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  1. Aela

    Patch Notes e1.8.0

    this has no place in Multiplayer.

  2. Aela

    Patch Notes e1.8.0

    Why do you add such a bad mechanic for cavs. Accidentally falling off a horse is the worst mechanic added in this game. I am done, nothing to add more.
  3. Aela

    EU Skirmish Completed Bannerlord Draft Cup VI - Red Dot Edition (56/56)

    Name: Aela
    Nationality: Polish
    Main class: Cava
    Steam link:
    I confirm that I will be attending the draft cup itself (13.3.2022 at 17.00 CET)
  4. Aela

    Appeal to admins' decision and a proposition of a rule change

    Imagine the Administrations changing the rules in the last few tournaments and they don't change anything in their behaviour. I thought changing the rules during tournaments was forbidden because that's the golden rule. At the high level of competences of admins in sport or e-sport, this would not happen.

    On the other hand, why should administrators care about the rules when the top clan leaders use this for their advantage only for win and others don't care at all about stopping them? It's about two sides.

    I hope this community will see competent Administrations and leaders in the future? For now there is no fair play...
  5. Aela

    [BEAST 7] Division A - Weekly Matchups

    Kinda amazingly disingenuous and misleading. Look at Jufasto's screens - 2 of your team members were dead when 2 more crashed. Your screen may be before the crash, but it's also before the teamfight you were losing. Obviously the crashes were extremely unfair, really unfortunate for you and the result may have been different without them, but you don't need to make it look like you were overwhelmingly leading the round before you crashed. That just wasn't the case. Really just nothing you can do when it's a set at 2-2, down to the last lives and some people crash, even if it's extremely unfortunate for you guys.

  6. Aela

    [BEAST 7] Division A - Weekly Matchups

    screen before crash
  7. Aela

    NA Duel Completed Court of Cavalry | Duel Tourney | $100 Prize

    My opponent didnt answer me so I would like to get the default.
  8. Aela

    Make Cav Stronger Again

    As a cav player I want to add something about this topic. Most of time I didn't like bannelord cav mechanics, especially part with bump stabs and riding on motorbike. I would not say cavs are OP, just the other classes are too weak. Cavs should be always the most powerfull unit becouse of their price. I will always be a supporter of the Warband cavs mechanics that could easily fit a cav Bannelord. It's just my point of view as a someone who has huge experience from Warband and Bannerlord.

    Those are several my examples for the ways of nerfing cavs or buffing them:

    - Make every horse a horse, not a small motorbike. I understand the reason of map sizes, but still reduction from 10-30 speeds would be enough for each of cavs. The heavy ones should be much slower than the light ones. The heavies should never have a chance to run at the same speed at the lights with their full speed.

    - When we have slower horses, then bump stabs should be more efective and easier to make. We lose speed, which means speed dmg, then there should be more ways to kill someone than just a stab. When you want to bumpstab, you need to bump by the head of the horse, I think it should be about head and front body of the horse.

    - Charge dmg is too high, especially for heavies. There are a lot of situations that when you take for example empire heavy cav with a perk charger, your bump with a full speed can hit every the cheapest unit for even 20 dmg . Its totally too much. They should make max 10 dmg with full speed. Horses shouldn't make that huge impact with dmg.

    - As we know how spears work in the Warband, they were always a nightmare for cavs. The problem is that, even if in Bannerlord developers added dmg for spears, it won't change much when the spearman can't protect himself from other infs. The conclusion is that you should improve spears to not *poke *for other players and cavs. Then spearman can survive tf and stop the cavs. Then we could have 3 types of units. Shock, shielders and pikers.

    - Cavs should not be like the ball bounces off the wall. As a cav if you went into the wall, not only with full speed even half speed, you should be stopped. Futhermore there are rare places on each of maps that your horse is stopped with half speed like I wrote before. From my perspective there were bugs but I don't know.

    - Everyone should hear cavs from longer distances to prepare yourselfs from couches or simply hits.

    In conclusion, that nerf what arrived now about heavies, makes them not worth. Lower speed up for that unit makes them being like a snail. You can't run away from shocks, you are so slow, you can't make bumpstabs and make 20-30 dmg? for hit becouse of speed. Futhermore cav duels are horiblly borring with heavies. The fights of *pokes* for very patient grandpas. However I think it's a kinda positive step for nerfing cavs about their speed up but not that much how it is now. Those things what I wrote before are important to make them playable, now heavies are not. Moreover they are boring and not enjoable. The better way of nerf should be not making their speed up so slow but increase their full speed. I even think that playing 2 times light and one shock is more worthier especially on closed map.
  9. Aela

    Make NIN3 Leading MP Designer

    NIN3 is my hero as a developer, everyone who would like to make a healthy community should take an example from him. He always answers and helps everyone on top of that he PLAYS the game and understands the problems of the Bannerlord. If NIN3 would like to have more power about deciding what is happening with multiplayer, I'm totally up for this idea.
    PS. Thank You NIN3 for fixing sturgian horses. <3

  10. Aela

    EU Duel Completed ?ABCD - A Bannerlord Cavalry Duel (Tournament)?

    I have read and agreed the rules.
  11. Aela

    ? MEET THE TEAM: Divitiarum [Div]

    < snip >

    Looks like Ghazi will reaplace Woj as a main cav in the next BEAST ?
  12. Aela

    ? MEET THE TEAM: Divitiarum [Div]

    Let me translate it:
    "Aela is our queen and Hairless showing her that due to her obnoxious behaviour and lacks of skill she doesn't belong to DM has hurt her feelings, so now we hate him".
    From my conclusion I think that, Hairless secretly has a crush on me because he talks so much everywhere about me...
    to @Hairless ✂??

    Btw Nicely doooone interview ??
  13. Aela

    EU Native Battle Completed [Carnage Fantasy League] Player Sign-Ups

    Name: Aela
    Nationality: Polish
    Prefered Class: Cav
    Past Teams / Experience: IL, Starks, Malta and BASHHHHH
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