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  1. [1.7.0] Impossible to separate infantry types now into different formations?

    Not being able to assign troops and lords in the party screen is intended but the reasons are different.

    Being able to assign troops to different formations would break the saved values and how the percentage sliders/filters work. If you could assign a horse archer to an infantry formation, you couldn't get him out of the infantry formation in current implementation of the OoB. Zeroing the Infantry slider in that formation would still keep the horse archer you put in there. OR we disregard the horse archer assigned there are, move him back to a horse archer formation when the slider value changes. Formations would be a mishmash of troops and it's not possible to represent that with sliders.

    If we add all 4 troop type sliders to all of the cards then one of the problems is, "when do we remove the troops assign from party screen?". Player changed the filter, do we remove them? Player set the slider to zero, do we remove them? I'm not even going into AI problems with having 8 different mishmash formations.

    Now one way to overcome that can be locking each formation's troop type from the get go and not letting the player change them. Formation I-II is Infantry, Formation III-IV is Ranged, Formation V-VI is Cavalry and Formation VII-VIII is Horse Archer and you can only assign a troop to a formation that is related to their equipment. But we didn't want to restrict the player to these pre selections.

    All in all, assigning formations to normal troops in the party screen is conflicting with changes made in OoB that's why it's removed.

    Now lords/companions are a different story. Since they're more fluid with their equipment and they're unique, they don't have to conform to the formation types. We can handle them in a different way. This doesn't have to be in the party screen, we can add a separate UI in the formation cards that you could use to put unassigned heroes in that formation as troops. We can save the assigned formation of the hero and not let them be affected from the sliders. I am, personally, not against this and would love to bring it up internally. That's why I asked for a suggestion post, here. If you feel the assignment of heroes to specific formation as troops, not just captains, would be a good addition feel free to leave a comment in that post.
    I must say, it's kind of become a bit more of a hassle to change the groups of troops.
    Like example, I have Companions which are mounted, some melee some archers that I wish to assign into the proper group without making them "lead" that group, but automatically being assigned as "Mounted Melee" or "Mounted Archer" but I am unable to do so. At least I've not found the way to do it if it's possible, without assigning them as the Leader of said group, which sure it helps for 1 guy, but it doesn't help for the other mounted Companions I have.

    Is this something that is being worked on or am I just blind and have not found the proper way to change it? I've tried Googling and also looking around myself ingame and playing around but I don't seem to find a way to change that.
  2. [Siege] Battering ram is too op, siege towers are useless, ladders are ok.

    Siege towers should have been filled by the men from the start and have men on the ladders ready to go. They’re weak because AI doesn’t wait for men to assemble at the top but opens the gate as soon as possible.
    The problem atm though is if you try to stay climbed onto the ladders of the tower as its moving sometimes it flings you off and makes you fall down.
  3. [Siege] Battering ram is too op, siege towers are useless, ladders are ok.

    The biggest problem I personally have is that my men wont even climb the normal ladders, nor the ladders on the siege towers.
  4. To many whining kids

    Since they anounced that soon gonna be Early Access release, i knew, there will be some people, that will cry and whine about everything in the game, but i couldn't imagine how many there will be.

    People, chill the f*ck down. This is early access, show some respect to TaleWorld and say thanks, for giving you a good discount number and early access to try and play the game. Stop whining like a little bit*hes and have some pation to wait for future updates, fixes and etc. Early access means that you can play the game and help out developers fix everything, to make game playble, enjoyble and fun.You do not suppose to have FUN right now.

    People that make this stupid topics how they are dissapointed are completely ungratefull idiots that can't just appreciate the new part of Mount And Blade history.

    Game is awesome and has a very bright and beautifull future. If you want to share your opinion, do it the right way, respecting TaleWorlds and their work. They read everything and i am pretty sure they see what community wants and soon they will do it.
    Heres the thing, early access or not as much as I love Warband, theres way too many games out there that hide beihnd "early access" and many of hte bugs that are here shouldnt be here at all especially after 8 years.
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