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  1. Resolved retirement bugs

    Summary: Two problems I've noticed that happened when I retired my main character in favor of his sister. First, when I was going through the retirement dialogue I got to the very end where it asked whether I was really sure. I selected "no" because I suddenly thought that I should remove his...
  2. In Progress Shepherd perk giving penalty instead of bonus

    Summary: the Shepherd perk should reduce herding penalties by 50% but instead it increases them by 50% How to Reproduce: take the Shepherd perk & push the warband into herding, observe party speed modifiers. In my case, I escaped from prison and have a -3.99 herding penalty. The Shepherd perk is...
  3. Resolved [Beta v1.1.0] gain -2147483638 relation with a friendly lord after rescue him from enemy

    I had a similar problem but in my case I think I was assisting the negative relation-affected lords in battle rather than rescuing them. They might have been 100 relations before it happened, but I don't know that. Submitted a ticket with my save file and linked this thread.
  4. SP - Economy Trade UI & Related Observations

    My comments are based on a 1.5.7 playthrough, but I haven't seen any patch notes about the things I'm posting on. The playthrough was trade-focused as I travelled from city to city, buying and selling goods as my primary activity. * Trade UI: when hovering over the buy or sell arrows in the...
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