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  1. Younes

    So... can we expect new maps and content ?

    I mean I'd love to host a server but for that I'd need Deathmatch to come back. Making fun DM maps is way easier than any other gamemod and it keeps players entertained.
    No FFA is a crime on itself
  2. Younes

    Let's be honest the multiplayer here is underdone

    What crybabies, at least you have servers, others we can't even play because of the ping since they never created servers for other regions... but even so I'm still top rank 40 in captain mode, keep your promises Taleworlds
    Bro flexed a top 40 followed by a flex of captain mode
  3. Younes

    Please Re-enable Team Damage on Siege and TDM 🙏🏼

    We indeed opened it up for a short-while to test it. We're looking at enabling it again.
    Please do, makes the experience a lot more enjoyable
  4. Younes

    Please Re-enable Team Damage on Siege and TDM 🙏🏼

    Been suggested since siege was released. I don't have hope they will ever do it.
  5. Younes

    v1.2.4-v1.2.5 Balance Changes

    Also I really want to know - Alright you guys are explaining new patch changes, but why you guys don't telling us to when this patch will released? When this patch is going to released sir?
    I asked, what will you do about it??
  6. Younes

    Devs - What are you even doing?

    Taking something completely unrelated and grouping them together in so called millennials, boomers, ... . Astrology for grown men i call it.
  7. Younes

    idk if TW even reads these but.. remove Loot system

    Pointed out very early that it was gona be an issue but taleworlds doesn't listen
  8. Younes

    Greatest Captains Players

    Have been trying to make a list of the best players in Captains, which I now unveil to great fanfare to the 2 ppl that will see this post (and comment with something about urine). Please clap back with more names -- but disputing/being caddy is allowed. I'm sure TAw alone could have a list of names I missed, not a very scientific list, but still:

    Belgian Waffles
    Squirrel of Chaos
    NUM Belligerence
    Adam Ant
    Boba Fett
    Commander Ander
    Deus Vult
    *putting myself on the list... questionable
    Wrong because i am the best captain player
  9. Younes

    Servers Downtime

    Here's a crazy thought: how about you guys don't fix the master server so that people playing this will have to move to a game where they have to work for their
    Man just shut it.

    I will bite a warning for it.
  10. Younes

    Is there still any MP dev checking?

    Most of us were waiting on Bannerlord, knowing it was "close" and had hopes that it would get more love and care than Warband did. It didnt, and most of those clans either didnt form for Bannerlord, or started caring about as much as the game deserved.
    For EU atleast most of the clans simply stopped playing and moved onto other games. Players with 5000+ hours stopped because theres no point in supporting a game where the developers think the multiplayer doesnt matter.

    At this point I agree with the people saying Bannerlord shouldnt have multiplayer. It wouldve been better to not develop it at all if you're gonna half ass it and not put enough resources to make it actually work.
    The game itself is still....fine in my opinion. Its all the things surrounding it that destroys it. I wont speak for the combat because that'd take 100 pages but....

    - Servers are finally now stable, but matchmaking killed queing for games completely, so you have to find community servers to play. That big PLAY button? Useless.
    - Clan system was a nice enough idea, but overall pointless. Scoreboard for clan matches irrelevant, nobody uses those servers for matches anymore because they implimentation is so basic it physically hurts. In fact now its annoying because in matches, people are part of one clan, but playing for another. So the clantags dont mix. Profiles would be nice to fix this.
    - The cosmetic system is incredibly poor and it takes hours and hours and hours of gameplay to grind out basic equipment.
    I've bought 1 item (the peasant tunic that was bugged so when you crouched, you saw your own ass) because it was funny.
    With this gold that I've gotten in 97 levels I could buy equipment for maybe 3 classes... Thats pitiful. The cosmetic system might aswell not exist. The best way of getting loot was playing skirmish, which you can no longer do because its dead.

    But most of all, a lack of updates. No new maps, no new gamemodes, no factions (this I understand but still) basically no patches, the spectator they added is incredibly broken, after being in the game for months and months and months. The animation we got added was the female walking, when weapon swings are far more broke--

    I'll stop my rant here. So many things that could be fixed. But soon I can taunt people I kill, along with corpsekicking and tbagging them. Obviously this is what the community cried out for.

