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  1. gloatsneer

    PREVIOUS EVENT: Val de Saire (May 17th)

    Great event, thanks to the organizers for organizing, and the players for playing. It was fun, the conquest rounds were pretty tense!


  2. gloatsneer

    PREVIOUS EVENT: Val de Saire (May 17th)

    Awesome painting, Ræda! Infernal, dantesque, horrific, apocalyptic... And well executed! I'm proud to be on the good side of that shield.

    Let's teach the Norman fish-**** and his minions what it means to be a friend of our enemies!
  3. gloatsneer

    The Mead Hall

    BBC series about Uhtred: not sure if want.

    ThegnAnsgar said:
    RagnarGerman said:
    By the way, I also would suggest fans of the Uthred Saga the Oathsworn books written by Robert Low.

    The Oathsworn series is much better than the Uthred Saga.

    I'd also recommend:
    - Tim Severin's "Viking" series
    - Giles Kristian's "Raven" series
    - Helen Hollick's "Harold the King"
    - G.K. Holloway's "1066: What Fates Impose"
    - Jack Ludlow's "Conquest" Series
    - Robert Lydon's "Hawk Quest"

    I've been reading much more now that I've got a Kindle. I hate it (because it's not a physical book) and love it (because it's so easy to read things any time you want to) at the same time.

    If somebody is interested in a story of our period with less power fantasy, violence and rape galore, I recommend Rosemary Sutcliff's The Shield Ring. It's a children's/young adult novel, but very readable. A few years ago, her The Eagle of the Ninth was made into a motion picture (which was a bit 'meh' though). The Shield Ring is set in Cumbria a few years after 1066, it's about a small regional uprising against the Norman oppression. In my opinion it's about multiculturalism, heritage questions, cornered heroism, admiration and friendship/love (of course). It's also written by a woman from the perspective of a girl, for bonus points.
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    PREVIOUS EVENT: Val de Saire (May 17th)

    Oh, waw! This is awesome news.

    My thanks to Déorláf to organize this event, to Hróðbeorht for offering us this little-known piece of history (srsly, the English invasion of Normandy?) and Ealdgyð for making the maps (I'm so curious already). And to Si-A-erra and especially Skvor for taking the torch as artists! These pieces are splendid, guys!

    Ælfríc Ealdorman of the English has already reached out to me when assembling his companions. Let us prepare to meet in an honest and fair match!

    (Sry about the village, guys.)
  5. gloatsneer

    Get in the game you big turds!

    Get in the game you big turds!

    It's on naow!
  6. gloatsneer

    Community Art ! [first post depository]

    Amazing work! I love the light, the details, the hard colours. Very moody, as Þorkell suggested. Lovely how you imply the tree by just brushing shadow and light on the surface. It all feels very tactile and real.

    This scene calls up an entire story!
  7. gloatsneer

    Background of your Character

    Hey great initiative!

    I agree with Hróþa that it is wise to stay vague about time and place.

    Æþelfriþ and Æðelþryð were the children of a minor landowner, related sideways to the tribe of the Fyrnings by some ancient lineage. Since their parents died in his early childhood, the estate withered and now just four other farmsteads are connected to Æþelfriðs house, barely the five hides required of a thegn.
    Ælfweardeswyrþe, their home, is a quiet little building on a hill. There's poplars down by the stream, and a big lime tree in front of the entrance. Honey bees have their own courts at the south slope, and their sweet bee-hoard is the only gold in Ælfweardeswyrþe. Thick pleated hedges are the settlements only protection. A handful of people live there, and all need to work very hard to maintain their independence. Æþelfrið copes with the burden of responsibility, something which he never learned and he has a hard time to fulfill it on his own. Luckily, there's good and strong people in his home.
    Fortunes changed, for better of for worse, when the steward of the Fyrnings called upon Æþelfrið to fulfill his duty in war. The noble house suffered much, and at times, all thegns were required to gather arms. But the muster also brought opportunities, and as Æþelfrið travelled increasingly frequent to the hall of the Fyrning elders, he was welcomed with friendship. War is a nasty affair, but there is also companionship, stories and music.

    To be continued... (?)
  8. gloatsneer

    [EU/NA] Gægningas [Recruiting]

    Hál Þéodric 7 se Gægninga scildgeféran!

    Good luck in here as well! May it fare you well in this Viking Conquest and raise proudly the crimson stag!
  9. gloatsneer

    Jómsvíkingar - A clan for Viking Conquest / Vikingr

    Good luck Ragnarr! Auspicious new coasts have been sighted for the Jomborger longboats to land!
  10. gloatsneer

    Dal Airt [Recruiting]

    Good luck fellows. Looking forward to seeing more of your thread and Fiana!
  11. gloatsneer


    Wilcuma Ósrédinga folc!

    I hope the noble descendants of Ósréd and Ælla will bear their exile with pride and that they will find a new home among their hosts and friends. Let us join our efforts to bring our people peace, prosperity and great stories about glorious, desperate deeds!

    And good luck overseas! It would be awesome to see an American community take root! Also, nice thread. Keep up the good work!
  12. gloatsneer

    PREVIOUS EVENT: Battle of Maldon (November 16th)

    Thanks for the event! It was marvellous. Good attendance, great people, nice maps & rounds!

