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  1. anakonda

    SP Modern [WB] Civil War in Russia 1917-1922 start porting to Warband and recruiting!

    Fine to see the work moving forward. I remember playing the version for old M&B. Altough i'm curious which year the plays out in. I suppose it's 1917. In that case is the tsar alive?
  2. anakonda

    Old Version 1.1

    GABRILDURO said:
    anakonda said:
    Huzzah it is released!
    UUHHHH...look who s here: ANAKONDA! How s going???!!!
    I m sure You will love some new additions and tweaks!

    Wonderful that you remember me. And I'm certain i will love the new version aswell.

    Yours most sincerly /Anakonda
  3. anakonda

    Old Version 1.1

    Huzzah it is released!
  4. anakonda

    Bug Reporting HQ

    While this is not a bug i would just like to mention the horrible fact that my beard dissapears when i equip a helmet.

    It is just a minor concern but it is a hard to feel like a real renaissance duke without my overly masculine beard.

    It would be lovely to see beards enabled when wearing a open faced helmet.

    In any case i will take this post to praise the lovely work you have done and wish you good look to kill of the bugs that terrorise your lovely mod.
  5. anakonda

    SP Musket Era [WB] Winds of War: Blood and Steel - 1870

    May i ask how many and wich factions will be included?
  6. anakonda

    SP Musket Era 1812 Russian Campaign

    Great looking work so far. Good luck!
  7. anakonda

    Battle Commands

    Well thank you for answering and i sincerely hope you will recover from the heart problem.

  8. anakonda

    Battle Commands

    Allright folks. First of all i would like to thank Gabrilduro and his team of talented modders for creating such an enjoyable mod as this. I have spent countless of hours playing it and it has been great fun. But to get to the subject. I'm an not a skilled modder. I can at the maximum replace...
  9. anakonda

    SP Medieval 1468 AD Middle Europe - new historical mod

    Played around a bit with the mod and i have to say that it looks pretty good this far. Haven't found any bugs yet wich i am wery thankful for. Some more pic's than the ones you have would be good tough.
  10. anakonda

    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    duckien242 said:
    Can you add the Bear Island?

    Well bear island is in but miss a settlement and the mormonts.
  11. anakonda

    SP Medieval Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A World of Ice and Fire (v8.1 released 7/3/22)

    Well this is wonderful. Wee certainly need more GoT mods. Best of luck :mrgreen:
  12. anakonda

    The Original L'Aigle Thread, for the sake of history. Be ye warned.

    Musicians can be cannon food.
  13. anakonda

    Mod similar to 1860's Old America B?

    You Know 1860 old america is for Warband right and Warband and WFAS are the only M&B games that has come out since the original game. (Ecxept Napoleonic Expansion).
  14. anakonda


    Hjärtliga gratulationer!

  15. anakonda

    [WB] [S] Twilight of The Sun King (Old Topic. Enjoy as a historical archive.)



    Sweden for the way!
  16. anakonda

    [WB] [S] Twilight of The Sun King (Old Topic. Enjoy as a historical archive.)

    By the way would be fun to see cannons on fort walls :cool:
  17. anakonda

    [WB] [S] Twilight of The Sun King (Old Topic. Enjoy as a historical archive.)

  18. anakonda

    Battle of Geonosis Event - 24/3/2013

    I'm sorry to say this but you have to count me out of the event got i thing that i have to do exactly that time.
  19. anakonda

    MP Sci-Fi SW: Bear Force II - 1.0 Released!

