spear Formations

    A phalanx/spear wall formation should be added that allows multiple ranks of spears to fight! At least 2 would be a good start where the second rank uses the overhand attack to attack over the first rank.

    Infantry Collision

    Melees currently are a spastic blob of instant death, it looks like a combination of troops moving too fast and lack of collision. I would look at Wolin festival Viking battles for inspiration on shieldwall clashes and improve formation vs formation battles to where melee stalemates can occur creating a no man’s land between formations making flanking a more viable tactic.

    Ai Companions

    I would be nice if at least Ai faction leaders had a few companions in their ranks, or at least a champion/hero in their army to flesh out Ai parties a bit more. It feels weird that only the player can get companions and gives the player an advantage.


    From what I understand perks is something that is being done, I looking forward to see what you guys do but it would be nice to see some perks in the leaderships or tactics line the improves your troops fighting in formation . Viking conquest have some pretty cool traits that you could unlock at level 13 like berserker, warcry, and tough. Here are some perks I would like to see added:

    Rally – Be able to rally routing troops if you are close to them (leadership)
    Infantry Commander – Infantry fighting in formation are 10% more effective in melee (tactics)
    Sweeping Attack – Can hit multiple targets with two handed weapons (two handed)
    Riposte – get an attack speed bonus after success blocking an attack with a one handed sword (one hand no shield)

    Culture traits

    While they seem nice they could use a little spice, the Battanian one seems pretty useless maybe it could be a bonus to combat in the woods instead or both movement and combat bonus in the woods.

    Trainers (for the player)

    Skill trainers are a must in this game and would add to the immersion of the system. It would be cool if you could find a few masters around the map that can train with to boost up you skills. Skyrim had this this feature and it fits well with how skills upgrade.

    Legendary Smiths

    It could be nice if you could commission weapons from these artisans for a large amount of coin.

    Famous weapons and armor

    Bannerlord needs some weapons of legend like Excalibur or Gungnir that are shrouded in Calradian lore.


    I haven’t seen any yet, but they were a cool feature I hope they make a return. These are novelty pieces I like to collect for my wealthy characters.


    The campaign map is beautiful and roads to would be a nice addition for at least the Empire factions.


    There are too many of them and there needs to be a better way to implement them and control them. For example a group of bandits should be connected to a hideout (even looters), if the hideout gets destroyed then they stop respawning for a while. Hiring militia patrols should be an option to make the roads safer in your area. Looter should be tied to certain conditions like food shortage and low security. So once you resolve those issues they become less of a problem.

    War horns and banners

    Banners and war horns add a lot of immersion to the battle, it would be cool if one of the troops in your cavalry, infantry, or archer groups blew a war horn when you give them an order. It would also be nice if it applied to the Ai as well. As for banners they are not in the game without mods but it would be nice to see them back in as they look pretty cool.


    Tournaments have always been a pretty popular feature in the series, but I think these three areas need to be addressed:

    Prizes – Maybe some better gear can be offered once in a while depending on the prosperity of the town or something. Seems like I’m mostly getting the same mediocre mid-level prizes, also the cash prize diminishes as the game progresses.

    Tournament Champions – There should be a few legendary champions that show up from time to time that are really good and who you truly compete with for the number 1 rank.

    Ranking system – It would be nice to show how many opponents you have beat as well and maybe the total amount of tournament you have competed in as well.

    Training troops

    It would be nice if training troops was expanded a bit so that there are a few companions that you can recruit to help speed up the process the character Lezalit from Warband. One could be a veteran officer from the Empire, one could be a Vlandian mercenary captain, and maybe one could be a slave master that trained mamelukes. These would be some of the best companions in the game and would help the player get more T3+ troops. Also it would be nice to train them like you could in Warband to speed up the process to T2 units.

    Future Content

    Nord Incursion – This is the obvious candidate for future content that adds the invasion of the Nords at some point in the campaign. It could add a new culture to join, new weapons, new companions, and ships with naval combat added. This would also be a good opportunity to add sea trading where the player can own trading ships that act like caravans. Own ships in general was a very cool feature IN Viking Conquest and I hope it is add to the main campaign of Bannerlord at some point.

    Hunting – The ability to hunt bears, boar, and deer. This could also provide a way to harvest furs and meat and maybe some rare claws and teeth trophies. This could also add dangerous animal encounters like bears, wolves, and leopards that attack the players party if it is small. There could also be quest from the villages to hunt wolves that are attacking live stock from one of the notables.

    @[U]armagan[/U] I don't know if you will ever see this thread but if you do thank you and your team for all your hard work!
  8. Insanity

    Rekruten Ausbilden

    Ich habe die Quest einmal gefailt, jedoch die Typen behalten. Die kannst dann skillen und irgendwo Parken, bis du sie wieder brauchst.
  9. Insanity


