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    Devs and "Community" Employees Are Averaging Less than 1 Post Per Day - Where Is The Engagement?

    Perfect metaphor, except without the kid to provide a little hope for the future. We've become more like Robert Duvall's character with the cardboard shoes.
    The cannibals ate the kid. And the
    family at the end ate the dog!
  2. Aurex

    Devs and "Community" Employees Are Averaging Less than 1 Post Per Day - Where Is The Engagement?

    I feel like there's a correlation between the level of involvement community managers and devs (but mostly devs) have in forum discussions and general toxicity
    It goes like this:
    -Taleworlds hypes the game up, makes us wait years.
    -Forum is active, people are speculating, having fun with memes and discussing everything in a civil way.
    -Taleworlds releases Early Access to the hyped playerbase, it's barebones and downright bad.
    -Forum is very active, people are suggesting how to improve things and reporting bugs but are generally very hopeful.
    -Taleworlds is tone-deaf and responds vaguely to suggestions or bug reports (if they do at all.) Progress is VERY slow.
    -Forum is still active, people are starting to realize that maybe things won't be all peachy, some complaining begins.
    -Taleworlds deflects or ignores concerns, since they have a "vision" of what the game should be like and there's no roadmap or anything.
    -Forum is less active, three main camps form: Hopeful people, Doomers, White Knights.
    -Taleworlds has two people occasionally saying: "Yeah, I forwarded it to the devs." No meaningful changes are made.
    *Years pass*
    -Forum is a wasteland filled with mostly Doomers and White Knights. The Hopeful people are probably someplace else, or lurking.
    -Taleworlds is silent, development is almost non-existent, no major features are added and those that are do little to improve the experience.
    -Forum is basically Mad Max: Fury Road without the half-naked girls.
    -Taleworlds do the Tone-deaf Gigachad move and act like they've done great things and release is near! Game is still the same as EA.
    -Forum is basically The Road with Viggo Mortensen.
    -Taleworlds releases the game and it's basically the same game it was two years before. They cease communicating completely.

    Long story short: if you let your vase out in the rain for two years and don't plant anything in it, don't expect there to be anything but mold, weeds and decay.
  3. Aurex

    A (semi) complete list of all cut content I could find in the files

    i up this thread for to try rekindle the forum's hope🎻 i hope all this stuff and more will be in game late or soon 🙌

    Old Man: "Mount and Blade was the best medieval action franchise in the galaxy, and had a bright future. I understand that you've become quite a good game, yourself, Napoleonic Wars II. And it had a good premise."

    Napoleonic Wars II: "How did Bannerlord die?"

    Old Man: "A young company named Taleworlds, that was a favorite of mine until it turned to evil, helped the executives hunt down and destroy the good premises. They betrayed and murdered Bannerlord. Now Mount and Blade is all but extinct. Taleworlds was seduced by the dark side of the industry: Incompetence."
  4. Aurex

    I think I just figure out the fast track way to play this game

    I think I finally figure out how to grow your klan the fastest way
    Uh-oh, I'm not sure that's a good idea!
  5. Aurex

    Sally out missions

    We saw the mission on a gamescom stream in 2016/17. The point is that you get your soldiers, run out of the castle, and destroy the siege engines in the camp and retreat before more and more enemy soldiers spawn. It is largely code-ready, like rebellions were added in 2021 but the code for them was spotted in 2020 and was thought to be a discarded feature. I suppose they are doing different scenes, pathfinding, and all other kinds of problems before putting them out.
    Ehh, let's hope it's decent. But I'm overly pessimistic.
  6. Aurex

    Sally out missions

    Seeing as these forums are dead anyway
    Night Of The Living Dead Horror GIF by filmeditor

    We might be dead, but we are still skulking about, hahaha!
    That said, they said (the devs) that they would eventually add these missions, but I don't think they added any timeline/zone/table (when do they ever?)
    So, let me be frank: it's probably never going to come, or it's coming but it's going to create more bugs and be a s**t addition with no depth and definitely no added mechanics like siege engines destruction.

    This is all we know from the "Release plans" post.

    "In addition to this, you will see the introduction of more specialized combat options. For one, players are going to be able to sally out and launch a surprise attack on besiegers in order to destroy their siege engines. This will take place in the existing siege locations but follow a separate set of rules."
  7. Aurex

    Are the cRPG devs lying or TW really this bad?

