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  1. ๖CmK_

    What's Your Favorite Movies & TV shows?

    the new star wars movies are dog****
  2. ๖CmK_

    [TWC] Semi Finals

    Golden said:
    lets be honest you sign up to an NW tournament and you are not getting past groups.

    who cares about nw tho
  3. ๖CmK_

    [TWC] Questions & Suggestions

    Detective fieta  :shifty:
  4. ๖CmK_

    [TWC] Questions & Suggestions

    Gibby Jr said:
    Donut is banned for one match and has to take screenshots in all subsequent matches to prove he isn't using it. People comparing the Neogk mod to aimbot or wallhack are doing some mental gymnastics to try and argue that they're equal in the advantage they give, which they obviously aren't. Other admin teams have been very hardline with their decisions relating to this mod, but Donut appears to have been unaware of not only that fact, but of the fact that it wasn't allowed because of how many people use it to play on the servers that support it. I don't think Grafblade and Cr3a deserved permanent tournament bans for their use of it and I don't think Donut deserves a permanent tournament ban for it. However, if he fails to take the screenshots that are necessary or does so and shows himself using it again he will be issued with a ban for the rest of the tournament.

    banned for a match which we get default for and after that we are kocked out of the tourney afaik lol
  5. ๖CmK_

    [WLC] Groupstage Week 1

    Tardet said:
    Whoever created this logo made some solid work.

    Define solid
  6. ๖CmK_

    [TWC] Group Stage Week 2

    Watly said:
    I dislike how you forgotten plebs keep talking as if you won in a tournament where the winner is determined based on an aggregate of native and NW. It shows an incredible disregard to the NW side of things when you act as if only the native match matters.

    lol ok
  7. ๖CmK_

    [TWC] Group Stage Week 2

    maxxxio said:
    I think Kire has a recording of the match

    i do?  :shock:
  8. ๖CmK_

    [TWC] Group Stage Week 2

    HKP said:
    that would make emergency subs nearly impossible. like anchor said if theres a mod that sets the spawnlimit to 8 for both teams that'd probably help a ton if the newest player to join the team can't spawn in

    just dont crash 4head
  9. ๖CmK_

    South American Player Ratings

    latino invasion on the forum
  10. ๖CmK_

    South American Player Ratings

    i just played on some argentive server... why do they all say **** like jajajajaj kekekekek tutututu????
    is this how latinos communicate ??
  11. ๖CmK_

    [NC2019] Semi Finals

    Alyss said:
    Kire_ said:
    Go Poland  :party:
    Wrong thread :smile:
    wym poland will be in the semi finals  :party:
  12. ๖CmK_

    [NC2019] Semi Finals

    Go Poland  :party:
  13. ๖CmK_

    [TWC] Group Stage Week 1

    we got ****ed 12-1 on NW by 23rd
  14. ๖CmK_

    [TWC] Group Stage Week 1

    Forgotten vs 23rd will be tonight 7:30 gmt
    i'll record my pov if i don't forget
  15. ๖CmK_

    Age of Empires: Online

    If anyone is interested, here are the blogs about the romans
    showing new units, buildings etc :smile:
  16. ๖CmK_

    [WLC] First ~ Warband Latin American Cup - Sign Ups

    kel said:
    Cow admin of every tourney in the game  :fruity:

    cow best admin  :fruity:
  17. ๖CmK_

    {} Australia & New Zealand Multiplayer Community Thread {}

    KaneMaB said:
    reach out to anyone and I promise that it will be better.

    therapist wont help if you dont put in any effort yourself which can be hard when u are depressed :p

    but ye RIP
  18. ๖CmK_

    Age of Empires: Online

    Captured Joe said:
    But does it have pig economy?

    the celtic caravans are pigs  :shifty:
  19. ๖CmK_

    Age of Empires: Online

    Btw the new devs are working on the romans, here are some units from the weekly blogs  :party:
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