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  1. Servers garbage again?

    Τhe vast majority loves (I MEAN VAST) the servers.
  2. Open petition to remove couchlance from the game completely

    In warband it made sense, bannerlord is so far off warband that couch is just an ultimate spammable ability at this point, across the vast utility that horses also get on top.
  3. [Poll] Do you think it is too late for Taleworlds to redo the class system?

    Better late than ever but I dont trust them at this point. They are a disaster, and so is their game.
  4. Suggestion: Global Menavlion and glaive

    i dont think menavlion powerful enough menavlion not good menavlion and glaive should have a unique perk called global reach. now menavlion and glaive be good and not only can 360 hit you and never even look at the slightest direction near your location, bad menavlion and bad glaive now become...
  5. Old UI

    new ui is failed esport interface and intrusive, bring back clear screen with hp only
  6. No Siege or TDM server on EU

    imagine paying 60 dollars for a game and you're not even allowed to play your favourite modes lmfao
  7. TW multiplayer feature delivery times calculated

    Anybody has any opinion on latest siege maps? I believe they're both dogsh*t. 0 Gameplay design value. Areas that block your camera, free balcony on first point for archers, massively open for horses, a section with a broken bridge that holds 1 person to pass through... who the **** designs their game man....
  8. massive map from Chivalry 2 & Bannerlord's new mp map

    A great video, watched it yesterday. The detail crazy good. Having played the beta the game is performance friendly even with that amount of detail.
  9. TW multiplayer feature delivery times calculated

    classes still in the game instead of free equipment choices, combat is still bad, maps can be counted with 1 hand. good job on year 1.
  10. TW multiplayer feature delivery times calculated

    at least they gave south american servers like armagan said

    clown emoji

    I have refunded Wolcen after 20 hours of gameplay by sending steam a message on their support and writing 6 paragraphs on how the game's bugs prevent from playing the game for over 1 hour. They are very picky with their refunds, but I am sure Bannerlord counts if you send them a video of what's happening on multiplayer siege at this point with the crashes.
  12. This is Javlinlord Man

    gud gem design
  13. Multiplayer is in some form unplayable.

    If it is not the 30fps I get since last patch, then it's extreme desync, hits and arrows go through shields, I get a mace to the face from 10m away and a lot of janky **** going on. The latest patch ruined the MP for me in more than 1 ways. Not sure if its just the servers or w/e but please fix...
  14. Bannerlord MP is a disaster and garbage, Taleworlds MUST stop being stubborn and ignoring their own community

    I cant test new maps because of a "nice" update which crashes the game and have issues with the in-game text (upd)

    One I played which seems to be a Khuzait fortress is by far the most horrible map in the game. Extremely open, archers can demolish you since there are no class limits, horses everywhere even inside the main square and flags. An extremely bad designed map in every single aspect.
  15. Patch Notes e1.5.9

    The worst siege maps I have ever played....
  16. Which Cosmetic Changes Would be Important for You?

    Yes, customization of the character is very immersive and certainly reinforces the identity you want to create.
  17. Statement Regarding Plans For MP Vol.5

    I shared the content very roughly before. We are still working on the patch, taking some time since there are quite a lot of changes and some new stuff. The content will probably not be in the next immediate patch.

    Could you please point me to the changes you mentioned roughly because I have missed it, or lay out a few lines of what's in store for the patch?
  18. Discussion about cavalry balance and knock downs

    We are looking into the spear thrust damage curve. Making it deal damage earlier to you can stop horses easier and stab them from up close aswell. Ill get into detail about it once it gets close to being released.

    The changes above should already help with close quarter inf vs cav fight a bit though.

    The problem is not only the difficulty of hitting a horse... it's also about how much damage it tanks.... It currently takes an outrageous amount to get a horse down with swords/spears unless they are in full speed, which is almost never the case since the meta is the speed boost after double W. Another really broken thing is the fact that they get a speed damage boost on their weapons even if the horse is relatively normal in its running speed... A glaive can 1 shot most things for example. That might be a glaive issue, but I had outrageous damage numbers happen with a mace or axe too. If I am not mistaken, horses do not bump friendlies, which is a massive, massive mistake.
  19. Discussion about cavalry balance and knock downs

    The changes are good but cav is a death machine that is too easy to play. Even I that I have never played cav can demolish people with the glaive or bumpstab. I would let the physics of the close-hit stop against cavs a bit more loose like in warband and would give infantry the ability to hit both the horse and the legs of the rider. Most problems with cav vs infantry on closed spaces are from the hit-stops. Cav should be afraid of infantry and spears, currently this is not the case. If a cav cannot drive the horse well then he should be punished. Add a damage received multiplier to the rider when the horse got stabbed by a spear and it plays the animation or/and when they hit a wall and they play the same animation.
  20. Mouse directional input "delayed".

    This exists still today. Just necroing the thread to raise awareness.
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