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  1. Alverrt

    MP Native Persistent Empires

    NA beta server launched!

  2. Alverrt

    MP Native Persistent Empires

    Introduction Persistent World was one of the most popular modifiactions for Mount & Blade Warband. As no other team is currently interested in making a successor to it, we at the Avrasia Bannerlord Community decided to take up the torch and bring this great experience to the Bannerlord...
  3. Alverrt

    Valley Roleplay - PK

    neye göre ilk sunucu anlamadım, eğer bannerlord içinse olmayan modun ilk sunucusu nasıl oldunuz
  4. Alverrt

    Avrasya Bannerlord Multiplayer Oyuncu Topluluğu

    Bannerlord için geliştirilecek Persistent World modülünü Persistent Empires adı altında geliştirdiğimizi buradan da duyurayım istedim. Ne aşamada olduğumuzu ve detaylar için discord sunucumuzu ziyaret edebilirsiniz.
  5. Alverrt

    [UNOFFICIAL] Bannerlord Dedicated Server Mod

    We have been busy quite a long time so we couldn't work on this project. We made the project public so community can contribute. Here are the links.

    this one is for server:
    this one is for client:
  6. Alverrt

    [UNOFFICIAL] Bannerlord Dedicated Server Mod

    Greetings everyone. New video updated. 10 players combat test.

  7. Alverrt

    MP Native [UNOFFICIAL] Bannerlord Dedicated Server

    We have developed a dedicated server mod and we are aiming to make this dedicated server modable, content expandable by other people like a library also (include serverside) but we need your opinions for architecture and networking. If you are interested please join our discord and send me a dm...
  8. Alverrt

    [UNOFFICIAL] Bannerlord Dedicated Server Mod

    Thanks for the all support. We are not going to write devlog or something like that but I'll try my best to keep the community updated about this project.

    Currently we have done with the w-a-s-d (movement) and jumping. Next phase is interpolating kick and combat.

    I wouldn't speak so soon.

    Taleworlds has access to the underlying code the game works on. Even with this project there are still going to be heavy limitations. TW custom servers are going to have to be the modding standard for the simple reason everyone who buys the game isn't going to directly go download a third party launcher for a different lobbyserver.

    There also comes the question of characters and such, you'd have to essentially either save the character locally which could become exploitable or have your own storage service alongside the lobbyserver which would cost money. Either way the project still has a long way to go but i trust these guys will manage it.

    And he is right. We cant access game engine so we have some limitations. But also we (assumption) have enough freedom to accomplish our goals. We are pushing the limits to game engine. Doing heavy math and messing with milliseconds, we cannot promise anything but we will try our best.

    Edit: Also we wont use 3th party launcher or sth like that

  9. Alverrt

    [UNOFFICIAL] Bannerlord Dedicated Server Mod

    Currently we are working on low level sync things between players. We are aiming to achieve smooth multiplayer experience like Warband. Especially sensitive combat actions like block, chamber and also long ranged weapons behaviour. When we complete the base netcode, we will work on other easier things like classes, factions, admin tools, game modes etc.
  10. Alverrt

    [UNOFFICIAL] Bannerlord Dedicated Server Mod

    I don't understand how all of this works, but will people for example, from South America be able to host a server using this system?
    Yes, like classic Warband dedicated server, you can host your own server and others can find your server from server list and join. You need only a vps server (or it can be your own pc) and our unofficial dedicated server files.
  11. Alverrt

    [UNOFFICIAL] Bannerlord Dedicated Server Mod

    Two questions:

    1) Can it do battle mode?

    2) What's the server cap?
    Yes, Battle Mode, Deathmatch game modes will be included. Other complex game modes like Captains will be released later. We are going to release a stable but small capped dedicated server first, like 24-30 players realtime. After that milestone we are going to work on large capped servers like 400 players realtime. And by that time we make sure optimization is fine and combat is working flawlessly.
  12. Alverrt

    [UNOFFICIAL] Bannerlord Dedicated Server Mod

    We are using the singleplayer side but the reason Bannerlord Online's combat is terrible is because of their netcode. We aim better netcode for combat. And optimization of this netcode is most important thing to us, but we also aim for 400 people so we can disable some random things that Bannerlord haves.
  13. Alverrt

    [UNOFFICIAL] Bannerlord Dedicated Server Mod

    cool stuff.
    any plans where you're going with it?
    We are considering to do this dedicated server publicly available and able to used by other modders who want to turn their mods to a multiplayer experience. But we are not sure that we have a permission to do that. Our first priority is getting permissions that indicates its legal.
  14. Alverrt

    [UNOFFICIAL] Bannerlord Dedicated Server Mod

    Hello everyone, we have been working on unofficial bannerlord dedicated server last 7 days. And we recorded a demo video that shows the progress. English subtitle added. DEMO VIDEO #1 DEMO VIDEO #2 DEMO VIDEO #3 DEMO VIDEO #4
  15. Alverrt

    Bannerlord Unofficial Dedicated Server Mod

    Herkese merhabalar, bugün Avrasya Community Developer Takımı olarak 1 haftadır üzerinde çalıştığımız Bannerlord için unofficial ( Community Edition olarak da geçebilir ) dedicated server yazılımı için duyuruları ve gelişmeleri paylaşacağımız forum konusunu açıyoruz. Bu konu tasarımı...
  16. Alverrt

    Bannerlord Online mod

    I contacted a moderator of this mod. He confirmed that the whole mod developed by only 1 person.
  17. Alverrt

    TR_La_Rivage Hard-RP [Kapalı]

    gelmiş yine toxic, buraya uğramasan olmazdı zaten
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