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  1. GK Admin

    Custom Servers Beta Test & Battle Mode

    Hello all, you may have noticed by now that a few extra servers popped up on the server list. We're conducting a beta test of the custom servers with a few community members. They're able to host custom games on local computers as well as dedicated servers.

    We're currently not accepting new test participants. The purpose of this test is to identify any critical issues, ensure stability and gather early feedback.

    As soon as the test is completed and any critical issues rectified, we'll release custom server files for everyone to use.

    You may find yourself playing the battle mode on these custom servers hosted by the community members. Please note that the battle mode on 171 isn't fully implemented and can as such contain various balance issues, missing UI,... Battle mode will be added fully once Beta 172 moves to the main version.

    Enjoy and happy testing!
    So far so good! Looking forward to more administrator tools, documentation and damage logs.
    Quick question for @Callum AND @NIN3 (since he seems to be the main man behind multiplayer maps) regarding map hosting in the future for server hosters.

    Is it worth it for us to begin working on our maps now? While some features such as flag spawns and entry points are not in our version of the mod tools yet, once those features are added we will be able to add them retroactively to our maps correct? I imagine it will be ok but most of us are not familiar with your map tools yet. Are there any special circumstances such as entity limits or performance recommendations in regards to overall map size that the community map makers should be aware of before we start creating?
    It is worth it yes. But its not clear on how and if servers will support custom maps.

    I am working on a documentation on how to create scenes for multiplayer (in regards to our game modes) at the moment.
    We've already had several questions regarding submissions of custom maps. So we're definitely excited to see what the community imaginations come up with.
  2. GK Admin

    GK NA Battle Feedback

    love the GK servers, their legacy is awesome, but Battle got old, when will everybody else go back to TDM or Siege or when will GK have their own TDM server like in the warband days
    Thank you! I'm glad you've enjoyed our servers. We have tested running 2 instances on our servers and it's very likely we'll be able to run a TDM and battle server. I'm not sure about a 3rd. We're all big fans of Siege and would love to support a siege server as well, however there is a current problem with population. While the BL population would support all 3 servers on the weekends, we're only getting 60-80 people during the weekdays. If we split that 3 ways we may very well come up with a population number that falls short of siege requirements... as it's very tough to develop siege maps that work smoothly with only 20 players (10 attackers/10 defenders). Siege tends to shine with numbers +60. But so far the response to our Battle server has been very positive so I think a future siege server is possible. Just keep filling up the rosters and we'll do the rest :smile:
  3. GK Admin

    Resolved Entire multiplayer just crashed for everyone

    Can confirm servers are down for everyone.. NA and EU, had stacks going in Legion, GK, everyone in RaT party including a VK sponsered match between VK1 and Reign. So that was nice. I believe OG also had a match.
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