    DanyEle said:


    Dedicated server files

    #WARNING: Make sure that you change the capital values with proper ones.
    set_add_to_game_servers_list 1
    #uncomment the line below when you set a valid administrator password
    set_pass_admin FISHWARS
    #if you have premium members, set a password for them, otherwise delete/comment out the line below
    #uncomment the line below when you set a valid private password
    #set_pass_private PRIVATEPASS
    #uncomment the line below when you set a valid server name
    set_server_name Bear_Force_II_Server
    #uncomment the line below when you set a valid welcome message
    set_welcome_message Welcome to Bear Force II! Enjoy your stay and may the force be with you!
    set_mission multiplayer_bt #New gamemode hero: set_mission_multiplayer_hero_tdm
    #setting max players, first one is non-premium member limit, second one is premium member limit
    set_max_players 200 200
    get_round_max_seconds 760#returns maximum seconds for round
    set_team_point_limit 5
    set_num_bots_voteable 0 
    set_kick_voteable 1
    set_ban_voteable 1
    set_maps_voteable 0
    set_map alderaan_valley_road
    add_map dantooine_fields
    add_map muunilinst_harnaidan
    add_map alderaan_high_mountains
    add_map rhen_var_bleedingice
    add_map geonosis_battlefield
    add_map naboo_battleground
    add_map kashyyyk_incursion
    add_map tatooine_outskirts
    add_map muunilinst_downtown
    add_map tatooine_outskirts
    add_map scn_kashyyyk_forest
    add_map honoghr_military_base
    add_map tatooine_outpost
    add_map spaceship_boarding
    add_map muunilinst_harnaidan
    #adding all kingdoms to both sides just to randomize all of them
    #adding less kingdoms will reduce the randomization set (used in set_randomize_factions command)
    add_factions fac_kingdom_1 fac_kingdom_1
    add_factions fac_kingdom_2 fac_kingdom_2
    set_randomize_factions 1
    #if the bottleneck is your server's bandwidth, then make sure that you set a correct value for upload limit
    set_upload_limit 30000000
    #if you are running more than one dedicated server on the same computer, you must give different ports to each of them
    set_port 7312
    set_server_log_folder Logs
    set_server_ban_list_file Logs\ban_list.txt


    Report here if you modify something in the mod.

    14/12/2012 "A new hope"

    - First Playable version given to me by Highlander.


    - New game launcher mod picture


    Wolf - Ported to 1153 with latest WSE (Must be steam standalone and stock)
    Wolf - Fixed lightsaber blocking projectiles
    Wolf - Updated parts of the code to new native 1153 operations


    - New game launcher mod picture
    - New loadscreen pictures
    - New main picture
    - New loadscreen from KArantukki


    - New healthbar
    Wolf - Removed falling damage in order for jetpacks to work until we find a permenant fix,
    Wolf - Tweaked a few of the settings to work with 360 controllers
    Wolf - Taken out out some unneeded SP scripts


    - New factions logos
    - Star Wars - main theme is the new music you hear when starting the game
    - The edit character mod should now be working (Wolf - Please note that the uniform switching does not work yet)


    - Added "KArantukkis_models" in the Resource folder
    - Added a vibro-knife model
    - Added purple lightsabers

    21/12/2012 "Doomsday"

    - added a short vibro-sword model
    - In siths classes, there's now only 1 purple lightsaber and 3 red ones
    - B1 Battle Droids, Clone Troopers, Bounty Hunter now have power packs by default. You don't have to equip them every time you pick them.
    - added another vibro-sword model
    - added a "Box" model as sceneprop

    22/12/2012  " We are still alive"

    - Fixed the shining white hood. It's now a black sith hood. It's rotated of 90 degrees in the items tab though.
    - Forced the particle system ON. Even though the player deactivates it via menu blasters' shots and forces can still be displayed. I think it should be removed from the game options menu too as well.
    - Fixed factions banners (I don't know why alpha channels doesn't work)


    - Added new Scene props
    - Steam group created
    - Taleworlds forum page created

    24/12/2012 " Merry Christmas"

    - Fixed the errors you get when playing with other players in the same team, just add set_player_banners_allowed 0 in the config of the server. We could be needing a way to add custom banners as well as keeping the colourizing armor feature.
    - Powerpacks are now visible when dropped.
    - Nerfed shotguns and rocket launchers
    - Fixed the bug that that consisted in a spawned bridge when throwing a lightsaber
    - added some new wall scene props

    25/12/2012 " White Christmas"

    - Updated the module Data folder to 1.153
    - Changed the Skybox from Night to Sunset in all maps. Note: The map Fields of Khoonda is all black for some reason whereas all the other ones do work.
    - Fixed the hero Game Mode
    - Changed the module name to Test_Bear_Fore_II


    - added a Sarlacc scene prop ... yes a Sarlacc ... with a stomach ... check it out.