    Truth is, multiplayer is just so low priority.
    I could even forgive that a little bit IF the singleplayer was a great experience.
  8. Aurex

    My review(ish) of releaseversion bannerlord

    I have played the series from early access of original mount&blade. Between that and warband I have over 2000 hours of game time. I have played Bannerlord since release for about 700 hours.

    The main feeling I have with Bannerlord is that is it everything I wanted from it.
    At this point I'm starting to see that there are two main "camps" of people who have been following the development of this game.
    Those who wanted a shallow medieval battle generator and those who wanted a deeper 4x/RPG/Strategy and Action title. I would have settled for something in the middle, but we got a barely functional, shallow medieval (kinda) battle generator that is somehow less engaging as what's intended to be than Warband.
  9. Aurex

    Consistant Multiplayer Server Crashes Poll/Petition

    Just a personal update on this issue. Logged in, wanted to see if it got any better. Two large servers up, one with 120 (Turkish server, I think) the other was the EU server, with 60+ people.

    Joined the Turkish one - moderate lag, nothing major. SIX minutes, and the server died and didn't even come back up. Alright then.

    Second attempt, EU server. 10 minutes, not much in the way of lag, decent experience. Server dies, comes back up 15 minutes later with 5 people playing on it.

    There wasn't a third attempt, time isn't free and is rather precious. So, has Taleworlds EVER confirmed that they are AWARE of this issue and that they actively WORKING on it? Or is it just: "Tee-hee, we sold them a faulty product, let's bask in our mostly positive reviews on Steam?"
  10. Aurex

    Multiplayer's future and server population.

    I really do doubt they ever check this part of the forum. Their behavior is almost amateur.
    I highly suspect they don't ever check any part of the forum, to be honest. I was willing to accept (and even embrace!) some amateurish approach when they were a couple making an indie game. But now? It's not like they haven't sold millions of copies... they CAN totally afford some community people and some basic Q&A. Not to mention some artists, voice actors and server technicians.
  11. Aurex

    Party roles should be assigned to teams, not single companions

    That's an interesting idea, but it sounds like it would be very complicated to design that kind of system in a way that doesn't give the player too much of an advantage over the ai.

    I'm just trying to keep it as simple as possible, where its still just one companion granting the perk benefits, but other companions can share in the xp.
    Yeah, it'd be hard to balance it. I would also settle for having a 2-3 extra companions in the same role, with one being the leader and the others getting a certain amount of extra xp as well.
    I've been finding that replacing my scout/surgeon/infantry commander who died in battle is extremely time consuming. Grooming a couple replacements to have them more or less ready sounds like it wouldn't be too difficult and it'd be a great QoL addition.
  12. Aurex

    Party roles should be assigned to teams, not single companions

    Its silly that an army would have ONE scout, ONE medic or ONE engineer. In real life armies, these jobs would be done by full squads. In gameplay terms, it means one companion hogs all the xp and you can't train any backups for when your main guy dies.

    A better way to handle party roles would be to turn them into teams for multiple companions. You could still have a team leader for each role who's the one the perk buffs come from, while the team members get partial xp for being on the team. You could even make the size of the team scale with clan tier to add some progression.

    And on a related note, why don't captains get tactics and/or leadership xp for captaining?
    Great idea! Also, what if you could put, let's say, 2 companions on the "Scout team" and add to them 8 light cavalry? Maybe we could have different troop types give different bonuses in certain roles. Example: light cavalry, skirmishers and archers could be better scouts and trackers, while crossbowmen could give some bonuses to, let's say, engineering.
  13. Aurex

    Please support the Console version!

    Y'all sound like the saltiest, bottom crabs in the bucket.
    Don't be mean, deep down I don't really hate the hardware-challenged kids.
  14. Aurex

    Please support the Console version!

    I would like to however post a plea to Taleworlds and that is: Please do not stop supporting the Console version! I think you will get a huge amount of customers if you continue to support it and add more stuff
    I appreciate where you're coming from, but you bought a PC-designed game ported to an inferior hardware.
    I felt like I was being kicked in the nuts when I bought Elden Ring and played it on PC with mouse and keyboard. When I commented on that, I was told, essentially: "You bought it on PC, lol, sucks to be you." By mostly everyone, including devs who clearly didn't give a damn.

