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  1. Zombie Warrior

    Who of the old guard are still around?

    You're all old pfft! Meanwhile I am still very much new :wink:
  2. Zombie Warrior

    Darker Than Blue Forum Theme

    Obligatory new version for fixing broken stuff. Log:
    - Fixes login
    - Fixes article author
    - Borderless is now the only variant that will be maintained from now on.
  3. Zombie Warrior

    SP - General Dual Wielding

    Ye Return of Ye Age Olde Debate
  4. Zombie Warrior

    Ukraine Today

    You can go and buy an HMMWV, even as a civilian. It's just a car, and a pretty ****ty ride at that. I could go get one tomorrow, paint a little Ukrainian flag on it, and roll it into a ditch for a photo op. Look at me, I'm Peter Propaganda.
    Orion Private Army confirmed!

    you know, you could just buy a bunch of toyota trucks and equip the passengers with rpgs. DIY Tanks!
  5. Zombie Warrior

    why only my party can't move fast?

    It's not that parties move fast, it's that time is faster, so parties move "fast". In fact, parties still have the same speed, they just appear faster because time is accelerated.
  6. Zombie Warrior

    why only my party can't move fast?

    I don't think you can speed up and move at the same time in the first game. Speeding up in the first game was meant for when you have long waiting times doing nothing. I don't think they anticipated people would want fast travel. That's something they introduced in Warband iirc.

    But I could be wrong, it's been a very long time.
  7. Zombie Warrior

    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    Getting rid of twitter is almost like getting rid of email (or more comparably, fax). Sure the companies involved could all just collectively get their act together, but removing another avenue of communication is beneficial to nobody, even if it also silences the most obnoxious people online in the process.
    Mastodon can easily replace Twitter.
  8. Zombie Warrior

    Une insjustice totale !

    Je suis surpris mais pas surpris en même temps, vu tout ce que j'ai ouï dire sur Bannerlord. Mes sympathies pour ton amusement qui est maintenant gâché. Ça doit être rageant.
  9. Zombie Warrior

    LOTR: Rings of Power (Amazon)

    Beyond that, I think it's hilarious how much the non-white actors are upsetting people. :ROFLMAO:
    From what I've seen, it's only a very small minority of the negative criticism that was blown out of proportions. Understandbly, reactions like yours by more famous people have spurred anger and criticisms of their own for delegitimizing any criticism the show receives. Personally, I don't care that much, but I think this kind of simplification of people's reactions to Rings of Power is kind of mean and insincere.

    there's like a dozen different stories you could do if you had full access to the writings (eg also children of húrin as the other big one), including two separate ones being used for this show that could each be easily fleshed out into their own thing (the making of the rings, and the fall of númenor).
    I don't think those stories are easily adaptable into live actions or movies because they lack either enough content or pacing for a movie. The adaptations would and should suck. I feel only Beren and Luthien and, as you say, Children of Húrin have enough content and pacing to be reasonably adapted. Most second age stuff especially occurs over hundreds of years. They are very interesting stories in a book, but I fear they wouldn't be that good on the silver screen.
  10. Zombie Warrior

    LOTR: Rings of Power (Amazon)

    I feel that it is very difficult to deliver something good with that universe when the two main stories already got adapted. What else from Tolkien's universe can be turned into a movie or live action series except perhaps Beren and Luthien's story?
  11. Zombie Warrior

    Old SMF forum backup closing down

    It would be nice if we could download the backup, but I suspect that it's not going to happen. There are several good reasons that I can think of too.
  12. Zombie Warrior

    La Taverne : "Du rhum, des femmes, de la bière nom de Dieu..."

    Salut Daneel!
    Ça fait longtemps, comment vas-tu?

