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  1. Kazzan

    Can These Things Be Fixed? <Long>

    I really like what you're doing here. Just wanted to wish you the best of luck and hope to give you some encouragement to continue. You recording your process here in the thread is a treat to read.

    While I've fallen off the series after the state Bannerlord released in, I do miss this community sometimes. Discord feels too ephemeral for me.
  2. Kazzan

    How would you change the passage of time in the sandbox/campaign?

    make recovery harder for everybody would be logical I think, and it would solve other issues along the way
    If recruits respawn much slower then neither the player nor the NPCs could take ground so fast. Loose one battle ? Unless you have good garrisons you can afford to take you're in for a long wait before resplenishing your troops, same for the enemy lord. It would also make the battles more impactful as winning a Massive battle means the enemy faction loses much more than before
    Also making healing slower maybe ? same reasons.
    The issue being that the AI respawns with free troops, and most likely can't handle slower recruit spawn
    Would that not just amplify the problem of the players' high tier armies with archers dominating the field? Those armies take very few losses so they could go on for several battles and never lose.
  3. Kazzan

    What's wrong with faces and why they looked better in 2016?

    Could really use less white eyes, maybe bigger irises. That would be my quick fix to make them look a bit less crazy.

    Lowering the eyebrows could also help, and a new face texture. The faces just seem made out of clay.
  4. Kazzan

    Just over 300hrs left & still no dialogue

    I doubt it. Dialogue serves no purpose in the game, most things you did in warband through dialogue you do through compendium or menus. Well, except quests.
  5. Kazzan

    Poll: To What Degree do you Roleplay Your Character?

    I roleplay my character as a hyper intelligent mastermind that optimizes the fun out of my game.

    And I don't think roleplaying equals backstory. I do think Bannerlord lacks systems to make the emergent narrative engaging.
  6. Kazzan

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.5

    The siege servers still crash regularly.
  7. Kazzan

    Multiplayer is dead, and TaleWorlds killed it.

    Why did everyone played warband? Cause of the community and the mods, this will be the same with bannerlord
    I played a thousand hours of warband in the beta, before any mods were made. Sure, might've been the community, but what made me want to play warband sure wasn't the mods. The mods were extra spice and variety to an already enjoyable game. Base game is way more important than mods will ever be.
  8. Kazzan

    Were our expectations to high?

    The terrain maps and the keep battles (in sieges) are the remaining major features. They'll do something about banners and they'll try more tweaks with the lord and kingdom AI, but other than further tweaks, balancing and bugfixes, they are indeed done.
    If anyone says otherwise, it's wishful thinking unsupported by evidence such as dev statements and roadmaps. And most of all, Taleworlds' poor development record,
    I believe custom servers and a duel gamemode were also planned for release. Other than that, your statement is correct. No evidence of any plans beyond that.
  9. Kazzan

    A glorious wedding ceremony in a large Gothic Cathedral/Temple for Vlandia

    Given the low presence of any church-based religions in Calradia, vlandian marriages would likely take place in in the great hall of the castle rather than a cathedral. That said, there should definitely be a marriage ceremony. Better yet if they were culturally different.
  10. Kazzan

    SP - Scenes Possible way to getting more scenes.

    It is their job to create a good selection of scenes for players to play on. At least one for each city and village, and one for each region. This is what I expect of them. I don't expect them to get bailed out of their promises by the community.
  11. Kazzan

    Death in Battle hurts Lategame

    Seems like the chance of death is higher when the player is taking part in a battle, which is broken if true.

    Bannerlord should take inspiration from the nemesis system of Shadow of War and give each lord a Player Interaction Score that increases as players interact with and encounter them. With a high PIS the lords' chance of dying should decrease, but never to zero.
  12. Kazzan

    MP Dont disconnect players after a match concludes

    Oh yeah, we have been wanting that since the start of the beta. Over 1 and a half year ago.

    Getting kicked out of the game after every round gives you greater incentive to stop playing after a round rather than continue.
  13. Kazzan

    Where has the idea that Taleworlds arent gonna add any more compelex features come from?

    I really do not understand why people expect that much from devs.
    I really do not understand why people expect that much from modders.
  14. Kazzan

    Nerfing bows by giving everyone shields was one of the worst changes ever made to this game / share your best battle strategies with me

    If the AI isn't able to instantly replenish and recruit a new force after a defeat, battles could be fewer and more meaningful. I assume Kentucky James wanted the individual battles to matter more. That means that even if you lose some troops during the fighting, the victory still gives you an advantage over the enemy faction, be that freedom to raid or to siege, or to stave off their raids or sieges for a more significant period of time. An advantage that isn't just time enough to visit a few villages for new recruits before the next army shows up.

    It isn't just about the shields.
  15. Kazzan

    Nerfing bows by giving everyone shields was one of the worst changes ever made to this game / share your best battle strategies with me

    You're steering away from the issue. OP has a problem with losing a miniscule amount of troops when fighting an enemy. His proposed solution? Nerf the enemy.

    He is reframing the issue. The game has a multitude of systems that impact the other systems, and considering one in isolation is flawed. The fix to one may come from one or several different system.

    That said, I think OP's solution would continue to make the end game boring. If there is little fear of loss to battles, then it is just a matter of going through the motions every battle. Some warband mods definitely suffered the same gameplay issue once you got a high tier army.
  16. Kazzan

    How to make castles matter

    One solution that came up in an old Warband mod (Bluebloods) for making castles matter more, was to have enemy parties significantly slow down in a radius around the castle. That way fleeing enemies could more easily be caught by allied parties, and slows down an enemy campaign through allied territories.

    But until the AI starts taking bordering settlements rather than interior settlements, that wouldn't be a fully satisfactory solution.
  17. Kazzan


    No private servers or options for hosting means events are out of the question, and that the few game types around that do cater to the large events crowd are wholly reliant on matchmaking and servers with the rules set by admins. Further, these servers kick you out after a game, meaning sometimes long waits between games unless everyone immediately requeues or rejoins. However servers are hosted for TDM which broadly works. For the competitive guys, matchmaking mostly works ok but runs into balance issues in terms of stacks vs solos and new players, which has not been addressed quickly enough.

    A small but contributing factor that hinders longer play sessions is that it is a chore to rejoin servers after every game. Breaks you out of the action and lets you think about if you want to continue playing at all, rather than the game just loading the next map and telling you to pick a side/class. A small thing, but one I've noticed nonetheless.
  18. Kazzan

    Bannerlord Roadmap

    Guess so but most castles when you take them have basically the same layout
    Feels that way because they only ever had one entry point. One ladder or siege tower, so only one part of the castle was used during actual sieges.
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