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    Lack of Official Servers in South America

    As a fellow argentinian now playing in europe I can safely say... Skirmish official servers don't work, just don't ask for it, no one really likes it, they work bad and are filled with people trolling all the time.
    Make urselves a mm server like EU and NA have been doing for the past couple of years.

    Even today, EU's mm has resucitated to for the first time in months and it's going hard, mantaining 4-5 lobbies at the same time.
    Why? Simply because people play serious, people play MM like the warband one, where you can strive to play competitively and not have a guy who has not clue what he's doing or is just trolling all the time without u being able to even report him cause TW staff doesn't care.

    I would say to make scrams (captains) or just ask for an mm module (scripted) to one of the guys, NA or EU, they're different ones, one of em has to be able to sell it or gift it to you guys.
  2. Bxnny

    Fix matchmaking!

    break it again, I miss playing matchmaking, **** random non working skirms
  3. Bxnny

    Patch Notes v1.2.7

    fix the UI issue on MP, thank you.
  4. Bxnny

    Can you take care of multiplayer?

    fix the damn UI please
  5. Bxnny

    [WAUL] Free Agents

    Name: Bunny
    Nationality: Argentinian
    Main Class: Cav
    Secondary Class: Archer

    I moved out to Spain two months ago, I'm free to play whenever on weekdays, weekends on GMT 0 - 18:30 onwards I can as well.
    Can play on any div.
  6. Bxnny

    South American Player Ratings

    Where are my Gibby points for winning the last Argentinian cup
  7. Bxnny

    Argentinian Cup Finals Stream (30/08)

    Roman only played a match, the final and that's it I believe.

    The spanish people that played, played in CB which didn't made it to playoffs.
    They played just because CB didn't had enough people, barely getting 8 players.

    Tho, I can't imagine why an EU player would be upset about someone else from his region playing in SA lol.
  8. Bxnny

    Argentinian Cup Finals Stream (30/08)

    Full match here.
    Gg, foh was real fun.

    it's literally so cringe to see EU players in here lol

    Who are you even
  9. Bxnny

    South American Player Ratings

    Tier 1


  10. Bxnny

    [WLC] Grand Final & Bronze Match

    No puedo defender a un tipo que se cambió de nombre 40 veces para que lo acepten y en más de la mitad de los años de warband que estuvo baneado, pero no quita que sos un pelotudo lore, ni das para lombriz, sos nada, un pobre tipo literal, ni para bardearte. No le podes discutir a nadie, andá a tratar de ser alguien en la vida, salí un poco de la pc, alto garrón tus viejos se comieron con vos.

    Callate chitero asqueroso no te quiere nadie, bencheado por alyss XD
  11. Bxnny

    The reason competitive Warband captured hearts

    All we need is custom servers so we can host the classic 200 player events. That's what really made warband special. Multiplayer rn is just medieval cs:go

    "Medieval cs go" is actually one of the best "mode" or "format" Warband has, in my opinion. It's what's keeping the game alive, honestly.
  12. Bxnny

    Liga Argentina competitiva de Warband. [Argentinian Competitive League]

    Nunca había hecho un post en este apartado porque lo considero muerto y sin ningún ápice de competitivo, pero acá voy, ya que me enteré que hay algunos que desconocen el foro apartado que nosotros los Argentinos utilizamos, más que nada Brasileros y gente de otros países. Liga Argentina...
  13. Bxnny

    WODT #1 May 30, 2020 Completed

    Guerreros del FeHú 9 - 8 The Randos




  14. Bxnny

    [WLC] Grand Final & Bronze Match



    forum warrior

    no jugas porque cualquier promedio te pasa el trapo
  15. Bxnny

    [WLC] Grand Final & Bronze Match

    Que vergüenza postear eso y pensar que fue competitivo, arena y coli hg xd lol

  16. Bxnny

    South American Player Ratings

    Orion, we both know that Sebadass did not maintain his level, and although I was wrong to say "they are inactive" and not "they were very inactive", having started playing a little more these last weeks does not necessarily make you an active user (examples of those that we can consider active are Apolo, Sarto, IDS, among others). Finally, it has nothing to do with you being rated 80 because you are a spearman, you can see example players like Chimpa, Pixelisado (who plays the spearman in most games), Pichurin if you want.

    Also me, all my inf gameplay this past year has been with a spear in hand.
  17. Bxnny

    South American Player Ratings

    You actually should have done that, otherwise is disrespectful.
    sorry for being disrespectful, I was trying to have fun
  18. Bxnny

    South American Player Ratings

    Kaiser, do you even think I'm gonna take the match agaisnt you guys seriously? lmao
  19. Bxnny

    South American Player Ratings

    Não aceito nada além de ficar abaixo do Cow, o resto é falácia


  20. Bxnny

    South American Player Ratings

    I wrote at the bottom of the post that I only really know players from teams that CNX plays cfs against, which is why there are lots of players missing from other teams. I do remember seeing Artorias do well on a stream though.

    I also forgot about Assassin, an Eclipse player, one of the top archers with a strong 95-97 in my opinion and one of the strongest cav 95-97 as well
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