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  1. SP - Quests Late game wars

    there is a mod, which adds many useful features (which should have been in the game by default)
    you should try it out. also can someone show this to a dev? its nothing crazy, but really game changer...
  2. SP - Quests Late game wars

    Oh yes, basically import a lot of good mods into the game. Just like when the specific charge command has been added, the same but a little diffefent.
  3. SP - Quests Late game wars

    Hello there! I have some ideas in mind, wich could improve the late game repetativeness: 1. Add a really powerful wanderer(and i mean close to max combat and party skills), with high tier gear and make him cruel, also enable that he can execute. Maybe give him a 500-800 high tier units, and...
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