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  1. Expressing myself about the state of the game.

    Not sure why people still expect significant updates after the game is out of EA. I guess because the game was so disappointing people still expect the devs to just keep adding stuff until its good. They wont. This is it.
  2. Is This Game Dead Now?

    I dunno why people are surpised. After when the game is out of early access, that's the game, its a finished product. Updates are only going to be fixes. The game is no longer in development, this is it.
  3. 2 years of EA. You could have created an entirely new game in that time.

    i mean its done as in feature complete. If its not balanced after 2 years it never will be.
  4. 2 years of EA. You could have created an entirely new game in that time.

    The mods I want to use don't even get updated anymore, its like the mod community is just waiting. At this point they should just release the game and let the modders have at it. I don't think what we have now is significantly different to what we would have a year from now at the speed TW works. So just release it, it's basically done already.
  5. Voice acting is useless, dynamic lord relations are

    console people aren't going to tolerate having to read though
  6. where 1.7.2 ???

    how can you be this impatient for a small incremental patch that will probably make no discernable difference to the gaming experience, especially after all this time.
  7. is it fixed yet?

    so how about the economy, is that better now? I just reinstalled, but now I'm having second thoughts. Maybe it needs another 6 months.
  8. Where's this "hope" stuff coming from?

    it takes 2 years and 50 million dollars to discover how to make troops climb ladders.
  9. 1.7.0 is the BEST PATCH EVER MADE IN 2 YEARS

    I took another 6 months off, can I marry my horse yet?
  10. What happened to map position based battle terrain?

    I wouldn't want to be that green dot :roll:

    Your solution would be plausible for a clash between cavalry (melee - heavy/light), but certainly NOT for melee infantry formations.
    I don't like the idea but to represent it properly I think he's saying the AI would choose one target each so all those units would pair off into duels, so that green dot actually would not be surrounded unless the battle goes badly and he became outnumbered.

    I think this might work in a samurai mod or similar, since some cultures actually did fight that way at certain times. But it shouldnt be the default thats for sure.
  11. What happened to map position based battle terrain?

    Not only battles are the same because of the terrain , but the AI is lacking a ton too, its clunky.

    (You can often see some archers not reacting to near threat or you can see ai perfectly landing a blow to you when you are charging on them behind.

    Furthermore , more foot battles are just so bad, you can't fight an AI 1 to 1 if there are more enemy/friendly ai near you , either few enemy ai will focus you , which will let you have no room to counter attack , since they will spam you with constant attacks , until some friendly ai will help you.

    (I wish they redone the AI completely , making it take into account your near friendly troops so the AI will distribute their forces equally or at least more equally to enemy forces.)

    Also making the Ai take more intelligent fight routes , now it feels like formations are breaking the AI , since if a group of melee fighters for example , are in a formation , they will ignore you ,even if you are melee near them , yes they will aggro for 2-3 seconds with 3-4 warriors (of course) and give you a hard time to land a hit ,since all of them will attack constantly , making you only block... and after just going back to formation and continue ignoring the player.

    (There should be something done about the melee fights ,I barely get any good fights , only huge meat on meat wall with brainless spamming of attack button in the enemy pile)

    (this is what i wanted , if im playing as a Footman (or anything close to that type of style)

    (This type of ai fights should really occur if there are no formations or after a formation is broken)

    So you want battles to break down into multiple duels instead of infantry holding the line and attacking as a unit?
  12. What happened to map position based battle terrain?

    What i don't understand is, can't be a automatic scene former algorithm done? For that particular scene at the video, just a (only one) river and a bridge should be enough. And they are both at the same side of that river. For example if they are close to a mountain, a steep slope should be enough. It always will be very hard to form scene one by one by hand ofc.
    Isn't this basically what we had in warband?
  13. What happened to map position based battle terrain?

    Taking into account that tactics and economy is non existent withing the game currently then there's no difference where You fight. All the battles end up with a mess and after 5 of them You've seen all of them. Formations are useless and the only thing You need is top tier troops ordered to attack in rare cases You would like to take the attack on yourself (due to stupid reinformcent system). I don't care about this feature as long as they don't implement any strategy into the game. Cities and castles are just map markers. There are no natural paths on the map that can be secured, blocked or anything. If i want to fight on plain terrain just for fun then custom battle is way better then playing the actual game. If i just wan't to fight then MP is better than SP cause other players are challenging and AI is useless.

    It's been more than a year since EA started and they recently implement mostly cosmetics while the core of the game is lacking as hell.

    True, the game has many problems which should be easier to fix before they even start on this terrain thing, hopefully they are prioritising other things.
  14. What happened to the promised follow-up post for future plans?

    everyone is complaining they wont tell us this or that. By now it should be clear that's because either:
    A: They don't know
    B: They know but it's bad so they don't want to say.
  15. Why "Focus Fire" Should be a top priority and implemented immediately.

    I don't see why the control system for focusing fire on specific groups would be that complicated. 1 number to select group, another number to choose attack, then choose the number for target. It's what we already do but with one more branching menu at the end. It's 3 button pushes instead of 2
    It's not unrealistic at all either to be able to focus fire on groups, even from a distance it can be easy to distinguish cavalry from infantry and even different types of infantry.
    This would be the most basic way to implement that I can think of, it wouldn't solve everything but the flexibility would help avoiding some of the annoying nuances of combat.
  16. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    you have the Rome mod on by the sounds of it, thats the only time i have seen that .
    vanilla 1.6.0 I'm not dumb enough to complain and have mods running at the same time.
  17. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    I get a naked view of my character in inventory screen before the armour loads. That's nice when people are watching me play the game over my shoulder.
  18. any way to have companions leading parties auto upgrade their gear?

    Why not simply make space in your party, take all the companion's troops, then dissolve his party and have him join you, then upgrade all his gear manually, then ask him to form a party again, then give his troops back, then go get your own troops back every time you want to upgrade someone.
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