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  1. Desideratus

    sunday afternoon - 4 players total on NA servers

    I continue to find it fascinating that discussions relating to the lack of population in multiplayer are inevitably met with someone being dismissive about the lack of population in multiplayer because there is indeed, a lack of population in multiplayer.
  2. Desideratus

    Alright, you ingrates. Sherriff's in town.

    Given the casual mentions of all the women he totally talks to and what a stud he is I suspect he's just here to find someone he can attempt to belittle rather than push an actual point.
  3. Desideratus

    Multiplayer and Singleplayer disparity

    That sounds great, I'm choosing Multiplayer.
  4. Desideratus

    Multiplayer and Singleplayer disparity

    I'd play more multiplayer if dedicated servers were added and I didn't get kicked out after the match ends. So working on both sounds pretty good to me.
  5. Desideratus

    Why Do We All Have Fake Names?

    The current date may have something to do with it.
  6. Desideratus

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops The Great Poll about textile Colour

    Despite the constant attempts to make everyone that voted yes into a bunch of retarded clowns, I’m on the fence. Maybe tone down the saturation and brightness of the colors. It’s almost like a poll with only a hard yes and no is a terrible way to gauge community opinion, given that voting one way or the other apparently implies I support the most extreme versions of my choice.
  7. Desideratus

    Battering Rams

    I think you may want to choose a better picture, given in the screenshots it doesn't seem like anyone is being blocked by the ram.
  8. Desideratus

    Is the possibility to forge your own weapon still a feature ?

    I am here to say that I hope this future makes it to release and I consider the realism argument in the context of sword pommels, hits, and blades to be categorically bull****.
  9. Desideratus

    Morphing in Bannerlord

    That's all well and good, I think you're wrong and I don't particularly care enough about Mordhau to get into a deep discussion as to why.
  10. Desideratus

    Morphing in Bannerlord


    I regularly do well and consistently go positive on K/D. Landing kills is perfectly satisfying, but only because of the audio & graphics, not because it was satisfying to outplay someone.
  11. Desideratus

    Morphing in Bannerlord

    Since this is still a "hot" topic I figure I would say my two cents: If Mordhau didn't have the customization and graphics it did, I would have stopped playing it after 10 hours. The combat is neither fluid, consistent, nor precise in its execution after playing Warband for so long. By far if Warband had the graphics Mordhau did, I would not touch Mordhau again. In the same vein if Bannerlord picks up Mordhau's combat I probably won't touch Bannerlord.
  12. Desideratus

    Bannerlord should include a multiplayer, multi-faction RTS...

    I wouldn't pay $80 for cheap RTS imitations on a naive system laid on top of a good Mount & Blade game. And taking your own hostility to criticism as the norm, I could not care less if you feel this is wrong.
  13. Desideratus

    Modifying Wages and Forms of Payment

    ...Right. Attempts to apply thermodynamics and entropy to software aside, this is how I suspect it would be done. Based on user inputs - hopefully Bannerlord gives us easy ways to do this - you apply a modifier to troop wages like multiplying by a percentage, and a flat malus to party morale. How that's done is dependent on whether or not Bannerlord gives us the ability to do those things easily. If not I figure we can hack it in some horrible horrible way.
  14. Desideratus

    Combat Balance

    The alternative to changing the animation is actually adding a stun for weapon weight. By all means go for it, and we'll come back to the topic when everyone and their mother grabs nothing by the heaviest 2handers they can find. It's what I would be doing.
  15. Desideratus

    Imperator: Rome (New Paradox game)

    Total Europa: II Universalis Rome
  16. Desideratus

    Opinion about developer blogs

    Ristridin said:
    I find posts like the above to be extremely frustrating to comprehend because they almost completely ignore the legitimate criticisms against the dev blogs and focus almost entirely on being supportive about the blogs for all the reasons except for the sole reason that they supposedly exist: Telling us about the game. I'm fairly sure there wasn't even the slightest bit of an attempt to argue in good faith but i'll try my best.

    The previous dev blogs have told us nothing new. And barring that they might be well written or well structured the actual information in the blogs - which is their exact purpose - is completely devoid of anything that tells me what the game is going to be like. Plainly put, I don't ****ing care how well they read as long as it's bearable, I care about what they can tell me. I'm not irritated with the blogs solely because of how little new information is in there, because i'm also irritated that they're so god damn vague about **** that's already in Warband that it seems like they have somehow stagnated if not regressed from what we had in Warband. 5+ years of development, and they can't tell us more than "These weapons are in the game".

    That's what irritates me. And if that's what we call entitled now then i'd wager just about everyone on the planet is entitled. Though to answer - and here's where I stop arguing in good faith - I will like a game on its own merits rather than how new it is to me, and frankly if you don't understand why someone would play something they know a lot about then I honestly don't know how to respond other than "**** off".
  17. Desideratus

    Opinion about developer blogs

    The only blogs I remember are the ones where the mountandblade subreddit made stupid memes out of. I'm not sure as to whether this is because the vast majority of the blogs are uninteresting to a staggering degree, or I simply don't care about the game anymore.
  18. Desideratus

    6v6 mode, multiple lives?

    I withhold my final judgement until I get a chance to play Bannerlord's multiplayer, but the introduction of strange gamemodes, lack of specifics on whether or not gear customization is still a thing, and the apparent floatyness I see in the combat from the videos has me growing increasingly worried that this is turning into... Whatever the hell Napoleonic Wars's disaster zone of a system is.
  19. Desideratus

    mixed gendered troops in a unit (custom troops?)

    Dethikus said:
    I guess its just mine, along with everyone else whos being shafted in modern times.

    Dethikus said:
    propagated fake wars
    Wait, what?

    Dethikus said:
    Who stands to gain the most from making every household a two income household, effectively doubling the taxes?
    What even?

    Dethikus said:
    Why would you not be concerned with child abuse and other terrible things is beyond me. If you don't care -  see a psychologist - as you come off as a sick apathetic individual.

    Okay, i'll just say this here and now. The discussion that's starting here is not only light years away from the topic of the thread, but it's also one that everyone on this forum is woefully under-equipped to handle.
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