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  1. Underwater visibility range

    Maybe it will be useful to someone. I think I found what needs to be done, but the result is not ideal. I don't understand formulas and probably someone who is interested can do better. You can now clearly see underwater, but the fog around the player has disappeared almost completely, and not just become more distant.

    In mb.fx find

    #ifdef FUNCTIONS
    float GetSunAmount(uniform const int PcfMode, float4 ShadowTexCoord, float2 ShadowTexelPos)
    blablabla blablabla blablabla

    float get_fog_amount(float d)
    //return 1/(d * fFogDensity * 20);
    // return saturate((fFogEnd - d) / (fFogEnd - fFogStart));
    return 1.0f / exp2 (fFogDensity * d) + ((fFogDensity));
    //<<<<<Here is a line that is somehow responsible for all the fog in the scene .It seems there is no separate underwater fog. Already changed by me"""""
    //return 1.0f / exp ((d * fFogDensity) * (d * fFogDensity));
  2. Underwater visibility range

    Does anyone know where the player's underwater visibility is edited? It seems that this is some kind of fog shader that follows the player at a certain distance, but I did not find anything in the modular system or among the shaders in mb.fx. In mb.fx I was only able to change the visibility of...
  3. Ability to fly code\osp

    I saw your comment on the YT video, thank you for the kind words!

    Information should be shared freely!

    As much as I prefer the forums for stuff like this, if you're a discord user, the modding discord is still really active and has a lot of talented souls who are pretty much solely there. Might be a good place to pick the brains of other people for systems like this
    Oh, good idea. Thanks again!))
  4. Ability to fly code\osp

    Wow, this is what I need! :xf-eek: You are hero! Thank you very much!
  5. Ability to fly code\osp

    I'm trying to create mod for Warband in the style of a sea fantasy. I need to give the player ability to swim in and under water. I was thinking of adapting some kind of osp flight code to this, but it turned out that no one had really created it over the years. I managed, for example, to...
  6. SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Help me please. For myself, I replaced the race of halflings with the race of skinks, but they still get poisoned. In which txt file and what exactly needs to be replaced or removed so that the halfling is immune to poisoning?
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