    Should not have developed in hindsight is something different to telling TW to pull the plug on MP and shut it down as in a permanent kind of way.

    Yes, many of the things u said were issues we all dread off. But at least mods can give me the small satisfaction of the game left.
  11. Younes

    Can you fix Multiplayer already?

    With development being so slow what are people meant to do. The mp barely gets anything even though there's tons of potential. Taleworlds should probably hand the mp over to a player assembly made of the BRE, CC etc. I know the CC people for instance are very balance focused and do a better job than Taleworlds much of the time. Of course this would never happen as it is a shot in the dark but it's not without precedent, Blizzard handed starcraft 2 over to high level players for balancing when they no longer wanted to work on it and it generally looks like Taleworlds doesn't want to develop MP.
    Of course, it wouldn't happen because the community has asked to give balance to the community for the past 4 years. Aside from that, i wouldn't entrust it to a specific group. The whole point of the forum is that it would display issues and potential fixes for things, where everything would be under scrutiny.

    Taleworlds has had a tool to get balance from the community for years.

    What is infuriating in this forum is the sudden influx of idiots who think plugging the plug is somehow an option. They don't understand people don't want mordhau or chivalry because they don't come close to mount and blade. Notice how i say this and yet again and the same ones will argue over and over.
  12. Younes

    Is there still any MP dev checking?

    Here's a crazy thought: perhaps people have abandoned BL MP for Chiv2 not because of its combat system but rather... Maybe they want to actually play the game, rather than have the game play itself? Or that they are sick and tired of constantly playing weak units that are incapable of fighting back?
    The fact you think this is why people don't play just proves you're deluded.
  13. Younes

    Can you fix Multiplayer already?

    The reasoning for no multiplayer is baffling shallow in this thread. You'd expect the little brain cells from these individuals to look around the gaming industry and see there are plenty of singleplayer experiences that have a great multiplayer experience.

    You're bowing down to weak development of the devs, not of the idea itself of a good multiplayer.

    There was a time this wasn't even a discussion because everyone knows the game had a potential. You're just now coming out with this "it's a singleplayer game so we shouldn't have expected good things" because you saw the final failed result.
  14. Younes

    Is there still any MP dev checking?

    Without Taleworld supporting the multiplayer, it will die. Without updates and patches people will leave and stop paying attention. Someone could make the best mod in the universe for multiplayer and most players wouldnt know about it, because they either dont look at forums or stop paying attention to the game in general. How many games do you pay attention to once you've stopped playing it?

    People saying mods will save the multiplayer are wrong. It just keeps us alive for a while longer.
    Mods are the multiplayer. Native isn't MP anymore for a while.
  15. Younes

    Is there still any MP dev checking?

    I hope noone reading this thread take the "info" provided as universal truths
    They haven't ever and i doubt it's changing today
  16. Younes

    Is there still any MP dev checking?

    If you're still seeking multiplayer support from TaleWorlds after three years since BL initial release, I would honestly suggest looking forward to better support from the community modders.
    Copium supply is unlimited
  17. Younes

    Introducing Our Two New Community Managers - bFaceIII and Piconi

    Hopeful on change for the multiplayer part of the game with Piconi on the team. (Gona be proven wrong again?)
  18. Younes

    Is there still any MP dev checking?

    If i'm perfectly honest, that's the only sane course of action to take for TaleWorlds in regards to Mount&Blade multiplayer. Do the people playing it actually care about the systems that the game has to offer, or do they want a vehicle where they can farm free kills in a PVP game, just so that they can stroke their fragile egos?

    Shutting down multiplayer can serve two purposes:

    1. Free up resources for singleplayer development, as miniscule as it may be
    2. The people currently clinging onto their free kill farms will now have to play a game where they're gonna have to work for their wins.

    I can't believe i'm saying this after spending absolutely no time in the singleplayer whatsoever, but euthanize the multiplayer dog.
    As mentioned previously, stop sticking to native. Your proposition is not just killing the multiplayer native, it's killing the whole multiplayer modding scene.

    Seriously, stop obsessing over native I don't know if you played warband, but it's not the only place where fun is to be had.
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