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  1. CheetaFRL

    [Bannerlord] Ban(ish?)

    I have contacted BattlEye a few days ago, so far no response - I´ll post if I get an update within a week.

    If not, I don´t mean to be rude but this is something that Taleworlds should be able to fix.
    It is part of their game, a service they picked, if issues arise they should be able to handle it.

    I just hope BattlEye support can assist with this..
  2. CheetaFRL

    [Bannerlord] Ban(ish?)

    Can you try reinstalling the BattlEye?

    Under the games installation folder please navigate to this folder:
    "...\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client\BattlEye"

    First, run the uninstall.bat file and install.bat afterwards. Please make sure that your game is not running in the background!

    Yes, I did attempt this and it did not change it.
    I´ve already had this issue since my last computer.

    Last saturday I played a whole 2 hour event and had no issues, then after trying to play again I got the "kicked by BattlEye" message once more.
  3. CheetaFRL

    [Bannerlord] Ban(ish?)

    Players can't complain about Bannerlord if you just don't let any of them play.


    Absolute 5heads at Taleworlds, we are just playing checkers whilst they are playing 8 dimensional chess.
    Only because checkers doesn´t have as many issues as Bannerlord.
  4. CheetaFRL

    [Bannerlord] Ban(ish?)

    Did you try this proposal?:

    It has been a while since I last played Bannerlord, but I had the same issue back then. If I recall correctly, this solved it.
    Tried it, doesn´t work.

    Thx for the suggestion though
  5. CheetaFRL

    [Bannerlord] Ban(ish?)

    For a while now I have been running into an annoying issue. Every now and then whilst playing multiplayer I suddenly get kicked by anticheat. This is very, very inconsistent - I can join servers, play for any amount of time (1 minute or an hour+) and suddenly get the following message: At...
  6. CheetaFRL

    Resolved Pixelated Graphics Regardless of Settings

    I have the same exact issue.

    Even causes the screen to flip out at times like this;


    32gb ram
    1060 ti
    9th Gen. Intel® Core™ i7 Processor
    windows 10

    As a comparison to what my game USUALLY looks like.
  7. CheetaFRL

    Poll "What your favorite weapon type"

    2h spear as a polearm - On horseback, one swing their every head.
  8. CheetaFRL

    Calradia Roleplay [New Server]

    This is a RP scenario that I genuinely enjoy, haven´t had this amount of fun since CRP 3.

    Worth checking out.
  9. CheetaFRL

    Need More Info cannot log in game

    Can you check out these files as well? @CheetaFRL
    This be a glorious day, warriors.

    It´s fixed, thanks!
  10. CheetaFRL

    Need More Info cannot log in game

    Despite not speaking Turkish (Sorry if I assumed wrong)

    I am having a similar situation, the moment I press ¨Play¨ in steam

    The game tries to start but immidietly shuts down, for a brief moment I can see the launcher icon in my taskbar before it gets removed again.

    I have uninstalled vortex, emptied it, removed all non-native or Taleworlds modules, reinstalled the game, restarted my pc. Everything.
    There have not been any previous issues, this only occurred immidietly after the update.
  11. CheetaFRL

    TaleWorlds, are we a joke to you???

    You knew it was EA, stop whinging.
  12. CheetaFRL

    Orders - Key Binding Issue

    I just wanna use the numpad.
  13. CheetaFRL

    Patch Notes e1.0.4

    • More than 200 items reintroduced to the game.
    Wow, nice.
  14. CheetaFRL

    Does the Bannerlord map make sense, when compared to that of Warband?

    The only thing that gets me is that Sargot(h) yeeted itself to the other side of the continent.
  15. CheetaFRL

    SP - Battles & Sieges tactical pause

    I think being able to pause and see the battlefield from above and give orders before the battle starts would be excellent to have. (Realistic) and then being able to pause and view battlefield from above during a battle could be locked behind tactics perks. First level perk could be view it from above during battle (like map) then next could be 50% time passing when viewing map, then finally at high level one could pause completely and give orders in the middle of battle.
    something like this.

    I smell total war, and I like it.
  16. CheetaFRL

    Killing lord penality too hight

    It'd be nice if for example you had a lord in that same faction that dislikes the lord that you killed that relations go up or don't deteriorate, makes everything a lot more personal.

    And -100 is a fair bit, Lords die like fruitflies at times in history, especially in war.
    But yes, there needs to be a regeneration system in place.
  17. CheetaFRL

    Can't believe after 5000 years of development this is it

    TBF, it took years to create the engine, which they deserve props for.
    Next to that things are quite far, I´m just glad we got early acces and can´t wait for the improvements!
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