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  1. NormanSteel

    Can the completeness of the game content of "Mount and Blade 2" surpass "Mount and Blade" in ten years?

    The work that modders do in their spare time is hard with devs, just make a tweak and let everyone setting their game at will.
    I remember when I play medieval dynasty, 6s to make a hand knife and if u want to make 30, it will cost you 3mins. but also there is an option called "fast crafting" u can make whatever number in the same time as one, using it or not the devs let you decide. I hope this game will have a tweak like that, allow us to tailor our gameplay a bit
    Sounds good. I'd love to get into mod creations but my ADHD won't allow it 😂
    I'd love a Skull Knight armor set from Berserk
  2. NormanSteel

    In Progress Bannerlord, Multiplayer login failed

    Are you running version 1.1.6?
  3. NormanSteel

    Can the completeness of the game content of "Mount and Blade 2" surpass "Mount and Blade" in ten years?

    Literally just implement the top 20 most popular mods and call it a day, that's all they'd have to do.
  4. NormanSteel

    About a Future TW game.

    New Flash ! I don't think they care what old fans think or want. Consoles / hand-helds is the future apparently ? If Console companies are willing to hand over $$$$$$$$$$ to get a strategic war game on their platform, well, hey! hello !

    "IF" Taleworlds was smart, they would take a page out of Creative Assembly's book, who went from Historical games to Warhammer, with a massive boost in profits, and talk to Wargaming regarding creating their own version of Warhammer, in the Bannerlord engine. As we know the Bannerlord engine is far better than the old man Warscape, perfect timing for TW to try. The space game is a red herring.

    Of course far better than Warhammer would be Lord of the Rings, similar to Third Age Total War would be a huge winner. But can TW get the rights cheap enough ? The BL engine is suited for Medieval type warfare, so WH and LOTR would be top of the list for conversion.

    Lets hope so.
    The game is just terrible on console. It's not made for console and you can't mod it either. If they think they are going to make serious profit on ps4, they're in for a suprise I'd wager.
  5. NormanSteel

    About a Future TW game.

    So its November, which is when devs said 1.2 should be stabilized and out of beta? We'll see
  6. NormanSteel

    Need More Info File read failed! Please try to verify your installation!

    So, any help/news ? What info do you need more ?
    Sorry, guys, but you are useless support ever, you just mark "need more info" for your customers.

    For anyone who read it - it is useless to to create tickets here, you will receive "Need more info" and that's it.

    For dev team - contact me, i'll create a script for you that sets 'Need more info" for tickets and randomly pastes text from FAQ, you can fire all your support team and save a lot of money :smile:
    Just make it anyway as a mod, the devs clearly have abandoned the game development. It's like Turks are allergic to money or something.
  7. NormanSteel

    About a Future TW game.

    So its November, which is when devs said 1.2 should be stabilized and out of beta? We'll see
  8. NormanSteel

    Freelancer implementation in Single Player

    Well for one thing, serve as a soldier isn't on the workshop. Nevertheless, diplomacy features should be TaleWorlds' biggest priority for new features no matter how popular it is.
    I'm in the m
    It may be interesting as an additional step, but I believe checking the Steam Workshop and other modding platforms to gauge interest probably brings in very similar results.

    For this, I would very much encourage you to report the bugs here and we'll follow up on them.
    And no doubt the response will be "don't play using mods as they break." I'm literally staring at a black screen atm as the game just won't show the world map after defeating some bandits (1.1.5)
  9. NormanSteel

    Every time bro

    If I were a PC gamer (I've been playing on PS4, although taken a break since February so mostly over last Winter) I'd probably download a relevant mod to do this. Otherwise, a way to separate crossbowmen from archers would be great since I do like the flexible niche crossbowmen have in Bannerlord but not the constraints their lack of ammo has. I wonder if they lacked ammo in Warband but, due to there being far fewer combatants (usually), I just never noticed. Crossbowmen used to be my preferred ranged troops since they seemed more steady and reliable than archers in Warband (never spawned with javelins/jarids that'd detract from ranged usefulness either).

    At least Derthert's living well last I was playing. :razz: His son (whose name I've forgotten) did a good job being Vlandian King, though, since he ended up being my most dangerous enemy in my clan's first generation until he and I died of natural causes around halfway through the playthrough.
    I feel like BL is one of those games that just needs to be played on PC to get the full potential of it but that's just me.
    As for Derthert, yeah he's great as long as he's paying me, but one day I fancy being king 😏
  10. NormanSteel

    Every time bro

    Too bad he died within the first year of my first playthrough (which was a super long unification one) of natural causes lol.