    So, hey. I bought Elden Ring and got kicked in the nuts, I think it's fair that Taleworlds kicks you in the nuts for buying Bannerlord. The difference is that Taleworlds is inclusive, they've kicked everyone in the nuts!
  15. Aurex

    Reading the Console Reviews coming in is simply mind boggling

    "Everyone below the age of 11 is childish!" Spoken by an 11 year old.
    Ask my hips if they're 11, they will angrily creak at you. Old people have a right to be cranky after all!
  16. Aurex

    Reading the Console Reviews coming in is simply mind boggling

    Almost everyone thinks the game is awesome. PC and user reviews are just as good (8-9/10). There are just a handful of angry ex boyfriends who hate it and don't get tired of telling everyone even after 2 years.
    You don't need to be super intelligent to spot the obvious shortcomings but in the end it's still a very good game and a true successor to Warband. Or it's 'a slap in the face' and everyone else is just weird.
    I might add that almost everyone under the age of 40 is slightly dim-witted. So, there's that.
    "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."
  17. Aurex

    #1 Feature that would substantially improve Bannerlord for you?

    Pretty thuggish Nerd speak
    I spent years in the hood, dude. Toughest Cleric/Ranger in the neighborhood.
  18. Aurex

    How would you alter the culture bonuses?

    Hmm, I would go for something really drastic, something that would alter the gameplay of each faction, giving them both large advantages and significant penalties to certain game styles.

    -Sturgia: I would put a lot of emphasis on their army cohesion and numbers, making it more difficult for them to field large armies without payment or loot rights therefore having them use money, not influence to keep armies together. Maybe make their single warbands slightly larger (perhaps a bonus in party size for all Sturgian characters too?) Would also make it so the villages raided by them lose more hearths and add some "forcibly recruited peasants" to their armies. Also, a bonus when they're fighting on snow or near to the sea or major river and give them lower morale to compensate.

    -Battania: I was thinking of them being more of a defensive faction, so I would give them bonuses for siege defense (archers shoot faster, have +15 archery skill, infantrymen have slightly more HP and autoresolve favor them a little more) and a bonus to damage against mounts, since they're always sparring with Vlandia. Maybe also some bonuses for hearth growth in villages linked to castles and hides production (good hunters.) More important, to make them feel unique I would like if they could control defensive fights by having the ability to pick terrain more freely than the others, starting with an ambush and things to that extent. To compensate, they might have fewer men overall and less armor, not to mention far more expensive noble units.

    -Empire: Perhaps something really different for them, as in a "meter" of Empire cohesion. The larger one of the Empires becomes, the more often the others declare wars on it - at the same time, the closer an Empire gets to reunification the larger its bonus becomes. I was thinking of bonuses to their city growth, their army quality, their morale (it should start really low, since the Empire is fractured and in disarray) and their influence. They should also have a real senate system with some intrigue, would be nice. To make sure they don't snowball too badly with something like this, they should be HIGHLY reluctant to pursue long wars with the other factions until the Empire is mostly unified (also having penalties when fighting other factions) and maybe have extremely expensive noble troops and generally speaking low morale for the lower-tier troops.

    -Khuzait: Large bonuses to influence and renown gain for battles and raids. More loots from raids and the ability to "transfer" hearths from raided villages to their own. Also large penalty to economy in peacetime and a lot of infighting between lords, making it far, far more expensive for them to field large armies if they lack a lot of influence and they've been losing too many battles. Stronger militia defending the villages would also make sense, as would some weakness in siege defense. I would also add something like a penalty for enemy morale whenever the Khuzait field more than 50% cavalry, on top of more prisoners taken after sieges and battles. Also, a "silk road" mechanic shared with the Aserai: keep X and Y settlements safe and prosperous, get huge bonuses and unique goods and troops.

    -Aserai: Strong economy, large bonuses to workshop and caravans, hearth growth and prosperity in peacetime and large armies that consume more food than normal and have a harsher time limit (based on the leader's traits) before every noble goes back to their own fief. Silk road mechanic shared with the Khuzait, large penalties to economy when at war with them or not in control of the "silk road" settlements.
  19. Aurex

    Wars are too short

    I agree, and it's not just that. Wars are ineffectual in weakening another faction if you're not leading the charge, and on top of that battles mean nothing. A huge 2000 vs 1500 battle resulting in one of the two warbands being annihilated should add some kind of "+50% warscore" and basically break the back of the faction that lost.
  20. Aurex

    Hugely unpopular idea: Taleworlds should just scan workshop/nexusmods for the popular mods and implement them in vanilla

    I'm not sure it's really unpopular, you know? I mean, at this point the game needs all the help it can get...
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