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  1. McEwanMaster77

    Need More Info Massive frame drops in campaign

    Got similar issues here as well, even after trying the usual potential fixes. Slowdowns and massive frame drops occurring just a few minutes after getting in-game and very high memory and GPU usage, while just on the campaign map or main menus. Where they're worst is when approaching an enemy on battle maps; at this point I begin seeing graphical artifacts and experiencing sound glitches ranging from random stutters in the soundtrack to special effects being entirely out of sync.

    Running on an Inspiron G3 laptop with:
    NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti 4GB
    Intel i7-8750H CPU @ 2208 Mhz, 6 Core
    8GB RAM

    I have more RAM on order, but I'm otherwise at a loss. I'm a little incredulous about these issues being the product of "early" development growing pains, but nevertheless I hope that's the case.
  2. McEwanMaster77

    Banned for telling the thrut. 15th Humans vs bots

    I would believe it; they've been doing so for a long time. Go through their main server thread and you will find a number of different instances of indiscriminate behavior towards members of certain regiments, many of which expressed by the admins themselves.

    You have been defending the 15th admins, and I don't blame you. Admins always get the brunt of the anger and trouble of the communities they manage, so defending their decisions is as fair a choice as any. Your reaction to Kustriker's claim is not surprising either. Its simply not something you expect from those you defend. Now, I'm not attempting to influence your thought, nor will I. I invite you to browse through the 15th server thread here. To save your time, i would go from the most recents posts back (page 40 and back).
  3. McEwanMaster77

    Banned from NA

    To be honest, you've been kind of an asshat in response. I think everyone involved should just let the matter drop. Ignore each other in the servers if they can't get along, and if **** keeps happening, then account restrictions should be placed.
  4. McEwanMaster77

    Ukraine Today

    Oh, shut ye gabber Will. If the NW community is AIDS, you've been infected at least 3 times.

    Radalan said:
    Now now, Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist might be many things, but aids?
    Lol, I had to study this for a minute before I got it. :wink:

    But I have to say, in terms of their military, I'm glad to see that Ukraine's starting to get back on their feet (with some select foreign aid, of course). I hope the rest of the country will follow.
  5. McEwanMaster77


    I haven't seen anyone mention it yet, but sorry if someone has.

    Will there be a multiplayer gamemode that allows players to command a group of bots, like the Commander Battle mode in Napoleonic Wars? The ability to coordinate would make battles much more interesting, and even fully historic in terms of multi-unit formations and battle tactics. Large singleplayer battles will get...dull pretty quickly. :???:
  6. McEwanMaster77


    So how does one bandage himself?
  7. McEwanMaster77

    Main Topic

    Quintillius said:
    Will be? There are added  :lol:. And I am nearly sure you will be able to play the modification in less than one month from now.

    I hope I can do a 2-day trip to Ghent, 8-day tour to Rome and a beta week in this month  :cool:.
  8. McEwanMaster77


    We can't really make that assumption when there's a Force Sprint ability, can we? :smile:
  9. McEwanMaster77


    Yep. There really is no place for dedicated one-handers in this mod as it is. Human nature unforunately dictates that we are drawn to the method that makes things easiest for us. Like in so many other mods, two-handers reign supreme, because they are simply both powerful and fast, which is sad because the majority of soldiers back then did not use crazy two-handed weapons. I suggest that to reflect that, make two-handed weapons more expensive to upkeep, or something along those lines, perhaps along with those specific suggestions Roran made.
  10. McEwanMaster77

    #GENERAL INFO#, Old Mod Thread

    I downloaded the launcher, ran it as admin, and the 4 lines I saw in the message window were:

    Warband folder found
    Server version is 542
    Client version not found
    Click on update to install BoE

    The line I bolded is what concerns me, and the fact that the "Client version:" status on the launcher denies the existence of my Warband installation. Even after doing what GuiKa claims works, and clicking on the "Force" box, I get this error: " The remote server returned an error: (550) File unavailable (e.g., file not found, no access). " (And yes, I do have at least NET Framework 4.0.) The last message that appears after clicking "update" and clicking away these errors is: "Running installer with 302.2 mb to download"

    All the mod folders are currently in my regular Modules directory (I have it on Steam), but the progress bar stays unfilled and the files just do not download. If it helps, I had some trouble with Warband registries with the mod North and South: First Manassas mod previously, and these were the instructions to get around it:
    - Right click on Mount & Blade: Warband on steam and select view CD key.
    Copy the Napoleonic Wars serial code or keep it open.