    - Added 25 Star Wars musics taken directly from the Star Wars movie. I


    - The e5 Blaster and the dc15 blaster have now a melee mode.
    - Added the "Clones Commander" troop with heavy weapons
    - Removed the jetpack from the standard clones.
    - Added a purple lightsaber to the jedis consulars and removed from the siths
    - Jedi consulars now only have green lightsabers and a purple one.
    - Jedi guardians now only have blue lightsabers
    - Price of jetpacks increased
    - Fixed a bug where jetpack couldn't be seen
    - Increased price of grenades and reduced the number of grenades in a single pack
    - Added Tukki's vibro sword to Magnaguards

    - Added sword pistol combo
    - Added Peppe's Resource file with new Scene Props
    - Added 3 new scene props

    - Renamed the Clone Commander to Jet Trooper
    - Added new weapons to the Jet trooper
    - A couple of fixes/twitches to the prices
    - Vibro swords can't block( otherwise they could block lightsabers)
    - Added new bunker scene prop by KArantukki


    - Getting drunk during last 2012's day. Did you expect we would have actually worked?

    1/1/2013  "Let's get back working"


    - Increased the Jedi Consular's WPF points
    - Redistributed the Force powers to the Jedis
    - Removed the Force Push until it works
    - Added a new heavy troop : the ARC Trooper, armed with Heavy weapons and grenades
    - Removed and added a couple of items to the Jet Trooper


    - Increased the Sith Sorcerer's WPF points
    - Increased the BX Droid Armor's armor values
    - The Mandalorian Helm is now a default item.
    - Vibro swords can now block


    - Jetpack's price is 1000 gold
    - Changed the melee mode of droids and clones and made slower
    - Removed throwable lightsabers
    - Lightsabers are now faster


    - Some new scene props added by KArantukki
    - Jetpack nerfed
    - Bots do attack with their melee weapons and don't punch anymore.
    - New map added by KArantukki


    - Added a vibroblade to the Magnaguards -thanks to Wolfgangsomething from the TW forum for the model and Peppe for the texture
    - Added vibro knives to Droids and Jet Troopers
    - Added a Vibro swords to ARC troopers
    - Changed the texture of one handed weapons kills
    - Added a mandalorian staff to...mandalorians!
    - Decreased the price of the Rotary Blaster to 940 gold
    - Added Tatooine Outskirts by Comrade Temuzu


    - Added new scene Props by Peppe019
    - Added frag grenades to ARC troopers
    - Modified the sound you hear when blocking with a blaster


    - Imported stuff from Clone Wars Arkonne Assault with thier permission


    - New scene props by Karantukki and Lux
    - Implemented an admin mod which doesn't work - I'll need to work on it some more
    - Fixed the Electrostaff not lighting
    - Fixed the version check bug


    - Fixed the banners alpha channel
    - Rotary Blaster nerfed
    - Electrostaff can't be picked up from the ground anymore


    - Fixed the Force Damage bug


    - Added a modified Barf model - a Senate Commando (helmet wip)


    - Found a way to fix all the errors you get in game ( for weapons, jumps, etc). You need WSE and Warband 1.153 Warband version. By using WSE in servers, you don't get them in the console too.
    - Edited the option menu: added Change Force and Switch Force options.
    - Added the B2 Super battle Drod with Wrist Blaster as test.
    - Removed Heavy blasters from Mandalorians since they were really OP.
    - Fixed the upside down Mandalorian Helmet


    - Fixed the hands not appearing on the Magnaguard body cloak
    - Fixed the Lightsabers becoming Throwable when picking them up
    - Modding spree: added a new scene selection pic for Temuzu's map
    - Added 2 new maps: Random Snow(Medium) and Random Snow(Large)
    - Removed Asteroid Belt map


