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  1. How to get a new clickable hairstyle button in the character editor ?

    Hello, I managed to make a new race with custom mesh, and wanted to get new hairstyles in the editor. The issue is that I don't understand how the game works in term of hairstyles, it seems quite easy to add a new banner style to the editor, but for hairstyles it's a big mistery. I don't...
  2. Sieges battles are easy and boring, here's my suggestions

    I'm just going to reply to that. Boiling oil wasn't used or very rarely. It was water or sand most of the time.

    It doesnt matter, the fact is that boiled things were used during siege battles, and that there's nothing like that ingame.

    Both the siege tower design and the battering ram design are truly awful. The ram offer no protection from arrows fired at it's front. The siege tower is a weird design that doesn't resemble any drawing of a siege tower in history. It's more of a mobile ladder system than an actual siege tower. I assume these two pieces of equipment were made flawed intentionally for balance reasons. Whatever the intent, as siege equipment goes, they are truly awful.

    Why did the sieges in the 2019 Gamescom demo seem to work so much better than what we have in game now?

    Yes, I dont understand why the siege towers are so poorly designed ingame. I mean, there's a lot of reference on the internet. And I guess devs maybe read some books too. Siege towers were built when artillery failed to breach the wall, it was a powerful siege weapons and maybe the best siege weapon at this era. But in Bannerlord, you right, it's just look like "ladder tower". If you read some books, you also realize that some siege weapons were equipped with scorpions or ballista inside too.

    I reaaaaally agree on the fact that the siege are really not challenging. And boring , cause you just telle you army to charge and it's a win.
    BUT, dude, do you reaaaaally think the dev don't know about flame arrows,boiling oil, and how a castle defense work? REALLY? How can you insult them this way. OFC they know everything, they build mount & baldes games for years, decades ! AND they are turkish, the ottomans history is based on castle sieges, just as Constantinople.

    No really, if they did thoses choices, it was on purpose, and maybe we could just think of a way to balance it with other ideas?

    Thanks for reading btw. Love.

    Well, the only thing I see is that siege mode is boring and too easy. I mean, if I share my suggestions here, it's because the siege mode is really lacking of content and really doesnt look like a siege which could have taken place in the middle ages.
  3. Sieges battles are easy and boring, here's my suggestions

    The main problem with sieges at the moment is that they are far too easy for the attacker. The walls confer barely any advantage on the attacker; rams, ladders and towers turn it from a castle-defence into a chaotic field battle almost immediately.

    The defenders should have some counterplay against those siege weapons. Perhaps it should be possible to raid the attacker's siege camp at night to destroy their work.

    I agree, the idea of the raid on the attacker's siege camp could be a nice idea, you could also reduce the number of attackants.

    The defensive weapons are way too useless, there's some Scorpions on the wall but it's not powerful at all and totally useless.
  4. Sieges battles are easy and boring, here's my suggestions

    Hi guys, I really like the new siege system, it's far more immersive than in Warband, but I'm super sad to see that sieges are almost really boring to do. I can say that's it come from the AI which is really lacking of strategy, but it also come from a real lack of content. Here some...
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