    J'ai essayé Discord, mais j'aimes pas trop. Les messages se perdent dans le néant et tout est instantané et chaotique. Le QI moyen d'une personne sur Discord est très bas comparé à une personne sur un forum. Je ne comprends pas comment Discord peut remplacer un forum non plus; je comprends pour les autres services de clavardages comme IRC, Slack, Chatango, TeamSpeak, MSN, Skype, etc, mais un chat et un forum ne sont pas les mêmes choses. C'est vraiment bizarre. Mais bon, t'as probablement raison. Je ne comprends juste vraiment pas et je ne suis pas un vieux nostalgique. C'est pas comme si Discord a inventé le clavardage. Ça existait bien avant Discord, alors pourquoi déserte-t'on les forums maintenant?
  13. Zombie Warrior

    La Taverne : "Du rhum, des femmes, de la bière nom de Dieu..."

    Mon dieu c'est triste de voir la taverne aussi déserte. Je place le blâme sur Bannerlord, qui n'a pas eu la même capacité à garder la communauté active longtemps.
  14. Zombie Warrior

    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    The Depp-Heard case was so complex I didn't side with anyone. Sounded like a mutually abusive partnership.
    But terrible to learn how Heard made up the allegations, and how she now keeps pretending to be the victim.
    Same. I couldn't find myself to take a side or really understand what was happening. However, I didn't follow closely the case. I figured it was more celebrity drama and I consider my time too precious to burden myself with those kind of american news
    The EU is saved

    Looks a lot like this:
  15. Zombie Warrior

    The official Goodbye thread.

    Looks like I've not had much time for myself lately. I guess this is a temporary good bye until I have more freedom.
  16. Zombie Warrior

    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    RE: recent canadian english news media reaction to Quebec's bill 96 to preserve the decreasing french speaking culture.

    I'm so disappointed. Anglophone media will only look with disdain at Canada's francophone and native american cultures as if their existence needs to be justified and any action taken to try to preserve any of those cultures will only be understood as attacks against anglophones. What's more, the outrage is hypocritical because essential services (like education) in French, one of the two official languages of Canada I remind you, are less and less available outside of Quebec and that fact has escaped the notice of pretty much everyone.

    The anglophone minority of Quebec receive more support than any other Francophone, Native American or Canadian Gaelic minority group combined. In fact, the hypocrisy stinks even more when you realize the country has a pretty dark history: the francophones, the gaels and the native americans, so local cultures which don't have english as their first language which thrived for centuries, have been the targets of discrimination, assimilation and cultural genocide. And yet, one lame bill which only does the bare minimum to do something vaguely in the direction of trying to protect french is causing an outrage in the canadian anglophone media.

    The hard truth: all minority languages in Canada are in danger of extinction and not enough is being done to protect any of them.
  17. Zombie Warrior

    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    the essentially magic speculation will probably lead to working quantum computers in a decade or two.
    The progress is already well under way; the first quantum computer, the D-Wave one, was sold to universities and labs around the late 2000s and it had a 128-qubit processor. Nowadays, they're talking about 5000 qubits.
  18. Zombie Warrior

    Forum Feedback and Suggestions (NOT Game Feedback)

    But... I wanted to see Eärendil's post :sad:
    How come we can't use your profile as a little refuge for expatriated twitter users? I swear I would post there everyday, if I remember to do it which would probably not happen anyway.
  19. Zombie Warrior

    Armenian Genocide (?)

    But on both there's the condition that the genocide must've happened. Even most opponents of the concept of armenian genocide agree that denying the existence of a real genocide is bad. For example they will often call out supposed western hypocrisy for not acknowledging the khojaly massacre as a genocide, which is a very popular notion in Turkey. It's something which Princess also agrees to, so their response was predictable; they themselves think the world is cruel for denying the supposed genocide that allegedly occurred during the Nagornao-Karabag war. You accomplished nothing while Princess pretty much made you give up. She's going away from this exchange with no concession at all. You only think you changed their mind. They even warned you they wouldn't be convinced by telling you they knew where this discussion was going to go. Basically, they wasted your time.

    The truth about debates is that they're not very simple. I do think people should assume good faith of their opponents and try to maintain a dialogue for the duration of the debate if possible. But for some people, you'll find yourself in a situation which demands that you adapt what you say to the thickness of the wax in their ears.
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