    - Partially removed blood from the module
    - Removed melee mode from Droids( but not from Bot Droids)

    - Added new sounds thanks to Star:Wars - Conquest
    - Fixed the Droids aiming mode


    - Added sounds when winning and losing a round in Battle Mode
    - New Scene Props


    - The default crouching mode button is now C and is now editable in the options menu
    - The default change force button is now I and is editable in the options menu
    - Fixed the Twin Blaster and figured out why some weapons don't shoot in local Multiplayer servers: that only happens in obsolete native maps.
    - Added Droids sounds
    - Fixed the human voice being heard when hitting/killing droids


    - Changed the button to change Force to V and sounds when hitting droids
    - Removed all musics added so far before Mickey Mouse kicks our asses
    - Added new scene Props by Peppe019 and modified the name of other ones with SW_
    - Modified the max number of bots and time limit
    - Bots ammo made to 9999999 instead of 10 ( no need to reload anymore)
    - Fixed all the awful animation you saw when running with a blaster or vibro sword


    - Fixed all the upside down items
    - New Sith Hood by Peppe019


    - Replaced the default arena with the Geonosian Arena
    - Increased the ammo cost for shooting with the Rotary Blaster


    - New map
    - New wall
    - New ground texture for the "Village" texture


    - Fixed the Force Healing and added new sound for it.


    - Increased firing fate of the Twin blaster
    - Blocking a laser shot now costs 50 force points and 30 with Force Defence
    - Removed the Damage from Jedis and added to the Siths


    - added new peppe's "hangar" scene props
    - replaced the banner of the duplicated factions in multiplayer gamemodes
    - renamed the Damage force to Force Offence
    - Changed  the " Open gate" string to "Bypass the gate's system".
    - Partially added the force healing partycle effect


    - added new Shieldgenerator + shield scene props by KArantukki
    - added new siege map "Muunilinst - Fortified Outpost" by KArantukki
    - added new battle map "Alderaan - High Mountans" by KArantukki


    - Added brand new musics
    - Added new house scene props by KArantukki


    - Modified some strings


    - Renamed some maps such as Geonosian Arena to Geonosis - Arena and Forest Hideout to Endor - Hideout
    - New ESC menu corners and lines
    - Modifidied some selecting maps pics


    - New scene props by Peppe
    - Removed the Force Offence from clones and droids

    Fixed " Host a game" mode.
    - Fixed the weapons not shooting and getting stuck
    - Fixed 80% of red errors in Host a game ( still miss the rocket launcher ones)
    - Fixed the weapons shooting automatically

    - Fixed the lightsaber sound when swinging with non-lightsaber weapons
    - Punches now do make a punching sound
    - More sounds added when turning up/down lightsaber



    - Added armors for women
    - Added Characters to Custom Battle
    - Added support to Custom Maps


    - Added a version check for our mod




    - New map by Lastman called " unnamed". We need a name for it.
    - Added "Hrothgar - Military Base" to TDM, Battle and Siege
    - New map by Danijongo
    - Fixed Endor - Hideout which caused a crash


    - Fixed lightsabers not working properly


    - Let's welcome Gladiator to the team!
    - Removed "Fight & Destroy" game mode


    - Removed unneeded operations for an Admin Chat from the header_common file
    - Added siege ladders


    - Fixed lightsabers sounds
    - Fixed the weapon racks causing the game to crash


    - Fixed the freaked edit character mode
    - Implemented an admin chat
    - Implemented private Admin to players messages
    - Implemented custom polls
    - Implemented new polling system
    - Implemented reasons for polling


    - Changed keys for polls to 1,2,3
    - Added new map by Karantukki: Muunlinst - Downtown
    - Added the " Deactivate blasters - Jedi only mode" in which blasters are deactivated(really???) and only melee weapons are permitted


    - Testing


    - Fixed the explosion sounds not working
    - Removed Valve's useless Anticheat system
    -Blood Fixed (only blood in weapon now)
    - Fixed the white ticks in Capture the Flag mod


