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  1. Modsys not working properly

    Excellent... I "updated" it back to the version 2, and now the modsys is functioning as intended. Thanks for help!
  2. Modsys not working properly

    Well, it seems like I was using the newest version of the module system and the problem is persisting. Python probably updated though, so that might be the cause of the issue.
  3. Modsys not working properly

    Found it at last! Thanks for help!
  4. Modsys not working properly

    Did you download a new version of the Native Module System and try to compile that one or did you use an old Module System? At a newly downloaded Module System at which you have changed nothing (except the path) such an error should not appear. Make also sure that you are using a Pyhton 2.x version, not Python 3.x.
    I don't have a newest version of modsys. Can you send me the download link, because I can't seem to find it...
  5. Modsys not working properly

    Hello everyone... I was about to make a new fresh module system in order to create a mod. After I set up the path on, I clicked on build_module.bat. Instead of getting a new mod on a folder I created, I get a bizzare error that I have never seen before. My old modsys also doesn't...
  6. What exactly causes this? The helmet model won't align with the head for some reason.

    Knew it was something simple, thanks folks! The problem is solved..
  7. Adding a new custom spawn

    There are different ways, you could take a look at the script spawn_bandits

           (store_num_parties_of_template, ":num_parties", "pt_yourparty"),
           (lt,":num_parties",16), #was 14 at mount&blade, 18 in warband, 16 last decision
           (set_spawn_radius, ":radius"),

    would spawn them near a random settlement with various distance
    I suppose on the
    I can write the Town centers on which I want to get them spawned?
  8. Adding a new custom spawn

    I have an important question about adding a new custom party spawn to the game. I added this line of code to the module party templates. Now I'm wondering, where do I put the spawn coordinates? How is this party going to spawn in the actual game? Do I need to add something more into the module...
  9. How to create a faction that has less than 20 vassals

    Have you been able to solve this issue here?
    Did not try this out yet, sorry. If/when I solve this, I'll tag it as "solution".
  10. Creating an stationary tavern/castle NPC

    Inside the troop entry there is actually a place to declare this exact situation, take this for example
    ["summoner","I summon servants","Summoner",tf_hero|tf_guarantee_shield|tf_guarantee_armor|tf_guarantee_boots, scn_town_1_tavern|entry(1), reserved, fac_commoners,[itm_leather_jacket, itm_hide_boots, itm_lute],def_attrib|level(5),wp(20),knows_common, mage_face1],

    The fifth entry scn_town_1_tavern|entry(1) is the scene followed by the entry number of which they will be spawned at.

    It's super useful for one off NPCs with static locations.
    Did this, belligerent drunk appears always in that tavern. Added that in module troops
  11. Creating an stationary tavern/castle NPC

    Is there an tutorial for this? Basically my intention is to create an npc that will never move from the set center (town). The purpose of this npc is simply discussing about the lore. An tutorial for creating an stationary npc that you can buy some units from would also be helpful.
  12. Problems with editing some of the Native textures

    Well, I would make a copy of original file and convert the file to BC6H, and then to BC1 (LinearDXT1). After that I would edit the texture and replace the original with this new texture on BRF. Ingame though, these textures look really bad. (lack of normalmap/specular must have caused that)
  13. Problems with editing some of the Native textures

    the save copy of original file is there indeed, along with my modified file that I converted.
  14. Problems with editing some of the Native textures

    Well, is there an way to convert that edited file back into the original format? Because it lacks normalmap and specular texture, making it look very cheap ingame.
  15. Adding mixed gender troop

    Fair enough, thank you!
  16. Adding mixed gender troop

    I saw other mods that had a troop with both male and female gender. How should I implement it?
  17. Textures won't load on mesh

    Actually I have made a very stupid mistake of not creating the textures within the brf that I have assigned to the mesh. But your reply will also prove to be helpful to me!
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