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  1. kalitorian

    25th Infantry Regiment - Kingdom of Vlandia | EU | Since 2013

    Lot`s of NW Regiments hopping over to Bannerlord.
    Good luck Eazy.
  2. kalitorian

    Mission "ARMY OF POACHERS" makes the game crash

    On the bug report thread somebody said that the quest timer expiring is leading to crashes on this mission.
    So save your game before you accept the mission and if you can`t complete it just relaod your save and don`t accept the mission.
  3. kalitorian

    Login failed

    I`m already at page 6/15 and I have til next monday, so don`t worry :wink:
  4. kalitorian

    [Clan] Hospitaler

    Schon erstaunlich wie viele alte Bekannte gerade wieder aus der Versenkung auftauchen.
    Viel Erfolg Jungs.
  5. kalitorian

    So I suck at Combat

    Some people are hostile about adding autoblock, because they had to learn it the hard way and despise all the plebs who use autoblock.
    They`ll probably bring it back because so many people have been clamoring for it.
  6. kalitorian

    Login failed

    I definitely won`t upgrade to Windows 10, so I guess I`ll have to wait til they come around to fixing this issue.
    Anyway I should be writing my term paper right now, so in a weird way this whole situations works for me.
  7. kalitorian

    Login failed

    I would assume they monitor the forum for bug reports.
  8. kalitorian

    Login failed

    Yep, Windows 7.
    Reinstalled the game, checked for integrity etc. still can`t log in.
  9. kalitorian

    Login failed

    Still not working.
    Anybody found a fix yet?
  10. kalitorian

    Login failed

    I`ve got the same problem.
    Bannerlord is enabled through my firewall, game files are checked for integrity, restarded my computer etc.
  11. kalitorian

    Post here if you are looking for a regiment or members.


    After running my own regiment for nearly 3 years we disbanded today. Me and some members are now looking for a new regiment.
    What we are looking for:
    - German or English speaking regiment
    - Regiment should not play as Russia
    - Infantry or atleast a Line Infantry detachment
    - Minimum attendace of 15-20 men per event
    - The regiment leader must be older than 18 years
    - Atleast 3 1vs1 LBs per month (preferably NWL)

    PM me.
  12. kalitorian

    PREVIOUS EVENT: Dněprŭ (May 18th)

    hrotha said:
    Right, sorry. I missed that.

    Momchilo and KArantukki have been added to the Pagan public host, the Pŭlkŭ Brodĭskŭ. Kalitorian, if you're friends I can switch you too.
    Brocki, Peermoo, Rene, Henri, KArantukki and me are friends. So it would be great if we were all in the same team.
  13. kalitorian

    PREVIOUS EVENT: Dněprŭ (May 18th)

    KArantukki said:
    I would like to sign up for the christians as KArantukki

    You forgot to sing up KArantukki.
  14. kalitorian

    PREVIOUS EVENT: Dněprŭ (May 18th)

  15. kalitorian

    PREVIOUS EVENT: Dněprŭ (May 18th)

    Could you sign me up for the christians?
  16. kalitorian

    Infanterie-Regiment "Großherzog von Würzburg" Nr7

    Offiziere: Oberst Major Kapitän Oberlieutenant Unterlieutenant Unteroffiziere: Fähnrich Feldwebel Corporal Mannschaft: Profoß Furier Furier-Schütze Gefreyter Gemeiner Recrut Kalitorian Shifty KArantukki Sir Henri The97T Dusan Martos Siegwulf...
  17. kalitorian

    [Clan] GothicClan (DWVM)

    Ein Bump für die Milbe
  18. kalitorian


    Sowas kommt nur von Leute die im Nahkampf alos erste sterben da sie schlecht sind.
    Ich hab noch nie mitbekommen dass sich gute Nahkämpfer über den Charge aufregen.

    Es gibt Regimenter die sind nur im Nahkampf gut... da wärs doch unfair sie zum schießen zu zwingen... das ist wie wenn man zu Noobs die nicht blocken können "melee only" sagt.
    Bestes Beispiel: 3tesIR vs 18tes
    3tesIR ist im Nahkampf verdammt gut... 18tes im schießen. Wäre in dem LB nur geschossen worden hätten wir 0:10 verloren. Da wir jedoch ab der zweiten Runde maximal nach zwei Slaven gecharget haben, haben wir 9:1 gewonnen.
  19. kalitorian

    [Clan] Army of Roman Empire (AoRE)

    Deiner is im übrigen auch scheiße.

    Edit: Soll ich dirs auch noch per PM schicken?
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