    Ohje diese Flut^^

    1. Bei mir haben sie dies bis zum Patch 1.2 gemacht. Wenn es jetzt nicht mehr funktioniert könnte es ein neuer Bug sein.
    2. Auch dies sollte eigentlich nicht so sein. Dieser Fehler, dass sich Begleiter unauffindbar Verstecken, ist bekannt von einigen Quests. Jedoch ist mir das erst ein mal passiert. Das "warum" sie nicht zurück in deine Gruppe kommen war eigentlich auch in Warband so. Er wird dann wieder zu einer Taverne oder deiner Stadt/Burg zurückkehren. So weit wahrscheinlich weil diese auch Wandern, bedeutet mit jedem Tag kann er weiter weg sein.
    3. Ja es gibt mehrere Bugs, die dieses Problem abdecken. Ich selbst hatte bis jetzt erst einmal diesen Bug in der Version 1.0.0. In den Known Issues sind diese im Augenblick aber nicht mehr vertreten. Wie gesagt, es könnte an der Startversion deines Speicherstands liegen.
    4. Da gibt es einige:
      1. Companion Horder
      2. No Companion Limit
      3. Companion Overhaul
      4. Respec Companions
      5. More Female Companions
      6. Manage remote Companion
    Um nur einige zu nennen. Bis auf den letzten machen sie in meinen Augen kaum einen Sinn. Aber das ist Geschmackssache.

    @JakobvanBicke :wink:
  10. Insanity


    Entschuldigung für meine etwas unfreundliche Antwort. Es klingt nach einem eigentlich bereits gefixten Bug. Wegen der Einstellung, diese meinte ich.
    Und ein L8 Problem ist in der IT ein vom User verursachte Fehler. Das war evtl. Etwas unhöflich.
    Ich würde aber eher auf einen Korrupten Speicherstand Tippen.
  11. Insanity

    Gamestar Interview mit Armagan! Bannerlord Roadmap!

    Ist aber ein Plusartikel.
    @FteestylerVI diese Aussage ist aber nicht wirklich eine gute Kritik. Und wenn man sich einige Bewertungen anschaut, stimmt sie auch nicht. Fallout76 hat z.B. sehr schlecht abgeschnitten. Bewerungen zwischen 90-80 sind als gut zu verstehen. 80-70 Befreidigend, 70-60 Ausreichend, 60-0 reden wir besser nicht drüber. Also in meinen Augen nachvollziehbar. Aber jedem seine Meinung.
  12. Insanity

    Gamestar Interview mit Armagan! Bannerlord Roadmap!

    Es gibt mittlerweile eine Zusammenfassung, was noch alles ins Spiel kommt. Keine Roadmap direkt, aber zumindest eine grobe Richtung. Ich glaube das Problem liegt da mehr auf Seiten von TaleWorlds.
  13. Insanity


    In den Spieloptionen gibt es dazu ne Einstellung. Es gibt einen Bug diesbezüglich, jedoch ist diese Häufung seltsam. Könnte ein L8 Problem sein.
  14. Insanity

    Einheiten mit stumpfe Waffen

    Imperial Catapract auch. Es gibt recht viele, jedoch ist die Ausrüstung variabel. Deswegen sieht man sie nicht so oft.
  15. Insanity

    Gamestar Interview mit Armagan! Bannerlord Roadmap!

    Das ist richtig. Der grosse Teil der Artikel sind jedoch gut Recherchiert, weswegen diese Aussagen nicht richtig sind. Ich habe von meinen ganzen Abos nur noch das, da CBS z.B. Clickbait schon seit nen Jahrzehnt betreibt.
  16. Insanity

    Gamestar Interview mit Armagan! Bannerlord Roadmap!

    Im großen und ganzen, gab es in diesem Interview keine neuen Infos. Leider :sad:
  17. Insanity

    Wenn niemand zum heiraten da ist

    Es geht nicht bei jeder Adeligen. Auch kann es sein das du mit 50 schon zu alt für diesen Dialog bist. Sie wollen ja schließlich die Permadeath/Kinder Idee noch ausbauen. Im Zweifel einfach einen Bugreport schreiben
  18. Insanity

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Custom Troops

    As I said, this is an issue where there are multiple opinions.

    Of course this is not such an important thing, but some would still welcome it. You could of course solve it with mods and there are guaranteed to be some. But it would be better to be in the game.

    And the armies are a bit more complex. There were different approaches. And an empire like Rome, Carthage, Sparta or Athens has of course not completely changed the culture of their auxiliary peoples and the way they fight. But they equipped the standing army and gave it a certain uniformity. For example, it was stipulated which armor they had to wear, what type of shields etc. The auxiliary peoples, in turn, were integrated into their own Forces depending on their strength or weakness.
    Soldiers from vassals or tribute states, however, had their own specifications, which they had also specified according to their culture and empire. Mercenary armies were actually not as widespread in antiquity as they were from the 12th / 13th centuries.

    However, since we play the Bannerlord, which is based on some cultures / empires but has no direct connection, one should neglect this. That would only lead to perpetual discussions about historically right or wrong.

    That's why I don't want it to be fixed for everyone, but an additional start option to give everyone the pleasure of playing according to their wishes. The most important thing is that everyone has fun with the game, not just you, me or another individual.
  19. Insanity

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Custom Troops

    I see it differently.
    Of course you recruit your soldiers from the existing villages.

    But that's actually wrong. An army of Sturgia would take recruits from Sturgia. But an Imperial Army would actually put on a completely different armor or not? Because an army usually has the same uniform. That's why I see it as a breach of immersion when I, as an Imperial General, march through the area with an army, most of which have uniforms of other cultures. Isn't different today? You can come from China but be American GI. Still, you don't ear the PLA uniform.

    Or am I wrong?
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