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  1. Matchmaking mmr does not work

    Bit off-topic but why on earth do you not switch sides in mm after ft3? Bare minimum to make it remotely competitive
  2. [Skirmish] Almost a year of EA anniversary

    Quit for 9 months, pretty much everything is the same except throwing is OP and we have the clan system plus recent matches which is something you'd expect to take maybe a month. After coming back 9 days ago MP has been literally unplayable for 4, amazing progress.
  3. 10 postulates of Hairless aka how to make ur game better

    Keep the combat terrible because people are used to it? No thanks. The way chambers currently are it'd be better if they weren't in the game, nearly every time someone chambers it's random luck and rng just rewards them for messing up.

    Armor I think would mostly be fine if the other changes were implemented and you didn't lose all your hp to cav/throwing.
  4. Most important feature of new duel mode

    Sure, it'd be nice but it has been a year and they haven't even managed a basic duel mode, how long do you think this would take?
  5. EU Duel Completed European Duel Tournament [WINNER - APRIKOSENMANN]

    The deadline for round 1 has ended. In any uncompleted duels where neither player contacted an admin both players have been disqualified.

    The deadline for round 2 is 05/06/20, good luck everyone!
  6. EU Duel Completed European Duel Tournament [WINNER - APRIKOSENMANN]

    Name: Cyber
    Contact Information:

    If the default class is voulgier, how are people supposed to be sustaining their voulgier spawns? Or has it somehow been patched and we can spawn as voulgiers infinitely?

    Just gotta die as peasant between some duels, or u can grind up some gold beforehand. We went with voulgier since it has mostly become the default dueling class in EU and it's a little less random than dueling with a peasant.
  7. Tournament in EU [brainstorming]

    Huge amount of RNG with unbalanced factions right now, but I suppose nothing wrong with having something for fun. I'd like to see at least a BO5 though. Also please no class restrictions.
  8. [DM] Destiny Masters

    Stay in duel, 2 blocks in a row is your only accomplishment so far.

    I am very offended, ft7 right now.
  9. Need More Info Fps way worse on lower end pc's 5/7/2020 Update

    I'm on a higher-end system but also noticed around a 50 fps drop since the last patch, several people I know have a similar issue.
  10. [DM] Destiny Masters

    So DM is the best EU clan in the special mode they created for themselves and are the only ones playing?
  11. [DM] Destiny Masters

    lol class limit for competitive. Why are you trying to turn BL comp into an even bigger joke than it already is?

    Also inspire is apparently a proven cheater but he doesn't care so it's okay.
  12. [DM] Destiny Masters

    but it is an unarguable fact that the best players from warband, and in fact the overwhelming majority of good players, are not playing bannerlord. with that in mind, it’s not inaccurate to say that the Bannerlord community is made up of players who were bad at Warband, is it?

    And of players who never played WB. And players who were at the very top in WB but didn't have the most spectacular skill of enjoying the same stagnant game for a decade. Although I don't really see what's even the point of bringing up how good someone is at a different game? I don't think anybody made claims about their WB skill here?
  13. MP Bannerlord Duels: Predictions vs. Reality

    Caps is not entirely wrong. If you don't think kick slashing is viable in BL you unfortunately just don't know what you're talking about.

    I sympathize with the rest of your points, although I'd like to see block delay reduced first, and give people a little time to get better before "nerfing" feints. Current situation is not optimal, but I prefer it to having almost every feint being easily readable.
  14. MP dying real fast

    It's sad how fast the multiplayer declined, couldn't even get a full 6v6 match in EU skirmish today early morning.
  15. MP Remove the block delay you've added back

    Generally in agreement about block delay but please don't start slowing down feints before giving it some time. It could potentially be nice if everything expect 2h stabs isn't trivial to block.
  16. Duel Server Information

    Within a few days we got two simple features that made the MP experience infinitely better. Not sure why it couldn't have been done a long time ago but at least we have it now, great job.

    More servers would be nice, adding more slots would get a little too crowded. And more gold if possible.
  17. [PETITION] Rollback/Disable Quit Penalty Indefinitely

    I don't think we should be praising TW for picking one of the gazillion suggestions and implementing it with absolutely horrific timing. Even in most of the threads suggesting it a lot of people noted it should be just for ranked MM. If they actually listened and paid attention to what's going on changes like this likely wouldn't happen.
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