    I, unironically, think their crossbowmen would be better if their shields were replaced with a second quiver since they don't have enough ammo to mix well with archers and, being unable to separate them (unless that's changed recently), it's best to go all-in on crossbows or archers but never both since crossbowmen at least have the utility of being good "backup infantry" thanks to their shields. Better yet, give their quivers at least 30-something bolts since the 20-something (I believe they have) is trivial, especially on PS4 since multi-wave battles are the norm once sizes go above 500 total and that means they'll be spent in the first or second wave most of the time and not functional as shooters for the rest of the battle.

    Fr though the shield on the back is kinda odd. I'll keep your idea in mind for a simple mod once I get a grasp on it better (currently learning)
  11. NormanSteel

    HerisheyUK Bannerlord/Persistent Empire Videos

    Great video. I saw some naked guy chasing his naked wife ! LOL :grin:
    Yeah they're fun to watch, a lot of YouTubers are just... annoying lol. But I like Herishey
  12. NormanSteel

    Freelancer implementation in Single Player

    It may be interesting as an additional step, but I believe checking the Steam Workshop and other modding platforms to gauge interest probably brings in very similar results.

    For this, I would very much encourage you to report the bugs here and we'll follow up on them.
    Ok I'll be sure to do so. I'm sure I have a mod that gives me a detailed list for when there's a bug but I'm fairly new to using it.
    How would I report a bug? Do I have to paste any specific information that comes up?
  13. NormanSteel

    Freelancer implementation in Single Player

    We plan to support Bannerlord well into the future but with a Sandbox game as broad as ours (in terms of the many different gameplay loops and niche features within them it can entail), there are always trade-offs to be made in regards to what to work on next and in the long term. Sure, the ability to serve as a soldier is a frequently requested feature but so are many others. As mentioned, we currently don't have any plans for it but we still may explore it in the future.
    I guess... But the mod still exists (though it's terribly outdated). So there's that. I'd have thought the code would not be too different to the mercenary route that is currently implemented.
    Fwiw, would a survey of player's favourite mods be a good idea to gauge what would be popular going forward?

    None of this matters though until the sheer amount of bugs are fixed- I can't play for more than 20 minutes without minor bugs, and I can't play more than 1 hour without a game breaking bug occurring. It's just ridiculous. I'm currently stuck in a siege which won't start, surrounded by enemy armies that are allowed to gather so now I can't even leave the army with the enemy lurking about.
  14. NormanSteel

    SP - World Map My suggestion to make hideouts more fun.

    I have a fully competent army replete with veteran warriors and trained fighters. It's really annoying to enter a hideout and see that my tactically inclined character has selected the finest peasants and lowest-tier infantry to accompany them up against hardened fighters.

    Pardon my language, but what in the blue **** is that all about?

    by @Kreu2009

    I think the whole hideout thing needs a lot more work to really get interresting.

    Picture if you don't like reading:

    Text for more in depth explanation:

    1. Finding the hideout.

    Right now its exltremly easy to find hideouts. You just want to visit a village and suddenly you spot a hideout at the other end of the forrest. I haven't even skilled scouting and i still randomly spot them everywhere. How does it come that nobody already destroyed them if they are that easy to find.

    Finding them should already be the first part of the challenge and could offer some change from the constant hunting and killing bandits.
    High bandit activity in a region would be a clue that a hideout is somewhere in that area. You can then find it by following tracks or a bandit party which is on its way to the hideout. Most bandit groups should visit the hideout from time to time to store their loot and to get new men.

    2. Actions once you found the hideout.
    Once you found the Hideout you now get two choices.

    Option A: Try to sneak up
    First you get to select units you want to come with you. It is totally up to you how many and which units you want to accompany you.
    After you have done that you get placed on the first of two battle maps.
    On the first Battle map are one to three scattered outposts each one having a big signal fire. 25% of the hideouts men power are at these outposts. Your job is to elimiate them without the bandits being able to light any signal fire.

    If you get detected by bandits two different things can happen.
    They realize they are not strong enough to take on your sneaky force so they try to light the signal fire and alarm the hideout that way.
    They think they are strong enough to defeat your sneaky forces. In that case they attack you without trying to raise alarm. Of course if they realize they are losing the fight they will retreat and try to alarm the hideout.