    - Fixed Admin chat not working after changing map
    - Fixed the header_common operations
    - Fixed a couple of maps
    - Maps are now sorted in a different way - Random ones in the end
    - Fixed the module and game label versioning in the main menu (it doesn't overwrite the main title anymore)
    - Removed useless Valve Anti-Cheat
    - Fixed the "Jedi only mode"
    - Fixed the red errors caused by banners
    - Fixed the shooting Mandalorian Staff
    - Renamed all the .sco files with their proper maps names
    - Fixed some maps and map names


    - Fixed the map selection menu
    - Added meshes( pictures) to all maps in the selection menu


    - Fixed the detonation packs bug
    - Implemented Random Desert Maps
    - Implemented meshes for random Desert maps

    14/2/2013 "Happy st. Valentine"

    - New scene props
    - Fixed the guns automatically shooting when pressing the right button? We need testing.
    - Removed some unneeded scripts. Now there's no "refresh center inventory" error anymore.
    - Removed the g_profile_troop error while compiling

    - Fixed the character troops editing menu. All classes' armors can now be coloured and the menu does refresh!!!
    - Fixed some bugs with bots


    - testing


    - New map by Lastman
    - Grenade timer
    - Removed melee mode from DC-15 Blasters but left to bots.
    - Added aim mode for DC-15 Blaster

    - Removed rocket launcher from droids
    - Rebalanced weapons with automatic firing mode


    - Fixed the aim mode and damage for blasters


    - Delayed explosion implemented for EMP grenades too


    - Removed the outgoing_bullet_hit_ground sounds
    - New Scene props


    - Fixed duel mode and removed the header_common operation to make room for custom questions
    - Removed useless custom question ( there weren't enough open slots for it)


    - Removed medieval scenes from Multiplayer


    - Removed unneeded maps to save Mbs
    - New scene props by apocalipto
    - Swapped order between ARC trooper and JET trooper


    - Admin chat is now callable with U key


    - Clothing color bug fixed
    - Autofiring weapons fixed? Tonight we'll figure it out!
    - Added viber blade to ARC trooper

    - Removed particles exploding from the Z 95
    - Changed button for Admin Chat to F5 due to tipying problems


    - More props by Peppe


    - The banners for troops are now the default factions' ones
    - Removed default armor from the server hosting menu


    - Fixed the Electrostaff animation bug
    - Maps are now sorted by alphabetical order
    - Fixed a bug which didn't allow you to pick certain maps


    - After winning a duel, your life is restored
    - Battle of geonosis event,265882.0.html


    - Testing


    - Modified strings in the colourize armor menu
    - Slithly changed the menu
    - Fixed the time limits
    - Removed rotary blasters which caused crashes ;(
    - Nerfed shotguns
    - Removed some smoke partycles from the grenades explosions to reduce lag
    - Slightly reduced accuracy with default weapons
    - Jet troopers have got grenades now
    - Removed frag grenades from the bounty hunter
    - Implemented delayed explosion for the mandalorian missile(nerfed)
    - Fixed a bug with admin chat(when tipying, if you pressed C, you crouched)


    - New Kashyyyk props by Rigadoon
    - Changed admin chat key to U
    - Reduced size of the admin chat
    - Changed position of the ingumbrant admin chat


    - New map by Karantukki
    - New props by Karantukki


    - Ban system fixed both temporarily and permanently
    - Spawning time when changing map or joining a server increased to 50 seconds from 30
    - Removed useless " Vote for factions" poll since there are only 2 factions...
    - Fixed the " Vote number of bots per team" poll
    - Fixed the polls reasons and slightly modified them
    - New map by karantukki


    - Replaced kashyyyk forest with the previous kashyyyk hideout


    - Betatesting


    - Fixed a bug with scene props
    - Renamed Kashyyyk - Invasion
    - New vibrosword by artizan
    - New map by Lastman


    - New map by Karantukki


    - Installer created

    Perfectly on time: 4 PM!

    Praise The lord !  :shock:
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