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  1. archaicwarrior

    Patch Notes v1.2.9

    yeah, I got jaded with BL and went elsewhere. First "War on the Sea" and now Civ5. Realm of Thrones looks a great mod and latest patch to VC looks interesting but ... jaded, need to be elsewhere.

    Soon Manor Lords .. :grin:
  2. archaicwarrior

    Viking Conquest 2.068

    I'm so tempted to drop BL and rekindle a past love .. VC.
  3. archaicwarrior

    Need More Info Very Frustrating Crash Bug I get over and over

    read this, might help ?

  4. archaicwarrior

    Need More Info Game Crash all time

    GREAT find ! Hope this helps others. I had a ASUS X570 motherboard, Ryzen 5 3600K CPU and a old 1080 GPU. maybe the MB / CPU was pushing the GPU past it's limits ?

    My current CPU / MB and 7900 XTX GPU seem to be working together ok.
  5. archaicwarrior

    Siege battles are weirdly bad for the defender

    It's because the deployment and how it's scripted is still extremely janky. Takes so much to just line archers on battlements, split forces around, hope they actually listen (units always leak out to do those 'scripted' taskes), hope they target right things with sieges, you don't control militia, decorative objects completely block off certain deployments, etc.... You don't actually has as much agency in sieges.

    I find the Deployment for defenders quite janky, keeping hitting "Auto" deploy and soldiers go everywhere. Some groups are just militia, especially if you've set that up previously (I've setup group 8 as all trainee troops and companions so in field battles, they are safe in the rear)

    But once the siege starts, the Defending AI is quite good, archers on the ground replace archers fallen on the walls, melee troops wait on the ground until towers get close then they run up to defend. Just sit back and watch.
  6. archaicwarrior

    Have the developers given up adding new content?

    I'm curious where you found information from Taleworlds stating that the Developers have left the Bannerlord project. While I may not have a high post count I do frequent these forums and the site on the regular and I haven't seen anything other then rumor mongering.

    "..while I may not have a high post count .." yeh, ok, a dev.

    The game has very little late game ! Just constant war & world domination or death (boring as F). Modders have tried to fill the void, with some great mods. If Devs are going to add more late game - GREAT ! but that will run over modders work, leaving them in the lurch, not knowing what to do next. All their work might be for nothing ?

    If there was more communication, then we'd all know "WHAT'ZA GOIN ON"

    BTW, I'm open to paying for DLC with other factions - Indus ? Japanese ? Chinese ? maybe even late game with lots of features.
  7. archaicwarrior

    Have the developers given up adding new content?

    They’re definitely slowing down, us console players are sht out of luck
    yah, appears so, money corrupts, lots of money corrupts lots.
  8. archaicwarrior

    This game is dead Now !!!

    I wish TW would tell us the truth, is the game still being supported SERIOUSLY ! or is the end near so modders takeover 100%.

    I suspect the collapsing Turkish economy is main factor here ? destroying plans etc. but being left to drift in the void, is the worst.
  9. archaicwarrior

    Have the developers given up adding new content?

    Fantastic video, and 100% correct . But Devs have left BL so ... have to look to modders.

    You should push this agenda at Nexus Mods.
  10. archaicwarrior

    I Wonder if ANYONE at TaleWorlds is Actually Proud of Bannerlord?

    Bannerlord Battle engine makes Uncreative Disassembly's warscape engine look archaic, they should be proud of that.

    Says Scott Evans, so believe it.
  11. archaicwarrior

    Closed HOW TO FIX d3d_device_context Map at rglGPU_device::lock_texture Failed! FOR 1.2.9

    ...and what about Nvidia Cards ? they get this error too. My old GTX 1080 crashed all the time with this error.
  12. archaicwarrior

    Not many people are developing Warband mods anymore!

    I think devs are trying to port some WB features into BL, so don't give up hope just yet.

    How old is WB BTW ? 3 hills and 2 streams ?
  13. archaicwarrior

    So it seems the game's still riddled with memory issues

    5 times in the past week + 1 today (I finally decided to try playing the game, still needs heavy modding to even be viable though, balancing and core gameplay are still crap, worst part's that what needed balancing needed depth increase, instead we got 50 million nerfs and the game became even more dull without mods) - back on track, the thing about these "not enough memory to allocate" is that to your average user, it'd make sense, game's heavy on resources, but with me it's a whole different story because I have 32gb of RAM and 12gb of gRAM, if the game can't work with 44gb of memory than I'd say the GAME IS THE PROBLEM...

    I think that on a practical level, the technical abilities from the devs responsible for the engine memory allocation are not very good at their job. This engine's still running as if we were on a Beta, and we told TW that releasing the game in the state it was wasn't feasible, it was clearly incomplete and lacking several development segments to even be considered, they didn't listen...

    At any rate, I expect many people are facing the same absurd issues as I am, idk where TW wants to go for their future, but at every turn they seem to be making sure their reputation gets wrecked... :facepalm:

    Yes, there seems to be memory issues, causing crashes as well. People are getting crashes when doing intensive GPU work - Sieges, walk through village etc. This implies texture problems (old cache) or mem allocation problems. I had to upgrade my GPU from 8G mem to 24G mem, to "work-around" my crashing problems. ..Smells like a rotting rogue pointer bug ...
  14. archaicwarrior

    Is This Game Dead Now?

    Apparently most of the programmers are developing another game - "Hyenas", bought from CA, so get ready for some space shooter fun .. with catapults..

    Modders are the future for BL, check out "Realm of Thrones" , pretty good GOT game. All we need now is a Good LOTR mod.
  15. archaicwarrior

    Siege battles are weirdly bad for the defender

    Yes, Game has been nerfed, helping attackers. To help game streamers who want to quickly and easily take settlements, so they can quickly takeover the world. Reality has been removed for streamer convenience.
  16. archaicwarrior

    Economics and diplomacy Insane issues.

    no, you misunderstand. When I say "fight caravan battles" I mean you (player) commands the Caravan leader and you fight the Bandits on the battle map..
  17. archaicwarrior

    Need More Info crash siege battle

    Apparently there are issues with the latest AMD GPU driver, try a previous version.
  18. archaicwarrior

    Economics and diplomacy Insane issues.

    When there is a caravan battle, you are transported to be the Caravan leader and you fight the battle.
  19. archaicwarrior

    Need More Info d3d_device_context Map at rglGPU_device::lock_texture Failed!

    Sounds like you have a system issue, maybe a over-heating GPU ? Do you monitor your temps ? I use to have similar issues with my old computer, on cool nights it was fine but in the day, hot days , it would play up.

    I use a program called hWinFO64 , it shows many conditions in the task bar - CPU temp, Motherboard temp , ChipSet, GPU, Fan speeds etc etc. You can also set Alarms .

    Don't forget to test your hardware.
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