    By sneaking up the player needs to be able to position himself close enough to the signal fires to avoid it getting kindled by bandits. Even if you get spooted a bit earlier you should at least have a chance to kill bandits who run up to the signal fire with missile weapons.

    Taking a lot of soldiers with you makes it more likely that bandits spott you early. Also they will always try to alarm the hideout instead of trying to fight you.
    On the other hand taking to few men will make it difficult to actually defeat the outposts. So the player needs to carefully choose his companions.

    If you fail:
    The hideout gets alarmed. Read option B to find out the consequenzes.

    If you are successfull you and your entire army will be placed on the second battle map. This time its the hideout. because no alarm was raised, the bandits are scattered. Their numbers are lower because you already killed some of them at the outposts. Your goal is of course to defeat the remaining bandits.

    Option B: Attack without trying to sneak up
    In that case your army gets spotted of course and the hideout gets alarmed.
    Now two things can happen:

    1. The hideout thinks it can defend your attack.
    In that case all remaining troops from the ourposts retreat to the hideout. The bandits fortify it and the player has to fight some kind of siege battle against a fortified position.

    2.The hideout thinks it can't defend itself.
    In this case the bandits take their loot, scatter and flee in all directions. The player can now try to hunt down the biggest fleeing party and get at least some value that way. Of course the hideout being abandoned now, still has a small negativ impact on the bandit population in that area.

    I know my suggestion is a lot of work.
    But honestly right now the hideout attacks are very similar to warband and get boring really fast.
    I think they are a great opportunity to mix up the gameplay.
    With my suggestion there is the possibillity to get some kind of smaller siege battle very early in the game.


    Devs be like: "we don't plan on implementing this going forward 😊"
  15. NormanSteel

    Every time bro

    Vlandia is a stupid faction that should be deleted and replaced with anything/
    Completely remove CAVALRY bonus AND BE DONE WITH THIS ISSUE since the beginning of the game,ITS BAD ITS AWFUL!
    OR MOVE EVERY CAVALRY bonus to start at T3!
    Imperial and Sturgians get T3/4 and T5 cavalry dudes,not cool!
    That or make Menavliatons,Spearmen(heavy and normal)aand all noble troops ignore the 20% bonus.

    Either that or PLEASE nerf the Vlandians and Khuzaits!
    Lower prosperity of towns by like 2000,reduce starting parties,reduce clan level of T4 to T3 and T3 to T2,reduce hearths in the villages!

    These changes should have been in the first week!
    And remove the shields from Vlandian Crossbowmen AAAAND freaking nerf the cut dmg of Glaives,I'm tired of how stupid these 2 are!
    Long Live Vlandia! Hail Derthert the king!
  16. NormanSteel

    Freelancer implementation in Single Player

    Hey, the stance on it hasn't changed. The current plans don't include a Freelancer-like game feature.

    We continue with our approach that was discussed back in Post-Release plans - there's certainly more to come for Bannerlord.
    With all due respect, Freelancer and Serve As A Soldier are some of the most popular mods and I can attest to that. If you're really saying there won't be these kind of options going forward, I urge you to reconsider. This is a profoundly tone deaf decision.
    Bethesda literally sold THE SAME GAME 5 times in large part due to mods and feedback from the modding community.
  17. NormanSteel

    HerisheyUK Bannerlord/Persistent Empire Videos

    There are still a few you can play without like the siege or duel servers but yeah a lot of them want comms. Thank you! :smile:

    Last weeks BNL Match -

    Maybe I should RP as a silent mercenary 😌
  18. NormanSteel

    "Bannerlord is a good game"...

    Nice troll from a "recruit" level account. Playing this game without mods is a death sentence
    I don't know what you mean. I never said I play vanilla, it's so barebones on vanilla. Hence my comment "scope exceeds the vision."
    Either way, it is an amazing game (I have 174hrs); it just doesn't let it's potential shine unless you're using mods. Hope that clarifies what I meant!
  19. NormanSteel

    Need More Info File read failed! Please try to verify your installation!

    Thanks for sharing your situation.
    Yeah, I've tried verifying files for several times, as it is written in the description:
    "I've tried to verify local files on Steam several times"
    And still not working? I had that issue. I verified twice lol, then disabled all mods and played vanilla then enabled mods one at a time. That fixed it
  20. NormanSteel

    Can you fix Multiplayer already?

    Community lead ranked matchmaking. RTisan have the Discord link, so I'll give the website link
    Its really well made, and a good solution until Taleworld fixes the ingame matchmaking.
    Ah thankyou
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