    - Click Start > Run
    - Enter regedit, right click to open with administrative rights
    - A new window will open, browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > MountAndBladeWarbandKeys
    - Search the entry, serial_key_nw,
    - If it doesent exist, make a string value with that name and enter your cd key there.
    - make sure that the value is the same as your CD key. Also make sure that the key is separated correctly. Double click the entry and modify it until it is correct. Watch out for invisible spaces in the CD key.
    - If you are done with that, close the Registry Window and start the installer, and have fun playing!

    EDIT: Scrrrrrrratch that, I just got a launcher update out of nowhere and now it wants to download. Thank you based Warband gods.  :razz:
  11. McEwanMaster77

    15th Humans vs Bots Server (NOT A PLACE TO ASK FOR UNBANS)

    And the possibility that they trolled in response to what you have said and done hadn't crossed your mind.

    One will always have enemies, but you gotta make 'em in order to have 'em. I have seen you do and say little that does not in some way create for you another enemy. Sadly, what I've seen makes me think that that creates a certain amount of pleasure for you.

    What can I really say? You have your role to play and I have mine. However, play a role for long enough, and it becomes a part of you. I can only hope you do not carry this into the world.
  12. McEwanMaster77

    Ukraine Today

    Prime Minister, you mean.
  13. McEwanMaster77

    Ukraine Today

    That's so stupid, especially considering both Americans and Russians working with the ISS have stated that they do not want their work, or relations, being affected by this crisis. That besides, why the hell would the Russian goverment ruin one of the most cooperative programs between nations all around the world? This makes me ******** mad, as the ISS program was probably one of the last chances we all had for some kind of cooperation and genuine progress on a larger scale. The Russians are just hurting everybody, including them, way more than they need to be.
  14. McEwanMaster77

    A strange grinding noise.

    So this week I started hearing grinding noises come from my computer. I know the possible sources of this, and right now I'm suspecting my graphics card of being the culprit, but I noticed that in any game I played (except Warband) the grinding noise would not occur. If I played Warband, the...
  15. McEwanMaster77

    MP Modern Iron Europe - WWI Mod (RELEASED)

    Dear god, Rigadoon, your release has literally broken FSE. :grin:
  16. McEwanMaster77

    [NW][M]Iron Europe - WWI Mod (RELEASED)

    Clonealex said:
    kpetschulat said:
    That's what i thought. FSE forums crashed because of the ****s overloading it for downloads.

    GG, I got lucky and got one of the DLs before it broke :smile:
    Nah, I think it's 1360 users currently online.

    Damn it, I can't even move the stupid thread because the connection to the site times out every time I try. :???:
  17. McEwanMaster77

    [NW][M]Iron Europe - WWI Mod (RELEASED)

    Good job guys. You broke the forums. :shock:
  18. McEwanMaster77

    FSE : Battle Cry of Freedom

    The Nutty Pig said:
    Yeah I think the game looks promising. I dont know how they will fill out those 500+ Player caps though.
    There are enough NW events at the moment; should be a relatively simple task to merge the populations of two or three.

    As for public play, I have no idea.  :???:
  19. McEwanMaster77

    FSE : Battle Cry of Freedom

    Docm30 said:
    I doubt the character models are place-holders; they're the ones they've had entire developer blogs about.
    Models maybe, shaders no. They are yet to implement their own shaders and in those pictures the default Unity ones are used (which, as you can see, look pretty ganky :razz:).
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