    No screenshots but I have this:


    My character in the battle: Ælfwine son of Ælfric son of Ealhhelm the Ealdorman. These rules pertain to him:

    So the son of Ælfric boldened them forth,
    winter-young warrior words spoke,
    Ælfwine spoke then, valiantly said:
    “Remember the speeches we spoke at mead,
    when we our boast on the bench raised,
    heroes in hall about hard fight:
    now I may test who is keen.
    I will make my nobility known to all,
    that I was of great kin among Mercians;
    my old-father Ealhhelm was called,
    wise aldorman, world-happy.
    Nor among the people shall thegns blame me
    that I from this fyrd wish to flee,
    seek home, now that my prince lies
    hewn at the fight. That harm is most to me:
    he was both my kin and my lord.”
    Then he went forth, mindful of battle,
    with spear-point pierced one,
    a seaman among the folk, that he on fold lay,
    destroyed with his weapon. His friends he exhorted,
    friends and companions, that they go forth.
  13. gloatsneer

    PREVIOUS EVENT: Battle of Maldon (November 16th)

    Seeing as the Sköglingar basically created a clan for the event, I guess they want to join the Norðmenn side. Welcome aboard, you damned Viking scum!

    Thanks for your elucidation, dr. Hróðbeorht. Even though I don't know much about even Anglo-Saxon historiography, I'm glad I could follow and understand.

    Maybe a small thought that could lend weight to the Jósteinn character: I'm not really sure, but I guess this name is rare enough (christian?) for this period and place, so Olaf's uncle from the saga and this plunderer that John mentions might indeed be the same person. Or at least drawn from the same historical person. Amirite?

    I once read that during the time of them poem/the years around the battle, Æþelred King wasn't yet known to be so Unready, so I'll hope we'll carry that with us in the battle. It does not seem terribly foolish to pay off raiders with tax money instead of having them "cause more harm than any Viking army had done before in terms of burning and pillaging and slaughtering" to half the country. Fighting is not always the best solution, as Byrhtnóð found out.

  14. gloatsneer

    PREVIOUS EVENT: Battle of Maldon (November 16th)

    Welcome to all new people and clans!

    Just another thing or two about the event -- before we really start. I was wondering about the decision of the admins to call the Víking public host 'levied folk', or 'leiðangrfólk'. Isn't it strange for a Viking fleet to have 'levied' soldiers, ie. conscripted farmers? Isn't that what makes the Danes different from the English, who did have a significant levy ('fyrd') portion in any army?

    I'm also interested in this Jósteinn, whom I have never heard about. Isn't the historical consensus that it was Olaf Tryggvason or some Scandinavian king leading the Vikings?

    I'm looking forward to seeing the map and seeing the battle unfold!
  15. gloatsneer

    Vikingr Facebook Page (Unofficial)

    Good job! It's good to see some more bottum-up community building!

    I don't have facebook myself, but if you like, you can add some of my Víkingr artwork from my dA.
  16. gloatsneer

    SKJALDBORG – The Final Víkingr Shieldwall Event (In the past)

    Good battle, great times. Thanks you for organizing!
  17. gloatsneer

    PREVIOUS EVENT: Battle of Maldon (November 16th)

    Hospes fori said:
    gloatsneer said:
    What do you mean? What are you talking about?  :roll:
    Do not tell me this is all just coincidence, Æþela.

    Leifr Eiríksson said:
    That's because an amazing man designed the thread.
    I had no idea who this misterious benefactor may be. But after reading what Æþela has written, I was left with a strong suspicion. Now you have swept away any doubt and I can wholeheartedly agree, he is amazing indeed.

    :smile: Ooh! So much mystery surrounds this event! It's that time of the year again!

    *knowing smile*
  18. gloatsneer

    PREVIOUS EVENT: Battle of Maldon (November 16th)

    Although I've heard about this event for a little longer than most, allow me another word to express my gratitude. This is awesome! To me this battle is probably the nec plus ultra of Vikingr historical events. See me using even classical language rather than good Old English to express my jubilation. Truly a great choice!

    I am also enraptured by the thread itself. It looks even better than the one for Dnepr''. Hróðas Law, stating that each Víkingr Historical Event prep qualitatively surpasses the previous one surely remains as unshakable as the laws of the Cosmos. Soon, our Víkingr battles will be more splendid and grand than the creation itself and the making God Himself will have to throw our Tower of Babel down! (*nods to Bannerlord*).

    I'm looking at a great thread, clean, designed and created with care and eye for detail. I must admit that the decision to keep the event thread in English instead of throwing around Old English pays off better than I had expected on beforehand. I also love the edits and new order of my drawings, and the fact that it is among the lines of the poems. Good job. With the new date I will even be able to attend myself - this is unexpected and joyful news. I am looking forward to stand by Byrhtnóþ as one of his housecarls.

    Hospes fori said:
    Much to my joy I can even spot some famous faces surrounding brave Byrhtnoth.

    What do you mean? What are you talking about?  :roll:

    Æthelwulf said:
    Æþelfrið you did it again. Any "HD" links to those beautiful images? Don't see em on your Deviantart.

    I quickly added it to my dA over here. I had a full schedule last few days. However, I think they are best served in the thread itself over here, they seriously look better in here.
  19. gloatsneer

    SKJALDBORG – The Final Víkingr Shieldwall Event (In the past)

    Thanks a lot for the SW event. I had fun. Kudos for keeping the torch burning!
  20. gloatsneer

    PREVIOUS EVENT: Dněprŭ (May 18th)

    Sincere thanks for organizing the event, Hroða! It was a lot of stress and effort, but it was well worth it, at least for my part! I looked forward to this a long time, and I am proud to have been of help with the promo drawing. I really loved the part with the turncoats at the siege, that was a great idea!

    Also, thanks to the admins on duty and the host leaders, who both did a great job regardless of the various adversities.
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